Feb 202014

Captain’s log, stardate 91744.68.

U.S.S. Reisen has returned to the Dyson Joint Command after a successful exploration of Undine space. There, a newly developed Solanae class has been offered for all Starfleet captains for testing and, if they want, flying. Curious because of it’s type being “Science Destroyer” and for my science training at the Academy, I took the opportunity to try it.

Captain's chair on Dyson Bridge


After settleing into what I think is Captain chair (whole bridge is… confusing), and after my crew also managed to find their places, we started a simulation where Starfleet starbase is attacked, using the same equipment as on Reisen as it’s most efficient equipment my ships have, except for one minor modification – one of the Particle Generators were replaced with Flow Capacitors. Bridge officers on active duty during the simulation were:

Commander Takerra: Tactical Team I, Attack Pattern Delta I, Attack Pattern Beta II, Attack Pattern Omega III *

Commander Carrol: Torpedo: Spread I

Commander Wade: Emergency Power to Shields I, Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field I

Commander Sasla: Science Team I, Energy Siphon I, Tyken Rift II, Charged Particle Burst III *

Commander Jiral: Hazard Emitters I, Tractor Beam II

We’ve tried to capitalize on the Secondary Deflector‘s drain enhancing capabilities. I also ordered 100/25/25/50 adjustment to ship power levels, which resulted in 109/50/47/90 power levels. Not bad.

Solanae responding to attacks

 First impressions were… okayish. Ship fires and flies like Reisen; science power selection could be better (I instantly missed my favorite, Gravity Well III). With Attack Patterns Beta II Solanae’s Plasma Beams could somewhat match the damage of Reisen, thus somewhat negating the lack of 4th Vulnerability Locator. All in all, nice ship.

Then we switched to Tactical mode.

I, as a captain, was completely suprised, in the negative way. Thanks to the Solanae Dual Heavy Proton Cannons, ship is forced to either be pointed toward the target whole time (disabling the usage of aft beams), or to manuever whole time in order to allow firing from all 7 weapons. That makes it extremely ineffective without specially tuning equipment to match ship’s capabilities.

What we did in the end was swapping to Tactical mode, firing Attack Pattern Omega III then immediately reverting back to the Science mode, as it was most efficient on a beam equiped science destroyer.

Based on those tests, I conclude that only 2 builds are actually viable:

  1. Antiproton build – 3x (Fleet) Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons fore; Antiproton Omni-beam, Kinetic Cutting Beam, (Fleet) Antiproton Turret aft. Possible swap of 1 DHC fore for torpedo launcher and KCB aft for AP turret.
  2. (Protonic) Drain build – 3x (Fleet/Protonic) Polaron Dual Heavy Cannons fore; (Fleet/Protonic) Polaron Beam Array, Kinetic Cutting Beam, (Fleet/Protonic) Polaron Turret aft. Also possible to incorporate Experimental Proton set.

First one basically goes for highest damage possible, with Omni-beam providing capability of using Subsystem Targeting abilities during Science mode. Second one is drain (and/or Proton) based build which should also be effective due to protonic affinity of the ship.

In the end, I decided to keep the ship and filed a request for antiproton weapons to the Fleet. When the eqipment comes, I’ll run some more tests to see how effective it is and, based on that, maybe I file a request for new Science Destroyer classes. Also, it seems few more secondary deflectors are in development, so I need to test them as well once I manage to get my hands on them.

Until then, my flagship remains my old, trusted U.S.S. Reisen…

Fleet Captain Ulaan out.

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