Apr 102014

Hello all 101st Fleet members.

We have confirmation; Season 9 releases on Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

I was honesty surprised by this release date; as I considered that Cryptic wouldn’t release a Major season right after the Easter long weekend; guess I was wrong :). Because of this; I am pushing back the “State of the Fleet” Blog from Saturday 19th April 2014; to Thursday 24th April; to capture the new season details as they go “LIVE” on star trek online.

Also; Cryptic have released a video with what has occurred so far in our universe; if you havent completed any of the recent Featured Episodes please do not watch as it contains spoilers.

Previously; on Star Trek Online – Youtube Video

Also the video contains a Cryptic message “Stay Tuned for more info about the conclusion of the story featured here in this amazing spotlight of the most dramatic scenes from Star Trek Online”

We know another featured episode is coming in Season 9; and that there will be another featured episode after that. I shall some serious story line is headed our way; make sure you and your ship are ready for what I think will be a extremely good period for story missions.


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