Feb 012014


Captain’s Log
Security Classification Level: Omega 2
Stardate 91680.92

We were on route to Deep Space Nine from Starbase 101 when I received a Priority One text-only communique from Starfleet Command: an encrypted message instructing the Biliskner to rendezvous, with all due haste, at the Dyson Joint Command Spire, in the Solanae Sphere. The last time we visited the sphere was during shakedown, when there was minimal crew aboard that were all aware of the Sphere. Unfortunately, this time our classification protocols will be need to be enacted. Knowledge of the Sphere is classified by all three of the involved governments. Starfleet Captains are all briefed on the Omega Directive (Senior Officers may be briefed by their Commanding Officers on a need-to-know basis), however, knowledge of the Sphere is restricted within Starfleet on a need-to-know basis only. Therefore, during our stay in the Sphere, the blast shields will remain closed, and we will be on yellow alert at all times. I will be briefing my officers within 12 hours; most of them have been briefed before, the only exception being my new Tactical officer, who was assigned to us post-shakedown to relieve my First Officer of Tactical duties.

As far as the nature of our mission in the Sphere, we have no knowledge. Protocol directs me to report to Subcommander Kaol upon my arrival, and given the urgency with which the initial communique was sent, I can only guess that whatever this mission will entail, it is of dire emergency.


Captain’s Log
Security Classification Level: Omega 2
Stardate 91690.38

We’ve arrived in the Solanae sphere, and I’ve had the chance to speak to Subcommander Kaol. It seems that my original assessment was correct: the news is indeed dire. Admiral Tuvok was sent on a mission to investigate a space station in orbit extremely close to the star at the center of the Sphere. In the middle of the mission, the Voth discovered the station, and the detachment’s presence there, and attacked. Tuvok has been stranded on the station with few reserves, with the Voth persisting in their attacks. The Biliskner is to go to the station, rescue the Admiral and his crew, and complete the mission before the Voth have a chance to gain control of the station…


OOC: Have fun everyone, and enjoy the new FE and Season 8.5!

Captain Dennis William Anderson
U.S.S. Biliskner - NCC-101305-A
Fleet Administrative Office
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