Oct 052013

Hello everyone

Fleet Admiral Aaron here; and this article is to report on a photo op and Starbase 24 run with 101st Fleet members that occurred only a couple of hours ago at a whim; much fun was had and many Klingons sent to honourable deaths in the run.

The photo op started as members of the 101st Fleet were in the same instance in Earth Space dock near the exchange; and a chat got going about how many members were in one place at one time. Someone then mentioned a photo op (think it was me) and members of the fleet started to get together on the same instance and same area.

The members kept growing as people logged in and joined the line-up of 101s Fleet members for the photo-op until we got a grand total of 10 101st Fleet members together; please see the below screenshot of the line up.

101st Fleet Photo Op - Earth Space Dock

In order from left to right; are the following members.

Vice Admiral Hera; Commander Ferran SKan; Fleet Admiral Will; Lietunant Commander Valkyrie; Vice Admiral Janeway; Captain Saleen; Fleet Admiral Aaron (me); Vice Admiral Jax; Lietunant Angela and Captain Alan.

After the photo-op; someone suggested a that we get into space and do a photo-op of our ships lined up together in the one area; as it would be the biggest armada the 101st Fleet had gathered in one spot at one time.

So we headed into space; and after a couple of moves and repositions for our ships to get everyone in the same shot we got the following screenshot. I have numbered the ships in the screenshot so I can explain who it is and what there ship is 🙂

The 101st Fleet armada assembles

OK; in order of the numbers 🙂

1) Captain Mary; Excelsior Class U.S.S Endeavour 2) Fleet Admiral Will; Odyssey Class U.S.S. Beowulf 3) Commander Valkyrie; Odyssey Class U.S.S Enterprisse 4) Lietunant Angela; Hope Class U.S.S. Magma-B 5) Captain Alan; Defiant Class U.S.S. Missouri 6) Vice Admiral Jax; Fleet Assault Cruiser U.S.S. Sepiroth 7) Vice Admiral Hera; Jem Hadar Dreadnought U.S.S. Enterprize 2.0 8) Commander Ferran; Heavy Cruiser U.S.S. Reid IV 9) Fleet Admiral Aaron; Fleet Assault Cruiser U.S.S. Zuikaku (me) 10) Vice Admiral Janeway; Akira Class U.S.S. Devastator 11) Captain Saleen; Jem Hadar Dreadnought U.S.S. Reaper

After we had done a photo-op; we decided to run a private instance of a starbase 24 Fleet action; as we had never before managed to get this amount of people together at once; and we also wanted to show the Klingons just what the 101st Fleet is made off 🙂

We started well; and thoroughly enjoyed the 2 Starbase 24 runs we did; apart from most likely having to make up a Manual for Commander Ferran on “how to dodge a warp core explosion” 🙂 many laughs; good times were had by all (except the Klingons; who think really hated that we had shown up 🙂 )

Below are a couple of screenshots from Zuikaku’s perspective (my ship) of the battle.

CHARGE!!!! :)
“Zuikaku helps lead the charge of 101st Fleet ships to breach the Klingon lines”

This klingon ship decided to mess with the wrong science ship :)
“Zuikaku helps Lietunant Angelas U.S.S. Magma-B take down a Klingon battlecruiser”

Who would want to mess with this display :)
“U.s.s. Zuikaku with her weapons at their maximum firepower and well as using Beam Fire at Will 3; it is quiet a sight when I can get her to pump out this much firepower”

I would like to Thank all the captains that were in the photo-ops and the Starbase 24 runs; I had massive fun flying with all of us; and hope this becomes a regular event. Many screenshots were taken by all and if anyone else wishes to add them to our website please feel free.

Until next time captains; have fun out there and I will see you in Sector Space

Fleet Admiral Aaron

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