Jan 202014

Computer; begin recording

Stardate 91567.88 – I once attended a conference being held by Captain Benjamin Sisko; when I was still a sophomore at the academy; he informed us that he learnt from his experiences that bad news always seems to occur in the middle of the night. My own personal life experiences reflect this and this morning I had another example to add to the pile; considering I am one of the fleet admirals for the 101st Fleet; responsible for close to 300 starships and their captains; it comes with the terrority; but nothing really could have prepared me for this morning’s news.


Early this morning; my first officer; Commander Utoeze Jones walked into my quarters and woke me up. A section of 101st Fleet responding to a distress call from a convoy in the Briar Patch had been ambushed my the 101st Imperial Fleet lead by Admiral H’Rjarr Kzin M’Ktta; a Caitian allied with the Klingons who appears to have no honour. What was worse was the Commander Jones informed me that the USS Queen Mary C; captained by Vice Admiral Ieon; a close friend; had been destroyed; with the loss of close to 75% of her crew.

To think close to 2,000 peoples families and loved ones; just one week out of Christmas day back on Earth; would be hearing that their loved ones would never returns pains me to no end. While these officers did accept the risks of being Starfleet officers; it is still something no family should go through. The fact that Vice Admiral Ieon survived himself means there is a good chance he will be eating away at him. I haven’t spoken to Ieon yet; but it will be my top priority for me once USS Zuikaku arrives at Starbase 101 in 20 hours. A memorial service will be held at starbase 101 for the loss crew members.

Initial Reports indicate that the 101st Fleet task force; lead by Vice Admiral Ieon in the Queen Mary C; along with the USS Daedalus; USS Phoenix Askani and the USS Mystey; drop out of warp in the Briar Patch and proceeded to assign search vectors to search for the missing convoy. It was at this time Admiral H’Rjarr Kzin M’Kttat decloaked in the IKS Batlh vo’Ferasa and proceeded to inform Vice Admiral Ieon that this was a retilation against what had occurred at Epsilion 6 between himself and Vice Admiral Ieon. Subsequent communications from myself to Starfleet Command have informed me that the “Epsilion 6 Incident” is classified at the highest levels.

The Klingons then proceed to decloak the rest of the squadron and attack. In a running battle that appears to have occurred over a roughly 10 minute period; the USS Queen Mary C was repeated hit hard enough that Ieon order his crew to abandon ship. However; while it appears most of the crew got to the escape pods it seems the explosion caused by the Queen Mary C’s destruction destroyed many of the escape pods as they fled to escape. It has also so far been unconfirmed that some of the Klingons ships may have attack the escape pods; but this is unconfirmed at this time.

Lucky; Fleet Admiral Will in the USS Beowulf was under taking manverues with 2 squadrons worth of 101st Fleet ships; and once he heard the distress call he immiedtately took his ships to the Briar Patch, upon seeing this combined task force Admiral H’Rjarr withdrew his forces. the remaining 101st Fleet ships proceed to collect the Queen Mary C’s survivors and are on-route back to starbase 101.

In response to this attack; I requested and Starfleet command approved a lighting strike by USS Zuikaku against one of the 101st Imperial fleets shipyards. We managed to damage several facilities and destroy a newly completed Neg’vhar class cruiser; with the lighting strike we were in and out before the Klingons knew what had hit them; however subsequent scans indicate this is most likely a minor shipyard and not their main one. Subsequent communications from Klingon High Command seem to indicate that the 101st Imperial Fleet is a rogue organisation and did not operate with High Commands permission. I have also had several contacts from Klingon fleet captains; saying that if 101st Fleet wanted help hunting down this dis-honourable “untranslated” they would be willing to assist.

Starfleet Command has recoiled itself over the loss of a new Odyssey class cruiser; however they accept the initial reports that there was nothing more that could be done. They have also authorised me to offer Vice Admiral Ieon command of a new ship if he should wish. If Ieon does wish so; USS Zuikaku will be escorting his new ship to its final outfitting phase; as I want to ensure that this does not occur again.

In the meanwhile; I will be offering Vice Admiral Ieon some time off; to allow himself to come to terms with the loss of his ship; as it is tough for any captain. As for Admiral H’Rjarr; I am hearby ordering that if possible the 101st Fleet brings him to justice for his crimes against Starfleet; as well as against the Klingon Empire. However; these orders are not to interfere with standing orders; if a captain has evidence as to Admirals HJarr’s location or plans he is to follow it up; however; I am also authorising that if this does occur; that no ship is to go alone; I do not want another tradegy occurring like the one at the Briar Patch.

Commander Jones has informed me that this news of Queen Mary C’s loss has hit the Zuikaku crew hard; as many knew members of that ships crew well. Hopefully the memorial service will start the healing process. After that; my top priority is finding out why Admiral H’Jarr launched this attack now; exactly what is the “Epsilion 6 Incident”; there are too many questions and no one at Starfleet Command is giving me answers; I don’t like mysteries that affect and cost the lifes of my people and others.

One thing is for sure; the 101st Imperial Fleet seems to have declared war against the 101st Fleet; there will be many dark roads and days ahead.

Computer end recording

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