Jan 162014

Hello everyone of the 101st Fleet; to the “State of the Fleet” for the month of January 2014.

This is Fleet Admiral Aaron; with this month’s edition. Your monthly post of what is going on with the 101st Fleet; official updates from cryptic; and other news and tip-bits. Well; a new year has turned over and as we look back on 2013; we also look forward to this new year 2014.

First Off; this months “Ship of the month” Vice Admiral Jim’s Vesta Class U.S.S. Themis has been delayed; but should hopefully be posted soon. Vice Admiral’s Jims vesta class ship is a real terror to anyone not prepared for it; and is definitely a ship you want on your side :). The next “Ship of the Month” is being decided on our Facebook page now; and currently Captain Kayilee’s U.S.S. Gunfighter and Captain Saleen’s U.S.S. Juggernaut are tied for first place; with Captain Brian’s U.S.S. Hydra in a close second. Iy will be interesting to see who wins.

As usual our Facebook page is filled with tons of videos and screenshots done in the past month; check it out; with the Facebook page called “101st Fleet”.

Also our forums have really picked up when many fleet members posting in our forums with their ship builds. It has been a honour to make recommendations where I can for each captain; and I hope my advice and ideas have helped you out. If anyone else wishes for me to take a look at their ship build and make recommendations please let me know.

Also there have been a few captain log posts by Captain “Bill” Anderson; I have really enjoyed reading these logs and look forward to anymore he may do. Also the “Road to the U.S.S. Zuikaku” parts two and three have been published by myself. I do apologise it took me such a long time to get to them 🙂 for all those following I should hopefully have part four up shortly with part five (and the final) post shortly after that.

Again if anyone has ideas for content to post onto our website; please let Senior command know; we love to hear your ideas and and other thoughts you have.

In Fleet matters; we have completed our Dilithium Mine to tier 3 completely on 31sr December 2013. I would like to thank everyone who put their hard work and resources into completing it. We are also at Tier 2 completely for the Fleets Spire; and at the rate we are going we are rapidly approaching tier 3.

Also in big news we have reach 200K worth of tactical points on our starbase. Which means we just need another 50K in tactical to unlock the tier 5 shipyard project for the Fleet. It has been a hard slog getting this far but I am proud of everyone who is making donations. Don’t lose heart; we are edging ever closer to our goal 🙂

The 101st Imperial Fleet (101st Fleets Klingon Fleet) under the command of Vice Admiral Jim; has started to slowly recruit new members and get events going on their side. If you have a Klingon alt and wish them to join the 101st Imperial Fleet; please contact either Vice Admiral Jim or Vice Admiral Ieon.

The winter wonderland event has come and gone for another year; and as always it was a ton of fun. I hope everyone enjoy the festive event. We also have Star Trek Online’s 4th anniversey event; which is slated to start on 30th January 2014.

News from cryptic say this 4th anniversey which feature a new starship that is a retrofit of the factions technology and Dyson Spire technology; and that each faction will have their own starship. Now exactly what this ship is no one quite knows; but cryptic have said that next week they will do a dev blog the provides details. I cant wait 🙂

Also in regards to the 4th Anniversey there will be a new featured episode 🙂 Initial hints point to the feature episode maybe being released either on 30th January; or the 8th February 2014. Cryptic are being very “Cryptic” 🙂 about this entire thing; but hopefully we will get hints soon. Also; Cryptic have informed us that another Star Trek favourite is doing voiceover work; so exactly who it is and what type of content is again unknown 🙂 but we should know soon.

Also; on tribble server currently Cryptic is testing out the “Season 8.5” patch notes and releases. I have to say there are a lot of changes in this “half a season” and some of it looks very interesting; there are more patch notes to follow by cryptic have informed us the release of “Season 8.5” may occur at the same time as the 4th Anniversey event or just after it. We don’t have any concrete information at this time but once we do we shall let you know.

In Equatorial Alliance news; the Ausmonauts have reached tier 5 starbase completely; and have invited all Equatorial Alliance fleets and members to celebrate this massive occasion with them. Further details have been sent via a in-game mail item yesterday; so please check it out. (Part occurs on Friday 17th January 2014/Thursday 16th January 2014 depending on what part of the world you are in). Please keep an eye out on Equatorial Channel or ask in that channel on those days. There will be special events and door prices 🙂

101st Fleet in Luna Orbit

Next Months “State of the Fleet” will most likely take place just after the 4th Anniversey event; so we will be able to bring you details of the new ship that each faction has gotten. Until then I wish everyone safe travels and I hope to see you in game.

Fleet Admiral Aaron S. Lawford
U.S.S. Zuikaku; NCC-93522

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