Oct 252014

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Phoenix Askani

Stardate 92388.24


With mixed feelings weighing on my heart, this will be my last recording as captain of the Askani. It has been a busy few months since our extended shore-leave on Risa. We have mostly been doing security patrols against Borg, Tholian, and other aggressors who threaten our borders. We have been ordered to report to Earth in Sector 001 where she will become part of the Earth Defense Fleet, one of the new vessels tasked to replace ships destroyed when the Undine attacked Earth Space Dock. Their daring attack She her secondary mission will be as a training ship for the highest potential cadets at the academy, giving them hands-on experience with a modern, non-holographic starship. I wish they had something like that when I was a cadet rather than our training cruises on those old Miranda and Oberth class ships we were crammed into, 5 to a stateroom. I definitely don’t miss those days. As I’m sure none of us do, as fondly as we all may remember them.

The U.S.S. Phoenix Askani enroute to space dock at McKinley Station in orbit over Earth.

The up side to no longer being commander of the Askani is that Starfleet has to put my officers and I SOMEWHERE. In this case ‘somewhere’ happens to be the bridge of a heavily retrofitted strategic Vesta, the U.S.S. Righetti. She has numerous experimental systems. The upgraded weaponry she packs has significantly higher output potential than the already impressive weapons suite on the Askani. Lt. Sek, my Breen tactical officer, estimates no less than a 20% improvement to our offensive capabilities, while the alloy armor that strengthens our hull plating increases our defensive capabilities by no less than 15%. It should be fun to discover her true capabilities. Word from Starfleet Engineering Command is we should expect to receive more extensive upgrades in the coming months. I have ordered our department heads to begin training the crew on the techniques and procedures we’ll need to install and operate these future capability improvements. This ship is fitted with one of Starfleet R&D’s testbed ‘Red Matter’ devices. Supposedly it will allow us to periodically boost the ship’s power levels by a not insignificant amount. I know Lt. Cdr. Fyrsuk is practically salivating at the chance to work on this equipment. I admit I’m rather intrigued at the possibilities. The scientist in me is excited about the chances for discovery and exploration these new systems will allow.


Time to wrap this up, Cdr. Yalal tells me we’re approaching Earth orbit at this time so it’s time to get the final personnel and equipment transfers ready. With luck we will be able to break orbit with our new vessel within the week. Is it foolish of me to hope for a simple transfer? Given our history of things going ever so smoothly, probably.

U.S.S. Righetti launches out of space dock in orbit over Earth.


Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Righetti

Stardate 92392.12

Well this is my first official report as captain of the U.S.S. Righetti. I was both right and wrong about the difficulty in transferring all pertinent personnel and equipment off of the Askani. The Righetti did not have a Quantum Field Focus controller installed yet which resulted in a 2-day delay. Her quantum slipstream drive was missing pieces, which we gained authorization to remove from the Askani while new parts were fabricated. With her being part of the EDF, Askani likely won’t be using the SSD anytime soon anyways. I am taking half a day to get my new quarters arranged to my liking. While the quarters have a lot in common with my old quarters on the Askani, there are enough differences that it’s prompted me to try a new arrangement. The shakedown cruise for the Righetti has been going extremely well. The refit crew did an extremely competent job on this vessel, there was almost nothing my crew needed to finish. I’m proud to be her captain.  The layout of the engineering section is a bit more efficient than that on the Askani so Lt. Cdr Fyrsuk was able to shoehorn a dedicated engineering lab into the ‘excess’ space, increasing our capabilities by almost 33% for all engineering matters. We were able to shift our Fermion Transceiver back into the secondary hull where it was originally designed to be, and the resulting space allowed us to fit a secondary shield generator for a 20% boost to our shield grid capacity. I have no doubt that this modification will come in handy sooner rather than later. I don’t think there’s a captain in the fleet that’s ever complained about having too much shielding. I’ve recommended several members of my engineering crew for awards; they’ve earned them.


Stardate 92392.44

We have just received a Priority One communique from the Admiralty requesting we set course at best possible speed for the Tau Dewa Gateway. Starfleet and our Klingon and Romulan allies have sent a sizable expeditionary force into the Delta Quadrant via the Jenolan Dyson Sphere. I’ve ordered Cdr. Yalal to run extensive combat and damage control drills to prepare the crew for whatever we may encounter. I admit, growing up back on Trill I was fascinated with reading about the U.S.S. Voyager’s adventures/misadventures in the Delta Quadrant. All of the unique species, cultures, and phenomena that single ship encountered was the stuff of childhood dreams as growing up. The possibility of performing similar duties should the opportunity arise was a huge factor in my decision to join Starfleet. Once I joined with the Elea symbiont I gained the memories of the news reports on Voyager from the time, which helped to fill out my childhood with extra information. To say I’m looking forward to the opportunity to visit the places from my childhood stories would be quite the understatement.

U.S.S. Righetti arrives in the Jenolan Dyson Sphere via the Tau Dewa Gateway to join the Alliance Expeditionary Force.


Stardate 92405.21

Today we were assigned a new officer, Ensign R’rarj, a Caitian Intelligence officer who has substantial information and a fair amount of experience working with a variety of Delta Quadrant species. He has already proven himself to be a valuable asset on several away missions as a liaison with the Benthans and Talaxians. Hopefully he proves to be as valuable with some of the less… amicable species. We’ve been in the Delta Quadrant for about a week at this point and we have been extremely busy. Our first two days were attending briefings and updating our databases. After that we have been putting out brush fires while the bulk of the Alliance Fleet shores up the defenses around the Jenolan Sphere. We investigated a malfunctioning relay that was beaming distorted messages throughout the system. Unsurprisingly enough, that turned out to be a Hirogen trap. We have had enough experience with the Hirogen that we were able to defeat them but Ensign R’rarj was able to provide valuable insight that allowed us to disable the vessels rather than destroy them. Our away team was able to re-write the coding within the trap message subtlety enough that if the Hirogen detect it at all, I’m not sure they’ll be able to correct it. Trap disarmed.

U.S.S. Righetti investigates a malfunctioning subspace relay.


Stardate 92405.75

For the past several days Starfleet has been receiving rumors of a mysterious enemy  striking at a variety of potential allies and then melting away into subspace. The U.S.S. Quasar, an older Nova class ship, disappeared during the course of a routine diplomatic mission to New Talax. The Talaxians reported that the crew of the Quasar had met with them and departed on schedule but they never made their rendezvous at the Jenolan Sphere. Subsequent investigations revealed the shattered hulk of the Quasar, lost with all hands. She seemed to have sustained significant damage from weapons with heavy tricobalt and polaron signatures. I’ve instructed Lt. Cdr Beetoer to work with who she needed to in order to develop countermeasures the the known properties of those weapon types.


Stardate 92405.90

Well Lt. Cdr Beetoer did not have much time to work the problem. We responded to a distress call over the Turei homeworld and were engaged by a hostile fleet of unknown ships. For such small vessels they packed a massive punch and were so maneuverable Lt. Sek had trouble maintaining weapons locks during the fight. The additional capabilities of the Righetti were on full display during this fight. Several of our systems suffered damage but we were able to persevere and defeated the enemy ships. We managed to destroy several vessels but many more escaped into what appeared to be subspace tunnels. The Turei called it ‘underspace’ and the computer eventually matched the signatures with historical sensor scans from Voyager’s encounter with the Turei. While we were conducting this analysis and finishing repairs, Ensign R’rarj was able to decrypt intercepted transmissions between the enemy ships. It would seem the attackers were the Vaadwaur. Starfleet has recalled us for a full debriefing. We’re not sure how the Vaadwaur managed to go from nearly extinct with 900 year-old techonology to this massive threat equipped with ships equal to the best in Starfleet in a mere 30 years. This is highly disturbing. I have a feeling this is far from our last encounter with the Vaadwaur.

U.S.S. Righetti engages Vaadwaur ships

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