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Members, friends, associates of Quark Enterprises :), welcome to another anticipated edition of the 101st Fleet’s “State of the Fleet” for the month of September 2014, the 101st Fleet’s one stop shop for news and cool things happening within the 101st Fleet and abroad 🙂

Captains in action

State of the Fleet turns 1 Year Old

First off, I would like to announce that the “State of the Fleet” has reached ONE YEAR OLD 🙂 This time last year I started these “blogs” to update our fleet members on what has been going on with the fleet. Later came updates with what Cryptic were releasing or planning, then came updates from Equator Alliance. Its been a fun ride, and we have had Q appear once or twice to terrorise me while I am doing these “looks around for Q quickly”.

Without the many other fleet member who add stuff to this monthly post, I think we wouldnt have as good a monthly post that we do have. So to all of you out there that help me out with material to put into these blogs, I thank you 🙂

Rest assured, I really enjoy doing these monthly posts (as well as thinking about once or twice how to implement some role playing into them 🙂 ). So stay tuned ladies and gentleman, I think the next several months are going to be awersome for the 101st Fleet 🙂

Facebook Updates

Captain Confuto’s USS Reivera’s Featured Ship of the month article has been delayed, but rest assured that our hard working administration team are doing their best to get this article to you as soon as possible so you can see what makes Captain Confuto’s Excelsior Class ship tick 🙂

In the featured ship poll for the month October, we have had a tie between Commander Matthew’s USS Forward Unto Dawn, and Captain Saleen’s USS Exitium, both Soverign Class cruisers with experienced captains at the helm. Because of this we are having a “lighting poll”. These two ships will face off one on one for one week of facebook voting to determine a winner. The poll is now up on facebook so get voting 🙂

Also remember everyone, if you wish to have your ship placed down to be a contender to be voted for, please either message on our facebook page or message me in-game to have your ship nominated.

Our facebook page as usual has been pretty active with posts, screenshots, and articles from our fleet members. I enjoy reading each one and seeing what everyone is thinking or doing. Again, as usual if you wish to join our facebook page please send search for “101st Fleet” on facebook and request a invite.

We have no videos this month from Ieon Productions, but rest assured I have heard a new production is on the way, so stay tuned folks 🙂

101st Fleet Updates

New Fleet Admiral – Admiral Ieon

This month we have some very big news, On August 30th, 101st Senior Fleet Command voted to accept a new Fleet Admiral into our ranks, the first such promotion in over 18th months.

Vice Admiral Ieon has been promoted to full fleet Admiral. Admiral Ieons service to the 101st Fleet in the past 2 years has been excellent. Ieon is always eager to run missions with fleet mates and assist people in their levelling up. Ieon has also been very active on our facebook side and producing several high quality videos, frequently with several 101st Fleet members playing a part and being part of the community.

Admiral Ieon, has requested to make a statement regarding this honour and to the fleet, so please see below for Admiral Ieon’s comments 🙂

“I would like to thank the fleet for all the nice messages saying congratulations on my promotion. I will help make sure the fleet will grow and remain a friendly and fun fleet to be in and remember if anyone needs any help just send me a hail and i will see what i can do. Fleet Admiral Ieon U.S.S. Queen Mary NCC-170686-D”

Congratulations Admiral Ieon, we look forward to seeing what more you can do 🙂

Fleet Holdings Update

We are rapidly starting to approach tier 5 in Engineering at our starbase, We are currently at 225K/250K needed to unlock the Tier 5 upgrade for our engineering section. Tier 5 engineering will allow us to unlock and buy Fleet Elite space weaponary, as well as more advanced engineering style BUFFs and unlocks. Again, 101st Fleet Senior Command would like to ackowledge and thank everyone who has been donating hard to get us this far, without you we wouldn’t even be close to this mark.

As a result, we have temporary restricted the creation of new fleet projects to just the Starbase side. Fleet Command wishes for us to attempt to reach Tier 5 engineering or as close as we can before Delta Rising hits. This is to also help our fleet members stockpile resources and Delta Rising is going to shake up the game dynamic by a fair margin.

Also, please remember we do have a klingon fleet. The 101st Imperial Fleet is looking for honourable warriors to join their cause. Please speak to Vice Admiral Brian or Captain Bill about the details.

Cryptic – Game News – Delta Rising details

It has been a busy month for Cryptic, as they start putting more of Delta Rising onto tribble, the amount of dev blogs we have been getting is massive, please see below for just some of the dev blogs we have gotten and their associated details.

New Borg STF – Borg Disconnected

This borg STF is loads of fun. Myself and Admiral Will have been play testing this mission on tribble. Needless to say you are going to love this new mission which really encourages teamwork for you to succeed at your best potential.

Tier 6 Intel Ship Details

Tier 6 Intel Ships will not hit tribble at all, as they are being internally tested by Cryptic, but judging by the stats, it looks like it is going to be a interesting period 🙂

Intelligence Bridge Officers

Intelligence Bridge Officers have also hit tribble as well, while I haven’t gotten one to test, their new abilities look very interesting. It is going to be run to see what people are going to be able to do with them 🙂

Kobali Adventure Zone

I have tried this new adventure zone on tribble, I believe it is a mix between New Romulus and the Dyson sphere ground battlezone in the way it plays. However there is a story in this zone and you just might meet a famous starship captain here 🙂

Gear Update System

Only recently have hit tribble in the last week. The gear update system from MK XII to MK XIV is still in the early testing and tweaking phase. However so far what I have seen you guys will be presently surprised at how easy it is and informative too :).

Delta Alliance Reputation

With Delta Rising comes a new reputation system, which includes new ground and space gear for you and your ship. I haven’t tested any of these new sets, but so far what is coming up looks very interesting :).

Dauntless Class Releases – Delta Rising

The long awaited Dauntless class will be making its appearance in Star Trek Online come Delta Rising. This science ship is from Voyager’s season 4 episode. There are no stats for this ship currently, but needless to say she looks sweet 🙂

Delta Rising has been confirmed as releasing on Tuesday 14th October 2014. Needless to say of what I have seen on tribble, and the missions, you guys are in for a awersome treat 🙂 (and a few plot twists, but I am not going to give those away 🙂 ).

Equator Alliance News

The Equator alliance continues to go from strength to strength. There is no official update from the Equator Council for the month of August, since everyone is busy with the crafting system, however we expect to have some major news come September.

I would highly encourage everyone to sign up to this website and have a visit and a look around. There is a ship building forum where some of the veterans of the alliance have posted their own ship builds and what they have done with them.

Also, remember the alliance also has a ingame chat channel called “Equator” so if you are not part of that channel I highly encourage you to sign up and start chatting, as the channel is full of helpful alliance members. If you do wish to be part of the channel, please message me (Admiral Aaron) ingame and I will set it up for you.

Final Notices

Next Month’s “State of the Fleet” will be posted on Saturday October 18th, coming from you live aboard my ship USS Zuikaku in my ready room as we explore the delta quadrant (dont worry about my security chief, she has been told your coming, so hopefully that means less people stunned 🙂 )

I hope everyone has enjoyed this “State of the Fleet” for the month on September 2014. I wish everyone a wonderful day, happy warp speed and I will see you ingame 🙂

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