Mar 242014

Captain’s Log
Stardate 91831.3

It’s been awfully slow for the last month or so. 101st Fleet Command has kept the Biliskner on light duty and close to the Starbase while Vice Admiral Jim is on leave. The timing isn’t terrible though–Biliskner spent some time in drydock undergoing her quarterly maintenance check.

About a week ago marked the beginning of what seems like a constant onslaught of ships from the Mirror Universe attempting to take over Vauthil Station. Biliskner hasn’t seen much action, but my crew and I are still part of a 24-hour rotation of defense teams. We still have no idea when the Incursion will end, but the Terrans can only have finite resources. It’s not as if they get to take many of their ships back to their own universe once we’re done with them.

After several months of reaching out with my cross-faction contacts, I have established sporadic contact with a member of the 101st Imperial Fleet. While their identity remains unknown, I have received information that the fleet’s leader has gone almost completely underground. Whether for fear of his own life, or other reasons, I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter. My gut tells me that even in his absence, the Imperials continue to grow in numbers and strength. This does not bode well.

All in all, it has been a slow month. I can only hope that this isn’t the calm before a massive storm. Especially given the events surrounding the rescue of Admiral Tuvok…

Captain Dennis William Anderson
U.S.S. Biliskner - NCC-101305-A
Fleet Administrative Office
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