Nov 242013


(explosions in background).

Hello everyone to the 101st Fleet for the “State of the Fleet” post for the month of November 2013 reporting to you live from the voth battlegrounds in the dyson sphere.

This is Fleet Admiral Aaron; with this months edition. Your one stop shop for what is going on with the 101st Fleet; official updates from cryptic; important news and other tip bits.

(“ensign; clear the left frank; we cant have those voth capturing that artillery point again”; “Yes; sir”).

First Off; this months Ship of the month is Vice Admiral leons Ambassador class U.S.S. Queen Mary; As I said in last months post Vice Admiral leon has been with the fleet longer than I have; and a very friendly person. Check his ship out in the 101st Fleet Shipyards. Next Months ship of the month is currently a contest between Fleet Admiral Wills Odyssey Class U.S.S. Beowulf or Fleet Captains Matthews Soverign U.S.S. Forward unto Dawn. Will be interesting to see who wins 🙂

(“Admiral sir”; “Yes ensign” ensign hands Admiral Aaron datapad “latest updates from the field sir; also you have about 15 minutes left on this frequency before we have to go” “OK; thank you ensign”)

Also; our forums are starting to pick up even more with some very interesting posts articles and captain logs by various fleet members; I love reading everyone one of them; Keep it up guys. Also our facebook page has exploded with activity with many videos; photos and other interesting tipbits on that oage. If you haven’t already check out facebook and our page on there “101st Fleet”.

Also; the big news is that the 101st Fleet has reached the endgame of our dilithum mine; getting to the final projects to upgrade our facility to tier 3. Which means if everything works out; by the end of the year we will have a fully completed dilithum mine; booyah 🙂 I would like to thank the hard working members of the fleet; great work guys.

So; the bug news is that on November 12th 2013; Cryptic released Season 8 – The Sphere to the STO community. This includes a new enemy faction; the Voth. It also includes 2 new fleet events “Storming the Sphire” and “The Breach” I have completed and run both missions and they are a ton of fun 🙂

(“Sir; enemy voth on your left” Admiral Aaron pulls out sniper rifle and vaporises the voth “Thank you Lietunant”)

Also; there is a new space adventure zone “The dyson sphire”. This thing is massive and there are tons of sidemissions; DOFF missions; rewards and enemy ships to engage. Also there is a persistent ground battlezone on the dyson sphere were you battle for control over the dyson sphire and to stop the voth from caputuring “REDACTED” 🙂 (sorry only Fleet Admirals have clearance to know what it is; OMEGA directive 🙂 ). This zone resets everytime you successfully capture the zone the enemy capture it first. I have been in this zone a couple of times; including a recent fleet run (look soon for the article about it) and I really enjoy it.

(ground shakes)

Also the new fed tutuorial has been released for new toons created; I have played it and it is a lot of fun.

(“Uhhhh; Admiral” ground shakes again)

In equatorial Alliance news there isn’t much going on; things still seem to be going well and the Ausmonauts and Special Service Squadron are still really enjoying the 101st Fleets input into the alliance; keep it up guys.

Coming Soon is the 4th STO anniversey event; with details of what it is going to be hopefully released in January 2014. Also Q’s Winter wonderland is coming back for December and January; get your snowboots and snowball guns ready people; its going to be icy :)/

(“Admiral” shaking gets worse and a roar is heard)

Next Months “State of the Fleet” will take place live from Q’s Winter wonderland; and I hope to see you all there. Again if you have any advice about any improvements or suggestion for the fleet site; please let us know.

(“ADMIRAL”; ensign interrupts live broadcast “Yes; what is it ensiggnnn….” T-Rex walks into view; looks at Starfleet officers and roars. “Uhhh” ensign backs up slowly, “Admiral your orders sir?” Admiral Aaron looks at T-Rex and considers his actions “MOVE”).

10 minutes later

(Admiral Aaron appears breathing heavily “Hey guys; don’t worry we got the T-Rex; here is a shot of it”)

T-Rex down

This is Fleet Admiral Aaron; wishing everyone a good day good hunting. See you in game.

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