Sep 052013


Fleet Leaders that are being promoted/ demoted will now have timers on their Fleet Rank in the Roster tab that displays the remaining time of their provisional status.
The timer will appear in a tooltip when placing the mouse over their Fleet Rank.
Resolved an issue where a crash would occasionally occur while using the tailor.


Resolved an issue in UGC with long map loading times after editing your map and trying to test it.


Hive Onslaught (Space STF)
Increased the time it takes for vessels to enter combat after the initial cutscene.
Captains are no longer targeted by the Lance Weapons from the Unimatrix vessels when:
They are affected by Under the Guns.
They are further than 20k away from the vessels.
They are using Full Impulse.
They are cloaked.
Into the Hive (Ground STF)
The door to the Queen’s chamber opens once the queen is dead to give respawned players access to their loot.
The floor hazard will no longer kill players during cutscenes.


Klingons and Klingon-allied Romulans now have access to purchase the Senate Robes from their Embassy.
Only available once your fleet has unlocked the uniform.


Romulan Drone Ships
These no longer Replace when the hangar is activated while your wing is already supporting the max number of hangar craft.


All bolt and beam Polaron weapons now use unique sound effects.
Increased the volume of the sound effects for the separation and joining of the Vulcan ship D’kyr.

Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command
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