Jan 202014

U.S.S. Phoenix Askani [NCC-973757] Captain: FCmd. Lujayne Elea

Stardate 91657.05 – Fleet Captain Lujayne Elea recording

The U.S.S Phoenix Askani is currently en route at maximum slipstream speeds to the 101st Fleet Spire in the new Delta Quadrant Dyson Sphere. Our ETA is approximately 45 minutes. We have been requested to rendezvous with Vice Admiral Ieon Winter’s U.S.S. Queen Mary and a small strike force he is forming to take down another Voth fortress ship that is on approach to the Allied side of the sphere.

Askani has just completed what was initially intended to be a joint patrol of the Iota Pavonis sector with the Romulan warbird Aj’rmr. I specify ‘intended’ because Aj’rmr developed issues with her singularity core as the patrol was about to get underway. At the request of both Starfleet and the Romulan government, we continued with the patrol. I admit to being very deeply moved as we passed the remnants of the planet Romulus. My first host Sharen lived on the planet for nearly a standard year while he served as deputy ambassador for the Trill embassy. I fondly recall the stoic dignity their capital Ki Baratan possessed, under the hustle and bustle of government dealings. But that is all gone now, lost to time.

Four days into the patrol we were approaching the end our of flight path. As we closed with the Breshar system, my 2nd Officer and Gamma Shift supervisor, Commander Emaale Beetoer detected some unusual energy readings indicative of tetryon-based weapons and high-frequency sub-neucleonic beams having recently been used in the area. In other words: Hirogen hunters were around. I’m as much a fan of a full night’s sleep as anybody (find me a captain who isn’t), but nobody sleeps well with the thought of Hirogen around. I immediately ordered Yellow Alert and altered course to investigate. We dropped out of warp adjacent to a moderately sized debris field. Subsequent scans revealed that it was the remains of a Romulan civilian transport that had departed from Fvillhaih III a week prior en route to Breshar V. Communication with authorities there revealed the transport was 18 hours overdue. The manifest listed 45 crew and 438 passengers. Even with Askani‘s impressive sensor suite we were unable to locate any life signs.

As we finished our scans Ensign Sek reported what appeared to be an energy masking field closing on our location. If not for the quantum sensors integrated into our slipstream drive system we might not have seen it. As it was I immediately ordered Red Alert and deployed our Scorpion craft to provide additional defense vectors. Apparently seeing their stalk had failed a pack of Hirogen frigates and hunting craft dropped the masking field and closed quickly on us. It took almost 5 hours to finish clearing the force but when it was over we had successfully destroyed and disabled 18 Hirogen vessels. We were forced to repel two separate boarding parties when shields were battered down but even then my crew performed admirably. Lieutenant Toezza Dtuza’s security teams successfully repelled all invaders. It was not bloodless and several of my crew received grievous injury, but we did manage to avoid any fatalities. Commander Adelia Cyphert’s medical staff performed no small amount of miracles in keeping us all alive, reattaching limbs as necessary, staunching severed arteries, and repairing damaged organs. Personally it was a relief to see my holodeck training with my Lirpa paid off immeasurably. Thankfully technology has made significant strides in the 28 years since Enterprise-E and Aventine were forced to repel Hirogen boarding parties. We were able to defeat their dampening fields which caused so many problems during the previous battle. Our casualties are a reminder that even without technological tricks, Hirogen are still formidable opponents. Damage control teams quickly got all key systems up in short order but Lt. Cdr Fyrsuk was not able to get our long-range sensors fully repaired and attuned until just a few minutes ago (detailed combat report submitted as attachment #IP2094853PA).

My intent had been to maintain position in system and conduct a sweep for any more Hirogen vessels that may be lurking nearby. Prior to the engagement Ensign Sek thought he might have detected 2-3 other masking field signatures at the very edges of our scanning ability, but we were forced to defend ourselves before we could confirm. Our request for reinforcements was answered in the form of 3x D’Deridex and 7x Mogai class warbirds led by a singularly tight-lipped Admiral Suran. Commander Yalal thought she may have detected the faint neutrino signature of a cloaked Scimitar class vessel as well. Admiral Suran thanked us for our assistance to the Romulan state and said he would be putting us in for a commendation (attachment #IP2094856PA). He then politely but firmly asked us to leave as they had ‘business to take care of’ with the disabled Hirogen vessels. Our last tactical picture before moving out of short-range sensor range showed the Romulan vessels fanning out in a sweep formation. My recommendation to 101st and Starfleet Commands was to pursue this through diplomatic channels for further information (attachment #IP2094860PA).

As a result of the this event I have submitted commendations for Ensign Sek, Senior Chief Zeestou, Lieutenant Raastz, and Lieutenant Thoris for performance beyond the call of duty (attachment #IP2094861PA, IP2094862PA, IP2094863PA, IP2094864PA).

Commander Yalal has just informed me that we will be assuming orbit around the Fleet Spire in the next 10 minutes. I am concerned with the developments in the Dyson Sphere. Our Allied forces are stretched thin trying to simultaneously hold off the Voth while unlocking the mysteries of the sphere. My continued contact with the Voth scientist Nelen Exil has yielded some disturbing news about Voth science efforts with the Omega molecules. I only hope we can find a peace between our two peoples. But that’s a concern for a later day. Time to get prepared for Admiral Ieon’s briefing. Computer, end recording and save file…

Askani 4


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