Aug 042014

Hail 101st, this is Captain Bill with our Featured Ship for the month of August, the U.S.S. War-Dog! Built for battle and tough as tritanium nails, the War-Dog sees action all over the galaxy, fighting wherever 101st  Fleet Command calls her. Her captain, Captain Gunnerwolf, is as tough as his ship, and not a commander to mess around with unless you want to be sitting on your butt. Thankfully, I’m on his good side today.


Cpt. Bill: “Captain Gunnerwolf, thanks for joining me for this interview, and may I say congratulations on being featured for this month’s article.”

Cpt. Gunnerwolf: “Thank you Captain, I’m glad to be here.”

CB: “I guess we’ll just dive right in, shall we? What would you say is the War-Dog’s strongest point?”

CG: “I would have to say that the U.S.S. War-Dog’s most definitive strength is its power and ability to destroy enemies quickly and efficiently. It was redesigned from a Sovereign class to use state-of-the-art tetryon weapons, quantum mines and torpedoes, along with metreon gas, which is highly volatile but does immense damage to anything in it path.”

CB: “I’ve seen you use those gas canisters before to great affect, Captain. You must have mastered the Riker maneuver a long time ago. Moving on; what would you say you value most in your crew?”

CG: “I value most their ability to work together and follow my orders no matter what they are. They are a strong crew with the best training Starfleet can offer.”

CB: “Starfleet is extremely good at giving us the best, aren’t they? Now, given the ship’s role in our current war-time status, would you say it’s difficult to maintain operational integrity with everything that goes on?”

CG: “It can be very difficult to maintain my ship due to its design. Originally it was a Sovereign class but was was heavily damaged by the Borg and redesigned. Now an Imperial class starship, it’s a more compact design and more powerful. Although it lacks some defensive capabilities of the previous design, it can still take most enemies head on. My crew works very hard to maintain the ship and its systems.”

CB: “I definitely appreciate all the work you and your crew put in to your ship. I know my own crew works hard, but we all know their job is easier than others, being on a new ship. Speaking of difficult times, what is the hardest mission you’ve had to put the War-Dog and your crew through?”

CG: “The U.S.S. War-Dog has had many challenging missions. A recent battle against a crystalline entity would be one, but there have been many times in my ship’s past has such entities threatened to destroy my ship and crew. Thankfully on those occasions we were victorious. The ship and crew are ready for any challenge no matter how strong or destructive.”

CB: “Well I think I speak for all of us in the 101st when I say that we appreciate the hard work that you and your crew go through to help us defend the Federation.”

CG: “Thanks, Captain. I won’t pretend it’s easy, but we all enjoy the work we do, and it’s all for a great cause.”

CB: “Well, that’s all the time we have, I’m afraid. Thank you all for listening in on our little conversation. You all can find the U.S.S. War-Dog’s manifest page in the Fleet Engineering Archives. We’ll see you in the field, and until next month, happy warping!”


The U.S.S. War-Dog Equipment Manifest can be found here.

Captain Dennis William Anderson
U.S.S. Biliskner - NCC-101305-A
Fleet Administrative Office
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