Oct 042014

Hail Captains of the 101st Fleet! So, many of you may be wondering why the our Ship of the Month was delayed until October (since Captain Confuto was supposed to be featured for September). The answer is that it took me that long to get clearance to access U.S.S. Riviera’s systems manifest (that’s right, it’s classified!), not to mention getting permission from the higher-ups to publish the information. Alas, I couldn’t get any records on Riviera’s activities in the past, as those are classified as well, and Captain Confuto himself politely declined comment when I asked him about his ship and its activities.
In spite of the difficulties in obtaining the information, though, U.S.S. Riviera’s systems manifest is now unclassified and published alongside our past Featured Ship system manifests. Click the link after the jump, and happy warping!

Riviera2 Riviera6 Riviera5 Riviera4 Riviera3

U.S.S. Riviera systems manifest

Captain Dennis William Anderson
U.S.S. Biliskner - NCC-101305-A
Fleet Administrative Office
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