Jan 162014

Well this month is a big occasion for one of our Fleet Admirals. Roughly one year ago Fleet Admiral Will took command of the 101st Fleet with the other Fleet Admirals on extended leave. Throughout that time he has helped being a driving force for the fleet helping all of its members maintain having fun in this game and being part of a community that has many laughs and embrassing moments 🙂 He also has directed many protocols and changes that has made the fleet what it is today.

This post is from me; Fleet Admiral Aaron and my experiences and friendship with Fleet Admiral Will; as I regale everyone the story of what I know about Fleet Admiral Will as we rose through the ranks together and the many memories and laughs that have occurred. So without further ado; get a nice cool (or warm drink depending on the weather) and sit back as we take a path through the man we know as the Captain of the Odyssey Class U.S.S. Beowulf; and one of the friendliest people you will meet.

Fleet Admiral Will

Stardate 90045 (roughly) – A new member joins 101st Fleet; still in its infancy of only being 2 weeks old. Will joined the 101st Fleet most likely out of invite from then Fleet Founders Piotriok or Dimitrius Kirk. About 2 weeks after that I joined the fleet myself. I don’t remember our first meeting but I am pretty sure we hit it off as friends pretty quickly. I do remember we must have caused Fleet Admiral Piotriok to shake his head at the one or two things we got up to :). We started to climb the position ladder slowly but surely as we showed the fleet we were more than willing to do events together and help out the fleet in anyway we could.

We quickly we reached Fleet Vice Admiral together; and continued to help the fleet out in many ways; we meet many interesting people. Including now Fleet Admiral Angela (she was named archer at the time); Fleet Admiral Ellic; Fleet Vice Admiral Hera; Fleet Vice Admiral Leon and Ieon, and many others. As a team we had fun; discussed Star Trek; and had many laughs. We also helped along with the rest of the Fleet to start building the 101st Fleet starbase.

Some of Admiral’s Wills favourite missions were/are Colony Invasion and Starbase Defense; which he would run many times and just have fun doing it. Starbase Incursion was another favourite of his as he happy hunted down Saboteurs who meant to do us harm 🙂

Colony Invasion

Stardate 90631 (roughly) – It was Early 2013 and our two Fleet Admirals (Piotriok and Dimitrius Kirk) had not been online for sometime (Real life issues we later found out; Good real life issues that meant they couldn’t logon really anymore). Without a Fleet Admiral leadership of the fleet was up in the air and honestly no one quite knew what to do. Did we wait; did we appoint someone else as a leader; what were we going to do. Fleet Admiral Will knew what to do and he gracefully took leadership of the fleet and shortly later promoted Ellic to fleet admiral. What it took to take leadership and start directing a fleet of roughly 400 people is a tremendous showing of Admiral Will’s character; rather than maybe let the fleet fall apart or something else bad happening; he took command and promoted someone he knew extremely well to the same level.

It is without a doubt that having Will take the decision to became our new Fleet Admiral at that time helped us immensely; as he always had the friendships he had built in the fleet; as well as the fleets well being as his primary concern’ and he always ensured that we continue to have fun 🙂

Fleet Lineup

Stardate 90915.68 – It was during this time that I was helping out with the Fleet wherever I could; recommending ideas; during events together and doing whatever I could to help out the Fleet. It was during this time that I got the shock of my life. Logging on I checked the fleet roster of online players; wanting to see who was online. I got the shock of mylife when I saw I had been promoted to Fleet Admiral and a mail item from Admiral Will saying congrats on the promotion. This also speaks of Admiral Will’s character; he seems to be a extremely good read of people and is more than willing to give people extra responsibilities because he knows they will do it to the best of their ability; and always for the benefit of the fleet.

This is more than shown when several weeks later; he gave permission for one of our lesser known fleet mates (now Vice Admiral Jim) the green light to go ahead with the much delayed fleet website; which we have been delaying for a long time because we simply did now know how to really proceed. This trust Admiral Will showed as been replayed so many times by Vice Admiral Jim that it is amazing. We have this fleet website as proof; along with Fleet Facebook and Fleet video content. Again another show of character for a great person.

But Admiral Will isn’t all nice and friendly; when it comes down to it he is more than willing to protect the 101st Fleet and do whatever needs to be done to anyone (inside or outside) of the Fleet who try’s to bring our good name into a dark light. Someone who knows where the line is and is always willing to protect something he enjoys and the people he plays with.

Of course he is more than willing when he is online to participate in any fleet photos and photo ops; and you can always trust that if you need help; Admiral Will and USS Beowulf will be one of the first to respond.

Fleet photo-op space

So here we are in January 2014; one year since Admiral Will took one of the Fleet Admiral positions; and I think that everyone in the 101st fleet can agree it is wonderful he is still around and enjoying the game with us; as we head into the games 4th Anniversey; the Fleets 2nd anniversey coming up in a couple of months; and many great things ahead.

U.S.S. Zuikaku thanks Admiral Will

This post is just a small token of thanks to Admiral Will from me; Admiral Aaron. I enjoying being a part of this game and your friend; and I think everyone else here would agree with me that we wish you can continue to be with us in this game; flying missions together; having many laughs (sometimes at our own expense 🙂 ) for a very long time to come.

“Raises Glass” Heres to your Admiral Will on your 1 year anniversey of being a Fleet Admiral; may fortune and good tidings continue to smile upon you.

We Thank you.

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