Oct 262013

Welcome Everyone to the 101st Fleet State of the Fleet Post for the month of October 2013.

This is Fleet Admiral Aaron; with this months edition of “State of the Fleet” your one stop shop for what is going on with the 101st Fleet; official updates from Cryptic; important news and other tip bits.

First Off; this months 101st Fleet ship of the month has been delayed due to technical issues of our hard working web admin Vice Admiral Jim; but we are working as hard as we can to get it up and running. For you who don’t know the next 101st Fleet ship of the month is Vice Admirals Leon’s Ambassdor Class U.S.S. Queen Mary. Vice Admiral Leon has been with the fleet longer than I have and is one of our longest running players; and one of the most friendly fellows you will meet. I eagerly look forward to seeing his ship represented. As before; if you wish for your ship to be featured please contact Vice Admiral Jim via the website or leave a in-game message.

Also; our forums are picking up slightly but still need some content; so if you feel you know a post or section that would interest the fleet please let us know via the website or in-game. I do plan on a series of articles myself on the U.S.S. Zuikaku; from the braces to the stars; basically detailing the months long process of re-building Zuikaku into the ship she is today; my mistakes; and how far I have come with the assistance of others. Also if you need help with your ship build; please post on our forums; as I will be more than happy to give some advice to help you with any area you feel you would like assistance.

On the 14th October 2013; the 101st Fleet reached one of its biggest milestones since it was accepted into the Equatorial Alliance treaty several months ago. The 101s Fleet fully completed its first ever Fleet holding. On 14th October 2013; the 101st Fleet completed our Fleet Embassy all the way to tier 3. I would like to thank everyone who contributed and worked hard to complete the embassy; if you haven’t seen it yet I suggest you take a trip down; the embassy looks beautiful and is now filled with MKXII very rare treasures.

In other news our Fleet Dilithum mine is also rapidly approaching tier 3; and it looks like we might be able to get some tier 3 projects completed before season 8 hits; good work everyone. On the starbase front we have almost reached the half way point between tier 4 and tier 5 shipyard; it has been a hard slog; but we are seeing the end of the tunnel; and a tier 5 shipyard for the 101st in several months if we keep our place, good work everyone.

Also there have been several Fleet actions where upwoods of 10+ Fleet members have been involved (Starbase 24 runs; Crystal Entity runs); I have really enjoyed these; please check out the screenshots on our webpage to see the fun we had.

In equatorial alliance news; the Ausmonauts Fleet command has decided to open their tier 5 shipyard to equatorial alliance for free; that’s right; 101st Fleet members can they get a temporary transfer to Ausmonauts Fleet; purchase a tier 5 ship for free without having to donate anything if you so wish. this is massive news and a very heartfelt gesture from the Ausmonauts; if you do take advantage of this please rewmember to be friendly and thank the Ausmonauts for the kindness. The Ausmonauts however reserve the right that if their ship provisions get low; they can terminate the agreement at anytime.

In official Crytpic news; we know know that the Featured Episode is being released on October 31st (and no it is not a hallowen joke 🙂 ) the featured episode “Sphere of Infulance” is the latest featured episode; one which we have seen since the dominion series back in February 2012.

The amount of Season 8 content that has hit tribble in the last month I staggering’ with new Fleet missions with names of “Storming the Spire” missions like “Guiding Light” and the new federation tutuorial; new rep system “Dyson Joint Command” and a new fleet holding “Spire Fleet holding” it is looking to be a good system. Also we are getting a new enemy “Voth” as well as their ground teams (which includes dinosaurs with laser beams on their heads; whooo hooo 🙂 ). I can say I am very excited about this news season; and cant wait for it to go live.

This it for this state of the Fleet for the month of October 2013; my next State of the Fleet will occur after Season 8 has been released Live (it will also be reported Live on the Voth battlegrounds; have to make sure I don’t get eaten by a T-Rex while I type the post 🙂 ) Again if you have any ideas on how the improve our website please let us know; we are always looking for new ideas.

I wish everyone a happy day and happy gaming. I say see you in game. This is Fleet Admiral Aaron; captain of the U.S.S Zuikaku signing off.

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