Dec 112013

Computer begin dictation: Fleet Commander Kayliee C. Acicle, U.S.S. Gunfighter, commanding

It has been a while since the last chance I had to update the Gunfighter’s Captain Log, and it has been both a very trying and very rewarding time. As of Stardate 86927.41 Starfleet Command has ordered U.S.S. Gunfighter reassigned to 101st Fleet. Our previous fleet was ordered disbanded due to attrition from continue conflict with the Borg and various Alpha Quadrant powers. Seven starships from our fleet were lost over the past few months and the Gunfighter herself took a fair beating on more than one occasion, though there’s no doubt we were definitely more the bully than the victim against those cubes. Still a starship can only take so much.

On Stardate 86933.25 orders came down through 101st’s chain of command that U.S.S. Gunfighter NCC-95726-D was hereby ordered to Antares Fleet Yard for de-commisioning procedures. She was an excellent ship and I was proud to command her through her heyday, but she was still an early-model Defiant with all the problems that entails. Our repeated combat situations against the Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians, and all the other scrappers, not to mention the Borg, had exacerbated previously existing flaws. Phaser mounts needed maintenance twice as often as the manuals said they would, just to keep our guns pointed in the right direction, accuracy be damned. Warp plasma manifolds often ruptured in combat due to the overcharged plasma coursing through them. Maintenance personnel were almost permanently assigned to sick bay just to keep the bio beds operational. Our engineering staff regularly worked miracles to keep us operational, but one thing was clear: we needed to retrofit or we would perish in a blaze of glory sooner or later. Seeing as we don’t have any Klingons in the crew the latter was not an appealing option.

While sad to see NCC-95726-D hit mothballs, I was ecstatic to learn that NCC-95726-E had just rolled off the assembly line at Antares, which was why we had been ordered to return there for the de-commisioning ceremony. A brand new Defiant Class starship, all previous design flaws ironed out, weaknesses eliminated, strengths enhanced. Of course a few words to the right admiral ensured we were able to retain the prestigious U.S.S. Gunfighter name for our newest vessel. Given both our record, and the fact that -E did not have a crew assigned yet, we were able to ensure that the bridge crew and senior officers properly transferred. On Stardate 86936.58 NCC-95726-E U.S.S. Gunfighter launched from 101st Fleet shipyards.

We immediately docked at the fleet star base and set course for starbase Deep Space 9 to pick up some officers and crew that were on shore leave. The time enroute from the Eta Eridani sector allowed us to complete several shakedown runs including combat drills, medical training, and emergency procedure testing.

My childhood friend and former Chief Engineer, Commander Nesalia of Trill, is taking a new role as my First Officer. Her symbiont’s 4 lifetimes of experience should be invaluable in any number of situations and I will value her advice. Taking up the mantle of Chief Engineer and Second Officer on-board the Gunfighter is Lt. Cmd Jolin Jul’hessa of Bajor. She served as my Operations Chief aboard one of my previous commands, the heavy cruiser U.S.S. Apache, and is a very knowledgeable engineer. She took to the role of Chief Engineer like a peppermint epohh to the snow. My Science Officer moving with me from the Gunfighter-D to -E is Lt. Loninea, also of Trill but she chose not to enter the symbiont training regimen. While Defiant Class vessels are not known for their science labs and abilities, Loninea’s ingenuity and problem solving abilities allows her to carry out a wider range of missions than the Defiant Class designers could have ever dreamt of. One of my younger senior officers is my newest Operations Chief, Lt. Cmd Stacie Wampler. Her experiences growing up on Cestus III alongside the Gorn colony there may be very helpful given the varying levels of hostility between the Federation and Klingon Empire. U.S.S. Gunfighter’s new tactical officer is Lt. Elisa Flores, joining us fresh off of a teaching assignment out of Starfleet Academy in her hometown of San Francisco, Earth.  While she has logged the fewest light years out of any of our senior staff, her enthusiasm and creativity make her an invaluable asset. Our Chief of Security is Jem’Hadar Fifth Virak’ikat, formerly of The Dominion, now a loyal member of my crew who has saved innumerable lives aboard the Gunfighter, as well as an experienced leader. While it is not standard procedure, my Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Larea Probert, also serves as the ship’s Third Officer and holds the rank of Starfleet Commander. She is a very capable doctor and officer, who maximizes the ability of the Gunfighter’s size-limited medical facilities. In all, a Captain could not be prouder of the crew she serves with.

Our current assignment with 101st fleet will undoubtedly yield many adventures and has already borne fruit. U.S.S. Gunfighter has conducted multiple combat sorties with numerous ships including the U.S.S. Queen Mary, U.S.S Cerberus, U.S.S. Forward Unto Dawn, and U.S.S. Reisen. They have all been resounding successes. I look forward to more in the future.

: Computer save entry and close log

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