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Captain’s Log
Security Classification Level: Omega 2
Stardate 91694.21

A successful mission to rescue Admiral Tuvok has, unfortunately, left me not feeling very successful at all.

The Biliskner’s shields were remodulated to survive extreme proximity to the Solanae Sphere’s central star, thereby allowing us to move forward with the beginning of our mission. We managed to bypass the battle raging with the Voth by staying beneath the peaks of the star’s solar flares, and neared the space station without incident. Biliskner joined the battle following my departure to the station. I met with Admiral Tuvok and Dr. Eric Cooper, an expert (or as much an expert as any) on the Solanae technology in the Sphere. According to Tuvok, the rest of his team, and the captain of his ship, the U.S.S. Dyson, was killed in scuffles with the Voth. As it turns out, the solar station controls the Sphere’s ability to ‘jump’ to anywhere in the galaxy. Our goal was to disable the station, before the Voth had the chance to jump the Sphere to their space, deeper into the Delta Quadrant. Aside from the fact that we would very likely lose the opportunity to continue studying the Sphere, the jump would would require the energy release of thousands of Omega particles, which would devastate the entire area of space–likely a good portion of the Quadrant.

After fighting our way through a few Voth hard-points, we got to the station’s main control room. As Dr. Cooper brought the shutdown program online in the main computer, I fused the fail-safe conduits to prevent the computer from bypassing our commands. A hard-coded byproduct of the station’s shutdown was the activation of an Iconian gate, which would have served as an escape point for the Sphere’s original inhabitants, in the event of an emergency. Immediately after the gate activated, a Voth Bastion cruiser flew into the gate, and we were forced to pursue.

This new gateway, as it turns out, leads to what we know as the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, which had vanished from the Beta Quadrant when the Iconian Gateway network was reset a few months ago. It turned up in the Delta Quadrant, with the U.S.S. Gold still trapped inside. The Voth ship had disabled the Gold, without destroying it, and turned its attention to the nearby doorway to outside space. As the we approached the Voth ship, Dr. Cooper attacked Tuvok, revealing himself to be an Undine, and then left the ship. I revived Tuvok, but as I did that, and Undine energy weapon blasted through the Sphere’s bulkheads, destroying the Voth ship in a single hit. The Dyson was thrown into battle against an onslaught of incoming Undine ships, and we managed to hold our own until the arrival of the Romulans and the Klingons to help defeat the Undine.

After the battle, we all returned to the Dyson Joint Command spire in the Solanae Sphere, shaken and irritable. The plot by the Undine to open a door to the Alpha Quadrant is unsettling to us all, and instability is growing in the three-way alliance we’ve preserved so far. But with each side attempting to claim the Jenolan sphere for themselves, only time will tell if we can set aside our own differences, in order to defeat a common enemy. The Romulans seem reasonable, but there’s no telling which side they will fall on if the Klingons decide to take the Spheres for themselves.


Captain’s Log
Stardate 91716.78

It’s business as usual on the Biliskner; ever since last week’s operation, we’ve been running tactical drills with other ships in the 101st Fleet. Our previously friendly Klingon counterpart, the 101st Imperial Fleet, has officially declared war on us, following the destruction of the U.S.S. Queen Mary C by a renegade Ferasan captain known as ‘Aj H’Rjarr Kzin M’Ktatt. In response to the QMC’s destruction, a previously commissioned Fleet Sovereign cruiser was rechristened and pressed into service as the U.S.S. Queen Mary D, under the command of Vice Admiral Ieon Winter. There have been a few skirmishes with the Imperial Fleet, but no sign of H’Rjarr since the initial incident over a month ago. A few ships have been lost on both sides, and search parties generally get sent out after ships that have gone missing.

My Chief Engineer, and long time pupil, has made an interesting observation about our weapons systems, and how it interacts with the power distribution system. He and I are working on a joint report to be sent to the Starfleet Engineering Corps, and the technical details of the logic will be found in there. The gist of it is this–since Biliskner is outfitted entirely with energy beams, the biggest hindrance it has is the instantaneous energy draw of each beam that is firing in parallel with other beams. Ken’s observation is that, if we could somehow stagger the beams’ firing times, we could increase our sustained damage by allowing the EPS system to distribute power back into the weapons system just before another beam fires. The only tradeoff that I can see is that our initial damage in the first volley would be laughable at best; it would take a couple seconds before the beams really kicked in. He and I will be continuing our work in this area–I admit, I miss working on projects like this. It reminds me of a time not long ago when I was the Chief Engineer and someone else was Captain. I’m not sure I miss that old Miranda, but I miss spending my nights in bed listening to the rumble of the warp core two decks beneath my feet. Sleeping in the Captain’s Suite just isn’t the same.


Captain Dennis William Anderson
U.S.S. Biliskner - NCC-101305-A
Fleet Administrative Office
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