Nov 052013

Fellow Officers,

It is with great pleasure that I present you this month the Featured Ship, U.S.S. Queen Mary, after a long period of mishaps I managed at last to sit down with her Captain, Vice Admiral Ieon Winter, on one of the many recreation lounges of the ship and talk about it.

Queen Mary is a refit Ambassador Class ship, her previous name before was U.S.S. Exeter, a ship that was decommissioned on the late 24th century and sent to Zakdorn Surplus Depot Z15 for safekeeping.

On order of the 101st Fleet High Command, Vadm Winter arranged for the re-fitting and re-arming of the ship for service on the 101st Fleet. It was renamed to Queen Mary to honor the ship lost on a Borg attack, the Excelsior Class U.S.S. Queen Mary NCC-170686-A.

It now serves as a Heavy Cruiser on Bravo Battle Group of the 101st Fleet. See her full details here.

Finally I would like to thank Vadm Ieon Winter for his patience and assistance in the creation of this Article. With a minor setback we had earlier on October the Featured Ship article will be moved to the 1st of each month. Enjoy this Article for the month November and may soon you ll see you own between these lines.

Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command
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