Dec 202013

(Christmas music in background with jinglebells playing)

Hello all your mortal creatures of the 101st Fleet; for this special ominpoient “State of the Fleet” post for the earth month of December 2013.

No; this isn’t Fleet Admiral Aaron; he is off fighting the wonderful snowman I have created for him in my winter wonderland. This is the most wonderful being in all the universes talking to you; the omnipoient; and wonderful; Q 🙂

Fleet Admiral Aaron had thought about asking me to be a guest on his “State of the Fleet” address; but why be a guest when you can be a presenter and show all you wonderful 101st Fleet members my generousity.

Well; guess we better get down to business; your Fleet Admiral Aaron has this stern look he is giving me; so annoying; one snap of my fingers could do away with that; but; my father is watching me so I better behave.

This months 101st Fleet ship of the month is the Odyssey Class U.S.S. Beowulf captained by Fleet Admiral Will; Fleet Admiral Will has been with the fleet about as long as it has existed; Check his ship out in the 101st Fleet shipyards. I will never understand you mortal creatures and how you can put information on such a 2D format; why not experience it in 5D 🙂

Anyway; the January’s 101st Fleet ship of the month is currently being contested on what you mortals call facebook; with Vice Admiral Jim’s U.S.S. Themis currently in the lead; remember to vote for the ship you want to see; the runners-up go into the February’s 101st Ship poll. You humans; calling something “facebook” your species has such a talent for naming things.

Also; the 101st Fleet forums have had some more interesting posts including several captain logs; these are very interesting and you should check them out. Also; the 101st Fleet and 101st Klingon Fleet have done a fleet video together directed by Vice Admiral Leon with Vice Admiral Jim directing it; you should really check this video out. But why watch a video on a 2D screen when you can become a space asteroid or subspace slug and experience it from their prespective. Just one little snap of the fingers….

Oh dear; your Fleet Admiral is giving me that look again; maybe he should face my tasty and fun gingerbread man 🙂

Also; the 101st Fleet is just 10 days away from competing the tier 3 dilithum mine with only 4,000 fleet marks to go to put the project onto 10 day cooldown; which means it should be ready and completed before the end of the year. Also the Dyson Spire is already at full tier 1 with the upgrade to tier 2 research facilities roughly 4 days away from completion.

You humans are indeed weird creatures; building all these physical dwellings all over space; I don’t understand when you have power like a omnipoient like me; how can you humans stand it 🙂

Q’s winter wonderland is here and active until January 16th 2014; beam down to experience my wonderful winter wonderland; where you have ice skating races; fight the evil snowman overload; and save some helpless gingerbread man from snowman. How wonderful of those people at cryptic to honour me with this event; though I need to speak to them about how it is not all year long. 🙂

Until January 16th; you can partipcate in a daily race that nets you 40 autographed photos of me; the wonderful Q. Get 1,000 of these autographs and you can trade them for either a Breen Cruiser or a Breen raider ship; so have fun racing and getting those autographs.

Though I don’t understand why you would trade all those photographs of me for a simple ship; just one autographed photo on me would buy you a entire solar system in the Delta Quadrant.

Things in the equatorial Alliance have stabilised and everyone seems to be working hard together once again; please remember to be polite and friendly in the equator channel and remember we are all here to help one another and to have fun. I really have to meet this “Ausmonaut” Fleet Fleet Admiral Aaron goes on about; they should like fun; maybe as fun as harassing Jean Luc Picard 🙂

(Admiral Aaron Approaches Q)

“Q; sometimes I wonder if you have taken lessons from your father”

Q looks upon Aaron with a smile “Ohh; how very nice of you to say Admiral; I always do my best to be as good as him”

Aaron Looks at Q; takes a deep breathe and sighs “Q; that really wasn’t a complement; thank you for your help. I take it from here”

Q looks at Admiral Aaron; “Well; have fun Admiral; but remember; I’m always around and I might drop by again to say hello” Q snaps his fingers are disappears.

Admiral Aaron looks at the spot where Q was a second ago “Great; I think Q has taken a liking to me”.

This is Fleet Admiral Aaron; wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. I would like to say that everyone here from Fleet command thanks everyone for their hard work in 2013 and we look forward to 2014. The next State of the Fleet Address will be in January 2014 and we will have a bit more of a normal address.

Q head appears “I wouldn’t count on it Admiral”

Admiral Aaron sighs again “Great; I think Q has taken a liking to the Fleet; we could be in trouble people”

This is Fleet Admiral Aaron; wishing everyone in the Fleet and wonderful day and good hunting; See you in game.

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