Feb 252014
U.S.S. Queen Mary [NCC-170686-D] Captain: FVAdm. Ieon Winter


Vice Admirals log Stardate: 55161.1

After taking heavy damage in a Klingon raid at Fleet Starbase 101 it has been decided to finally scrap the U.S.S. Queen Mary B, the ship was hit several times and although she successfully defended the Starbase she had to be towed into drydock by the U.S.S. Audacious.

QMB damage 5

After a full inspection of the ship by Starfleet engineers they found multiple hull stresses, blown relays across the whole ship, the warp core is offline, shields are completely destroyed, weapons are all burnt out several hull breaches the list goes on and it is in their opinion not to refit the ship.

QMB damage 2 QMB damage 3 QMB damage 4 QMB damage

She will be striped of any equipment she has left in working order and sent to the Zakdorn Surplus Depot Z15 where she will be scraped and broken up for recycling.

As of now I will be transferring command permanently to the U.S.S. Queen Mary D which is temporarily posted at Starbase K7 in the Eta Eridani sector block to keep out any 101st Imperial ships entering Federation space. After several skirmishes she has proven she is more than capable of replacing her predecessor and defending the 101st Fleet from hostile Klingon forces. With a devastating broadside attack and deadly precision with photon torpedoes the Queen Mary D has been specifically designed to take on Klingons and has already destroyed several Klingon warships trying to find a way into Federation space.

QMD with sister  Daedalus

After taking on more supplies from our sister ship the U.S.S. Daedalus the QMD is fully battle ready and heads out on patrol, lets hope she lives up to her name and has a service history as good as the U.S.S. Queen Mary B.

101st Fleet C.S.O
Vice Admiral Ieon Winter
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