May 302014

I am please to announce to everyone in the 101st fleet, that beta testing has been completed on the Equator alliance website and we are ready to go LIVE so that all members of the alliance can join up. The Equator website will be going live on 1st June 2014 (American Time)


The equator alliance website is very similar to our own. It is a area all alliance members can come together and communicate, share resources, builds, stories and discuss all sort of things dealing with Star Trek Online. This resource will allow alliance members to communicate easier in relation to inter-fleet actions and activities. It also allows us to easier pool our resources and to organise Fleet Alliance based activities.

I encourage all 101st Fleet members to join up to the website and to start communicating with your fellow alliance members. The main website address is below.

We in the 101st Fleet Senior Command and Equator Alliance Council are excited for this new resource and eagerly look forward to you joining us to continue to work together as a team experiencing and having fun in star trek online.

Happy Warp Speed everyone, See you ingame 🙂

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