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Members of the 101st Fleet, welcome to another anticipated edition of the 101st Fleet “State of the Fleet” for the month of August 2014, the 101st Fleets one stop shop for news and cool things happening within the 101st Fleet and Abroad :).

USS Queen Mary

This month, the “featured ship of the month” currently being displayed is Captain Gunnerwolf’s USS War Dog. While I havent had much interaction with this ship and captain, I hear many good things about this ship and its Captain. Congratulations to Captain Gunnerwolf on a very nice featured ship article. You can check it out here.

In breaking news, Captain Confuto has won the featured ship poll for the month of September. Captain Confuto was a clear winner with our voters. Congratulations Captain Confuto, one of our 101st Fleet administrative command personal will be in contact with you shortly for the article upcoming in September.

Also remember everyone, if you wish to have your ship placed down to be a contender to be voted for, please either message on our facebook page or message me in-game to have your ship nominated.

Our facebook page as usual has been pretty active with posts, screenshots, and articles from our fleet members. I enjoy reading each one and seeing what everyone is thinking or doing. Again, as usual if you wish to join our facebook page please send search for “101st Fleet” on facebook and request a invite.

Again as usual, Vice Admiral Ieon has done several videos from 101st Fleet productions, including another well done fleet alert video. Please check out the video below. Apparently Ieon is working on something big, so stay tuned to our facebook page 🙂

101st Fleet News

In 101st Fleet news, we are rapidly starting to approach tier 5 in Engineering at our starbase, We are currently at 210K/250K needed to unlock the Tier 5 upgrade for our engineering section. Tier 5 engineering will allow us to unlock and buy Fleet Elite space weaponary, as well as more advanced engineering style BUFFs and unlocks. Again, 101st Fleet Senior Command would like to ackowledge and thank everyone who has been donating hard to get us this far, without you we wouldn’t even be close to this mark.

Website Announcement

Thanks go to Vice Admiral Jim for this one folks. Thanks to everyone donations, and Vice Admiral Jim’s work, our domain (website address) has been renewed for another year until July 2015, this means we can continue to use this website. Big kudos to Jim for working hard on this and having this forum for us to all come together :).

Cryptic – Delta Rising (Second Expansion) Announcement.

On August 2nd 2014, Cryptic at the Star Trek Convention Las Vegas 2014 Officially announced the second expansion to Star Trek Online – Delta Rising.

This annoucement is big news for Star Trek Online, with this expansion taking place in the Delta Quadrant. One of the biggest news for this release is after many years, the Level Cap will now be raised to Level 60. We will also have Tier 6 ships, and have the ability to upgrade our pre-existing T5 ships to almost T6 capability.

For a bulletpoint of what is coming, please see below.

* Tier 6 ships: All 3 factions getting new ships. New class of starship to go along with the new class of boff.
New advancement system: “Beyond 50 level progression system”. Progression in the system even beyond level 60. Specialization skill trees to add further character customization.
* Tier 5 ships can still be played throughout level 50-60 content. Most existing tier 5 ships can be improved to gain some of the advantages of tier 6 ships. The devs specifically wanted to avoid making things obsolete. More details to come.
* Cardassians as either a playable species or as their own faction is “inevitable”, but nothing on the table for Delta Rising.
* The rank increase to Fleet Admiral will not allow us to control multiple starships. It’s still very much a “something Geko really wants in the game at some point” feature.
* Secondary deflectors: Still on the schedule. Had to be pushed back due to resources. They’re really close to being done.
* Lots of old ships need love: Nebula, D’Kyr, Garumba, Aquarius, etc. We’ll see some of those starting with Delta Rising.
* Being able to simultaneously run multiple R&D research projects in the same school was a straight-up bug. Al apologizes for the bug going out.
* At this point, it’s unlikely that any 3rd-party ships will go into the game once all the canon ships have been added.
* Increasing the level cap and adding new gear helps to fight power creep because the game is rebalanced for a max of level 60.
* Open-jacket versions of the Odyssey dress uniforms make sense at some point, as do more variants of the uniform in general.
* There are plans to implement more red alerts similar to the Borg red alert. Maybe in the next year, those can be started on.
* The devs do want to eventually bring back a true exploration-type feature to the game. They need to find a smarter way to bring infinite exploration that is interesting and entertaining. Not happening in Delta Rising, though.
* Some of the 50-60 content will be held off to be released later. They have plans in place through at least the next anniversary. With a good amount of repeatable content in place, they can bring us more story content now.
* Delta Rising will be on Tribble “sooner than you think”. The new code branch will hit Tribble this month, but probably no content. The expansion will be released to Tribble a little at a time.
* In wanting to improve old content, the devs do eventually want to revisit PvP. No time frame, but it will happen at some point.
* “Nothing you have will become obsolete. Ships, gear, nothing.” – CaptainGeko.
* If anyone has any good ideas for the Captain’s Table, let Geko know.
* There are more than 40 dev blogs coming our way about Delta Rising.

That is so far some of the bullet-points that is coming for Delta Rising, we dont have many offical Dev Blogs about the expansion yet, but what we have gotten so far is very interesting. Stay Tuned, Myself and several other 101st Fleet members, once Delta Rising hits tribble, will be checking it our for juicy details (we wont spoil anything, but we will give some juicy hints 🙂 ).

So far, we do have some small news regarding the Level 50 – Level 60 move and what may be a part of it, please check the below website address for details.

There is also some “LORE” on what has been going on in the Delta quadrant since Voyager left it, please check out the link below.

DELTA RISING – Tribble Server Testing

Some Delta Rising Content is now available on the tribble tester servers for testing. At this time it is only the Level 50 – Level 60 ranks, the base code and not much else, but rest assured i am sure things will be added over the next couple of weeks.

Please be advised however, that at this time tribble testing is limited to “Gold Players”. This means subscribers and Life Time Subscription holders are the only ones allowed on the tribble test server.

Upcoming Weekend Events

Remember, between September 5th – Setpember 9th, there will be having a “Bonus Mark” weekend where reputation and fleet marks will be bonus, where you can earn some more bonus marks.

Also between September 12th to September 16th, there will be a shuttle weekend where there will be Shuttle versions of “Fleet Alert” and no win scenario.

Equator Alliance News

The Equator alliance continues to go from strength to strength. There is no official update from the Equator Council for the month of August, since everyone is busy with the crafting system, however we expect to have some major news come September.

I would highly encourage everyone to sign up to this website and have a visit and a look around. There is a ship building forum where some of the veterans of the alliance have posted their own ship builds and what they have done with them.

Also, remember the alliance also has a ingame chat channel called “Equator” so if you are not part of that channel I highly encourage you to sign up and start chatting, as the channel is full of helpful alliance members. If you do wish to be part of the channel, please message me (Admiral Aaron) ingame and I will set it up for you.

The Alliance website address is

Next month’s “State of the Fleet” will be posted on September 20th 2014. At that date we should have loads more information based on what is upcoming in Delta Rising to have a jammed packed Blog. Also next month is the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSEY of the “State of the Fleet” address, so stayed tuned 🙂

I hope everyone has enjoyed this “State of the Fleet” for the month on August 2014. I wish everyone a wonderful day, happy warp speed and I will see you ingame 🙂

Fleet Admiral Aaron S. Lawford
101st Fleet

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