Jul 062014

Greetings fellow officers of the 101st,

This is the Featured Ship article for the month July of 2014, and this time we feature the talented U.S.S. Lancaster. Fleet Captain Carter and her crew keep themselves busy with a very sleek ship, forged for war and bred to bring pain to the enemy. A Fleet Avenger Class the Lancaster is equipped with many toys to wreck havoc on the enemy.

Captain Carter is a native of Earth; she was born in Europe, on Wiltshire, on the island of Britain. Her father was an officer of the Starfleet as well. She joined the academy at age 25. Let’s meet Captain Carter and her ship then:

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:Greetings Captain Carter, thank you for accepting us.

FCpt. Carter:The pleasure is all mine Vice Admiral. What you wish to know about my ship?

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:What you think is the strongpoint of the Lancaster?

FCpt. Carter:The strongpoint i think is the M.A.C.O. Space set and her turn rate at 9.

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:What you value most in your crew?

FCpt. Carter:What I value is the bridge stations

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:Taking into account the ship’s role; how hard (or not) it is for it to maintain operational integrity?

FCpt. Carter:Well the fleet avenger class battle cruiser is that the Hull and shield is low but the M.A.C.O. set, miracle worker and the bridge stations keeps the Hull and shields up and turn rate 9 helps too.

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:What is the hardest mission you had to put the Lancaster through?

FCpt. Carter:The hardest 2 missions the Lancaster has done is. A Gathering Darkness – A Federation Colony has been infected with the borg nanovirus can you rescue the data that will creat a cure. Assimilation – The Undine are one of the few races powerful enough to stand up to the borg. And Because the only star ship to help was the uss Lancaster. but she stand up to the borg and undine it was close the uss Lancaster had heavy damage she lost 100 crew out of 500 crew was in drydock for 6 weeks for repairs.

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:Thank you for your time Captain.

That was all the time we had for this month. I hope you enjoy the presentation Fleet Captain Bill has organized for you on the Fleet Ships section (here). Until next month, Live Long and Prosper.

Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command
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