Oct 142013

Great News everyone

Approximately about 15 minutes ago as I write this; the 101st Fleet completed its first fleet holding when the upgrade to tier 3 embassy completed. We now essentially have a completed Fleet embassy

Below are some screenshots that I took of the upgrade and boy do they look amazing.

A view from Fleet embassy Ops

Fleet embassy ops looking down on the lobby; very nice.

101stFleet embassy Lobby; Welcome :)

101st Fleet embassy Lobby; now where did that bell boy get too 🙂

View of the world; but whose world :)

A transparent world; that thing must take some big lightbulbs 🙂

Science Department; Fleet embassy

Fleet embassy science diversion; I bet you one of there projects is to solve the case of the disappearing bellboy 🙂

I would like to thank all 101st Fleet members; congratulations people. This shows what the 101st Fleets determination can do; thank you to everyone who contributed to the Embassy. When you have time; come down to look at the new digs. On the behalf of Fleet Command; we thank you.

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