Mar 252014

Opening Secure channel…… Command codes verified….. 101st Fleet command coming in on secure channel…

Big News people; Season 9 Dev Blog has shown us that Cryptic are changing the reputation system. When Season 9 is released we will have a limit to how many Space/Ground and active passives we can slot.

Please see provided Link.

Dev Blog #5

I am for one think this is a good idea. We all knew that if the reputation system kept going the amount of passives we would have would get silly. This also means we might see a greater variety of ship builds in the future 🙂

I knew USS Zuikaku was gonna need a major overhaul with this season; and this dev blog more than confirms it 🙂 I say my ship will be in the shipyard for some time after Season 9 gets released.

As usual; remember our website forums are there if you want to post your ship build. I would recommend that if you are concerned you post your ship build onto our forums when Season 9 gets released and I will try to make recommendations on what passives to choose. Remember that if you do this please tell me what you want your ship to do (its major thing; eg damage first; tanking second) that sort of thing.

Also remember I am always around to help or answer questions; so feel free to ask. Have a wonderful day everyone and I will see you in game 🙂

Fleet Admiral Aaron S. Lawford

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