Apr 282014

Vice Admirals Log Stardate: 67788.1

U.S.S. Queen Mary [NCC-170686-D] Captain: FVAdm. Ieon Winter


It saddens me to report the loss of the U.S.S. Queen Elizabeth wile on route to the 101st Fleet Starbase the Queen Elizabeth received a distress signal in the Briar Patch and despite orders no to enter the sector alone the captain responded to the call.

Soon after the Queen Elizabeth entered the Briar Patch she was attacked by the I.K.S ta’be’ ghaH of the 101st Imperial Fleet and sent out an emergency call for help U.S.S. Queen Mary was the only ship in rang and responded.

Upon arrival the Queen Elizabeth was in serious trouble her shields were failing and there was a warp core breach in progress. The ta’be’ ghaH quickly retreated after we traded a few blasts of phaser fire and we attempted an emergency beam out of the crew aboard the Queen Elizabeth.

Unfortunately we sustained damage to our sensors in the skirmish and only managed to rescue 30% of the crew when the core breached and the ship exploded.

We didn’t have much time for the shock of the loss to set in before we received a priority one message from Admiral Tuvok, Earth spacedock was under attack.

fall of ESD 4

We set course at headed for ESD at slipstream and when we dropped out of warp we immediately took a hit to our defector dish causing several eps conduits to rupture across the whole ship and with the damage we took in the Briar Patch to our sensors it was difficult to lock onto a single Undine ship but we soon found a group of enemy ships and proceeded to fire at will with a torpedo spread of Quantum’s we took out several ships before taking a massive hit to our hull causing a breach from deck 10 to deck 14 we lost main power and was forced to retreat.

Currently under tow by the U.S.S. Lancaster to the fleet shipyard for emergency repairs and a complete refit to be better equipped to handle the Undine I have taken command of the Galaxy X class U.S.S. Britannic.

USS Britannic at fleet shipyard.

101st Fleet C.S.O
Vice Admiral Ieon Winter
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