Mar 092014

Hi all, I know its been a little while since we’ve done a Ship of the Month. The Administrative Department has been in a mild state of disarray lately–Vice Admiral Jim has been out-of-game due to some RL issues, and he’s got big shoes to fill! Needless to say that we at the F.A.D., and Fleet High Command all wish him well, and hope that we see him again soon.

As it is, the Ship of the Month has been pushed back, meaning we skipped February, but here we have the U.S.S. Gunfighter, our Featured Ship for the month of March, courtesy of Fleet Captain Kayliee! (Hint: click on the image to take you to the Gunfighter’s page! You can also get to it from the Fleet Shipyard Roster).

Gunfighter 11

Hope you enjoy it, and see you all in game!

Captain Dennis William Anderson
U.S.S. Biliskner - NCC-101305-A
Fleet Administrative Office
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