Apr 292014

Captain’s Log

Stardate 91925.03


It has been a long several months. The crew of the Askani and I have been bouncing across the quadrant, across the galaxy even. We have conducted numerous combat sorties in the Solonae Dyson Sphere to stop the Voth excursions. The Voth scientist Nelen Exil was forced to flee his people and has become our Chief Science Officer aboard the Askani. During the Terran invasion we were part of the regular rotation conducting Combat Space Patrols around the station. With the current threat posed by the combination of Borg, Undine, and Iconians, the crew was exhausted and morale was starting to suffer. Holodeck usage began to steadily climb and I’ve had to deal with far more discipline issues in the past few months, ranging from minor issues like personnel showing up late for duty shifts to actual fistfights breaking out in the mess hall. Clearly even a professional and reliable crew like this one is not immune to the stresses of wartime and I decided that we needed to let off some collective steam. Our next mission gave us the perfect opportunity, towing the damaged USS Daddario back to McKinley Station after she was forced to eject a malfunctioning warp core. We took a few days aboard the station to conduct minor repairs and grant some limited shore leave. Of course I had to take a few moments to appreciate the Askani’s sleek lines. I couldn’t imagine captaining a better ship.

I did catch wind of a fair amount of grumbling from the crew due to the limited nature of the shore leave that I granted, only offering a maximum of 4 days apiece. I let it slide as I already had determined the ship’s next mission and kept it under wraps from everyone except Cmd. Yalal and Lt. Toezza, my First Officer and senior helmsman respectively. I ordered all but our navigational sensors powered down, we were in highly secure area. The crew was understandably confused but they trusted me, which was rewarding. After two days of running almost blind, we put into orbit…

over Risa. After I announced our mission over the ship wide intercom, I swear I heard the cheers from Engineering all the way on the Bridge. We were putting in for two solid weeks of shore leave on the Alpha Quadrant’s #1 vacation destination. I ordered a skeleton crew be maintained, and department heads came up with a shore leave schedule that minimized personnel on-board. While I did ensure ship security was sufficiently covered (after all, how many times has something gone wrong when the majority of a starship’s crew is off the ship), most sections were not needed and we began aggressively relaxing, myself included.

I did discover I’m pretty good at an old Terran beach game “Ultimate Frisbee”. Poor Lt. Beetoer sprained her knee playing but overall the crew enjoyed it. Others took floater trips around islands, some practiced Mok’Bara with a group of Klingon officers, and still others indulged in private trysts, the vaunted liberal Risian libido taking it’s toll. Hopefully they’re not too tired to work once our time here is over. It’s been a relaxing, freeing experience. If the Askani were any other ship I’m not sure I’d want to go back.

Time to get back to relaxing.

Computer, end recording and save file

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