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Hello Everyone

Welcome to Part Four of “The Road to the U.S.S. Zuikaku” a series of in a sense “dev blogs” on how U.S.S. Zuikaku became the ship she is today. So sit back; have a nice comfortable set in a comfortable lounge chair; relax; and watch as I recount part four 🙂

Chasing the Sun

Stardate 90992.29 – So; the fresh paint had settled; the new crewman had arrived; the ships weapons systems had been retrofitted and I was in a fleet version of a Soverign. It was now time to continue my weapon testing and get this ship up to what she was capable of. Which honestly I didn’t have a clue what that was.

Fortunately or not fortunately if you ask some players on the Star Trek Online community; the legacy of Romulus was released in late May 2013; this brought one massive thing – ROMULANS. A New playable faction; along with a lot of new gear for ships and personally changed ship building in the game forever.

It was now a entirely different ballgame; and ships builders where now shaken with the new features. One of the major differences or additions was “Warp Cores”. You could now add a warp core to your ship to give it additional stats or powers. It didn’t take me long to find a decent warp core for Zuikaku; and as was my mantra for my ships; I preferred to balance my ships across multiple areas where I could.

So; I picked up a Hyper Injection Warp Core Mk XI [SEP] [W->S] [Trans]]. This warp core gave me a base increase in engine power for my ship; and as a secondly affected gave a bonus 7.5% shield power based on my current weapons power. This enabled me to get Zuikaku’s shield power to 84 over a base power of 50. Which made her shields have extra resistance and be able to regenerate a bit quicker.

Another major difference introduced; or I should more say completely revamped was “The Trait system”. Before you would pick a species to play and you would get one or two “traits” that would be a part of that species; that could give additional stats on your ship or toon. With the new system; you could now at level 50; pick 8 traits out of a totally new pool of traits. (Some specific to particular careers only).

I searched through the traits; and pretty quickly set my mind apon several of them; as I knew (or hoped) they would improve my ships base abilities or character traits I wanted to improve; which was tanking capability and power efficiency. eventually I choose several traits such as the below.

Increased Hull regeneration; natch for a assault cruiser

Warp Theorist
+ Warp Core Potential and EPS Systems

Grace Under Fire
Wipes out the Cooldown on Miracle Worker if I take a really hard hit; very useful for PvP.

Gave my ship an extra 10% on accuracy; considering my ship at this time had 15% accuracy; this pushed it to 25%.

Another addition was the Tholian reputation system; which meant new Space passives; which I will cover later in this post 🙂

Of course; I had been doing STF’s during this time with the Ausmonauts; 101st Fleet and other groups; and had still been “parsing” between 4 – 5K DPS; which was decent for a team run. Of course I felt I still could be doing more and eventually I found out several things to help me. Another addition during this time was a the removal of my rear facing torpedo tube for a Kinetic Cutting Beam from the Omega store.

Basically most times I was either facing my enemy or broadsiding them; which meant my rare facing torpedo wasn’t been used often enough to warrant the addition of it. With the change over to the Kinetic Cutting Beam; not only did I retain the kinetic damage capability (though at a loss of a decent damage/dps capability) but with its 360 degree firing angle; for a small percentage of my ships firing arc; I could fire all 8 weapons at once.

So; testing and improvements continued; USS Zuikaku continued to improve and the next several months were interesting.

Stardate 91019.65 to Stardate 91268.63 – The next months were interesting; as USS Zuikaku travelled along known space and beyond in testing and having fun. I was really enjoying my new ship and had settled into the groove.

New frontiers

Tholian Reputation

One of the things I completed during this time was the tholian reputation system; which gave me 4 new space passives to choose between. As usual with me; I tried to keep a balanced approach with what I choose; eventually I choose the following.

Tier 2 – Fortified Hull – +5% Hull; this basically pushed USS Zuikaku’s hull to 62.1K Hull hit points.

Tier 4 – Aux Power Configuration – Offensive – which gave a 20% boost to offensive stats based on my current aux power.

These improvements helped USS Zuikaku a lot; which the increases were small overall; they were adding to Zuikaku’s defensive and offensive capabilities; which made her a stronger ship overall; and a better one to help my teammates out with.

DPS Record Breaking

In those 3 months; USS Zuikaku’s DPS record went from 5.5K DPS to a impressive 8.1K DPS; most of the time these records were broken in Infected Space Elite runs (though once or twice it occurred in Cure Space Elite runs)>

Considering that USS Zuikaku is a NON Auxillary to Battery Ship; I was happy I was getting these numbers; as while I didn’t care for the DPS race as some Star Trek Online community players do; it was always nice to break a new record with your ship 🙂

PVP Testing

During this time USS Zuikaku got back into PVP testing and Kerrat runs again; while it didn’t always work out in my favour (USS Zuikaku was destroyed several times) it did get me back in the saddle to see how my new ship was going in the PvP areas.

USS Zuikaku performed wonderfully; while she wasn’t built to kill things in PvP; and some people would say why have a ship in PvP that cant kill quickly; her primary function; which was tanking/support stood out wonderfully. It usually took a single ship with massive DPS; or multiple ships attacking me at once to destroy USS Zuikaku. This usually allowed me teammates some free reign in doing what they did best.

However; it didn’t always work out; and sometimes I couldn’t heal a friend quick enough to prevent their destruction; but such is the nature of PVP 🙂 But I was getting experience in the PvP arenas; as a single ship and working as a team; and I was slowly working out the bugs.

Play testing

Of course during this time it wasn’t all work on my ship 🙂 I enjoyed Jet packing across Risa’s summer event; seeing parrots :). I was in a happy mood; thanks to a lot of kind players and helpful ones at that; USS Zuikaku had gotten through a troubling time and was now starting to stretch her legs.

USS Zuikaku was really coming along; and there were still several upgrades ahead of her; and I was looking forward to seeing on how much more I could improve USS Zuikaku; to “chase the sun” as it were.

But I also knew it wouldn’t be easy; and there could be setbacks along the way; and that I wouldn’t always be in a happy mood. But I knew I had friends around me; and because of the Equatorial Alliance; all I had to do was ask for help or testing and several people would come. We would have fun doing it too :).


The year was slowly starting to get to a close; and I couldn’t wait to see what was in store.

To be Concluded In……….

The Road to the U.S.S. Zuikaku – Part Five – Fortunate Crane

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