Feb 052014


Reference:Disciplinary Board
As of 00:00 Earth time (Timestamp: 0000Z140206), the 101st Fleet Disciplinary Board, constituted by Fleet Admirals Aaron Scott Lawford and Will, and Chief Justice VAdm Angela Archer. Has tried Fleet Captain Mark Anthony Durran, case number 1402/140205, on the charges of: Abusive Behaviour towards other fleets; AFK during matches; Bringing 101st Fleet’s good name into question on multiple counts.
The Board has decided the Expulsion of the accuser from the 101st Fleet and his shipment to Starfleet Command for further disciplinary action.

The Decision announcement: “The Officer in Question has been found guilty by senior Fleet Command of multiple charges. Including going AFK during Fleet events in a malicious manner; Abusive behaviour towards other fleets; and bringing the 101st Fleet’s good name into question. The sentence is immediate expulsion from the fleet with no chance of returning.”

Captain Durran is henceforth stripped of all ranks and honors associated with the 101st Fleet. The decision is permanent.

for the 101st Fleet Command,

Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command
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