May 062014

Captain’s log, stardate 91945.53. After a month of being on shore leave, whole crew of U.S.S. Reisen is now back on ship, refreshed and ready. After conducting full ship system check, we took off from Earth Spacedock and into our first assingment – defending Dyson Sphere from the Undine.screenshot_2014-05-06-18-42-13Reisen ready for warp jump

Biggest change that has been made on Reisen is Sensor Analysis change, which was modified as an toggle passive instead of pure passive. Change is welcomed, though I yet have to see the effect of it; while old Sensor Analysis algorithm gave our weapons up to 33% damage boost, breaking a weapon lock would mean all that bonus damage is lost and we have to analyse target all over again. With new algorithm, that is no longer required; however, instead of damage boost, we now have the capability of reducing all heals on analysed target.

Second change is in traits. After carefully consider all options with senior staff, we tuned our systems to this:

Reisen trait configuration

Our power levels are currently 112/53/49/93, which means that Auxiliary systems provide 4.7% increase in shield and hull points, plus 16.1 point to all resistances, making that defense boost more favorable than simple 7.5% increase in hull hit points. Having high weapon and auxiliary power gives more offensive tools without really sacrificing defense. We also have also secured the means to keep high auxiliary in case our auxiliary systems are endangered. We’ll probably replace Omega Graviton Amplifier with something from the Undine Reputation if it becomes good enough.

As we arrived in space battlezone, I was… suprised with the amount of work Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Republic already did in order to contain Undine threat. Challenge was sufficient, yet simple enough – as we teamed with other ships, containing Undine and destroying Planet Killers was… enjoyable… task, despite its challenge. Voth assault which followed after destroying Planet Killers made me comment: “What will they do to us, tickle us to death?”. Commander Tuvamu burst out in laugher – can’t blame her, she’s a Klingon after all, and a damn good Chief Engineer who saved Reisen multiple times.

Reisen attacking Undine

After dealing with the Voth Assault, Admiral Tuvok invited us to help him with the Jenolan Conference. I probably don’t need to describe the chaos that started during the conference; other captains were probably there as well. All I say is – during the Battle at Qo’Nos, Reisen was for the first time challenged as numerous Undine ships attacked. As Reisen was on the brink of destruction, Commander Tuvamu pulled off a miracle and barely managed to keep it intact by drawing last ounce of power for shields to buy rest of the senior staff just enough time to activate Hazard Emitters and allow their Science and Tactical teams to do their job. And honestly, someone on Bortasqu’ should help Captain Koren chill out or she’ll suffer from heart attack!

Reisen flying through space Ulaan chillin'

Now, with that chaos behind us, we’re back onto our routine. Exploring the space, keeping peace, responding to distress calls… all usual. 101st Imperial Fleet is also quiet for some time… and that worries me. I wonder what will be with the war against us now that new accord has been signed. But, until then… I think I’ll do the unusual and rest a little in my ready room. No one visits me there anyway.

Ulaan out.

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