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Friends, Fleetmates and starship captains. Welcome to the final edition of the 101st Fleets “State of the Fleet” for the year of 2014, Its been a wild ride this year for Star Trek Online and the 101st Fleet. So, without further ado, lets get into it :).

101st Fleet 2

“Shivers” Admiral Aaron: “Uhhh, should have brought a warmer coat
Q: Smirking – “Welcome back Captain, or should it be Fleet Admiral, your mortals have the weird way of addressing one another.
Admiral Aaron: “Q!, what are you doing…., never mind, stupid question. How may I help you
Q: “Me doing here? this is my magical and fun filled winter wonderland Admiral. As To how you can help me, you have it wrong. I am here with my infinte powers to help you” Smiling.
Admiral Aaron: “Help me? Im almost afraid to ask, considering the last time what happened when you did a Starfleet Officer, a favour
Q: “But Picard loved his gift!, Anyway, Im here to be your co-host”
Admiral Aaron: “CO-HOST!” sighs “OK, welcome aboard, just please dont do anything to crazy Q“.


There has been multiple happenings on the 101st Fleet Facebook page, with many posters posting screenshots, stories, videos and general happens. I would like to remind everyone that the “Featured Ship on the month” Articles and polls are delayed indefintely until we can find a replacement for Captain Bill to do the articles.

Q: ” Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhhh, I could do that, watch this admiral” Q goes to snap his fingers.
Admiral Aaron: “Q!, dont you dare“.
Q: “Why not Admiral” Smirking.
Admiral Aaron, placing hands on hips: “The last time you tried to help us, you turned our shipyard into a carnivorous being who tried to eat several of our ships!”
Q: “But Admiral, I was just giving you and your little fleet a chance to meet a new lifeform, especially considering your going to…. Nope, I have said too muchh”
Admiral Aaron “sigh”

If you are interested, please contact one of the Admirals ingame or notfy us on facebook that you would like to try your hand at writing articles for our Fleet’s website.

Again, as usual if you wish to join our facebook page please send search for “101st Fleet” on facebook and request a invite.

Captain Confuto – Promotion to 101st Fleet Command

Earlier this month, Senior Fleet Command went into discussions who would fill Fleet Admiral Ieon’s vacant Vice Admiral Position within the fleet. After some discussion, we decided upon promoting Captain Confuto to the position of Vice Admiral.

Captain Confuto has been a long time member of the 101st fleet, and is always willing to help out and assist the 101st Fleet in anyway he can. He has of late been helping out Fleet Admiral Ieon with duties in the security division of the 101st Fleet.

So, Senior Fleet Command would like to welcome Vice Admiral Confuto to the Fleet Command Board, with all the rights, responsibilities and privileges that come with the position. Congratulations.

Q: “Ahhh. Confuto huh, havent had the pleasure to meet this specimen of humanity, maybe I should pay him a visit”
Admiral Aaron “I have a funny feeling no matter what I say Q, your going to pay him a vist anyway, right?”
Q: “Ahhh Admiral. our multiple meetings have given you a insight to who I am, im touched to see you know me so well” Q Goes to Hug the Admiral.
Admiral Aaron “Q!, how about instead of hugging me, you can do the next section of the show
Q: “My pleasure Admiral, however, lets do a change of venue for this next section” Q snips his fingers, blinding light follows.

101st Imperial Fleet – Looking for new honourable warriors

Scene Changes to a Klingon Ship, with many Orion dancing girls and burping Klingons.

Admiral Aaron: “Q, why did you decide upon this place?”
Q: “Admiral, one thing you need to do is create atmosphere, alot of your posts are so boring and darb, I think you have been taking lessons from Captain Picard“.

Q: Honourable Klingon Warriors, Feel like adventure, feel like earning your place amongest the legends of the Klingon Empire, then join the 101st Imperial Fleet.

They have many great Captains willing to teach you the arts, Contact the Honourable Borok (Admiral Ieon) or Brian (Vice Admiral Brian) In-game to organise a invitation.

Free Orion Slave girls to the first 20 joiners, this is a limited time offer.

Admiral Aaron: ‘Q!, we dont offer free slave girls to anyway, we allow people to join us base on who we are, not what “perks” we can give them

Klingons notice Admiral Aaron and Q.

Klingons “DIvI’ Ha’DIbaH!” Klingons start grabbing weapons.
Admiral Aaron” Q!, what have you done”.
Q: “Whoops, I think I transported us through time as well, I think we are back at a period when you were still at war“.

Klingons start approaching “DIvI’ petq ghob maHvaD”

Admiral Aaron: “Q!, get us out of here”
Q: “You’re no fun admiral” Q Snaps his fingers.

Winter Wonderland

Admiral Aaron: “OK, im taking control again Q
Q, continues to smirk.

Ieon Produtcions

There has been one new video from Ieon Productions. This is a great video and as usually are up the the Admiral Ieons quality work 🙂 you can check them out below.

Clash of the Fleet Ships – 8

101st Fleet

The 101st Fleet has reached Tier 5 in engineering on the Fleet Starbase, and the Tier 5 engineering upgrade has completed. This has now allow and granted the fleet to Elite based fleet weaponary, and extra engineering provisions and perks.

Again, thanks go to everyone who contributes to the starbase, I know it helps yourself out, but seeing this fleet always come together to help one another out is great to see. Senior Fleet Command appreciates your efforts 🙂 Thank you.

We are now moving onto Science, which at last check was 183K/250K required for us to unlock the Tier 5 science upgrade project. Remember we keep multiple projects active and running to give everyone the best opportunity to get fleet credits.

Admiral Aaron looks angrily at Q, pointing a finger: “And You!, dont even thing of it
Q, feigns innocence “Me Admiral, I wasnt doing anything
Admiral Aaron: “I know you Q, you were about to turn our starbase into a casino, with “Fleet Credits” as the jackpot
Q: “I wasnt thinking of doing anything like that Admiral” Q Smirks.
Admiral Aaron: “I dont know if i should be relived or worried Q, the next section is yours

Cryptic Game News

Q's Winter wonderland

Q: Mortals, and 101st Fleet Captains. Cryptic have again done me the supreme honour of allowing you to come to my Winter wonderland. Come marvel at the borgified snowman, and earn winter items to turn in for new winter costumes, weapons, and have cool fun things.

One of the rewards is after running 25 “Fastest Game on ice” you can earn a Breen Sarr Theln Carrier, a Tier 6 ship. All the other events from previous years have stuck around as well. Including rescuing gingerbread man from a vicious snowman attack in their village.

Q: “Hmmm, Gingerbread snowman being the victims, maybe bext year I should change things up and make them the attackers“.

R&D Box Promotion – TIER 6 Elachi Shesdar Dreadnought.

Tier 6 Elachi Shesdar

From Now, until January 5th 2015, there is a special R&D Promotion box event happening. Opening one of these boxes gives you 10 lobi crystals. You also have the chance to earn either R&D materials, or a small chances to earn a Tier 6 Elachi Shesdar Dreadnought.These boxes are 275 Zen for one, or 1000 zen for a pack of 4.

Upcoming Duty Officer Weekend

Duty Officers

There is a upcoming duty officer Weekend, Between Friday 9th Janaury 2015, to Monday 12th January 2015, any DOFF missions will reward 50% extra for competing.

Q: “Admiral, I hand the floor over to you
Admiral Aaron: “Thank you Q, that was very polite of you…. whats wrong with you“.
Q: “Nothing Admiral, nothing at all

Equator Alliance News

Theres some BIG NEWS happening for the Equator Alliance, however, I am unable to tell you let as it has been classified Level 11 clearence and above only. Needless to say, it is a extremely good thing, and I think you guys will enjoy seeing what we have in store :).

Remember you can visit the Equator Alliance website here.

You can also join the ingame Equator Alliance chat channel. Search for “Equator” and send a join request.

Final Notes

Next Months “State of the Fleet” will be posted in January 2015 as normal. I haven’t quite figured out a structure for nexr years posts, and are looking at several different posting time options.

On behalf of 101st Fleet Senior Fleet Command, I would like to thank every single one of you. You have made this year one of the best in 101st Fleets History, competing several long term goals within the fleet reaching Tier 5 shipyard and Tier 5 Starbase and engineering has been a massive achivement.

We, at 101st Senior Fleet Command would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. We hope for all of you to return safety and looking forward to what the year 2015 will bring us.

Q: “A wonderful show admiral, tear jerking, filled with many great federation values, and still very boring, I am sure you have been taking lessons from Picard“.
Admiral Aaron: “Thank You Q, now it is time to deal with you, and what you have done to us in the past 12 months, considering it a “Thank you” from all of us here at 101st Fleet
Admiral Aaron taps his combadge “Lawford to Commander Joros
Commander Joros “Joros here Admiral
Aaron Aaron: “Initiate Pattern Zulu Nine
Commander Joros “Yes Sir

Several 101st Fleet Members beam into snowfield near Q.

Q: “Admiral, what are you up to?
Admiral Aaron: “Quite simple Q, all of us are going to pelt you with snowballs“.
Q: “It wont work Admiral, One snap of my fingers and you will all be throwing those snowballs at one another“.
Q snaps his fingers, Noting happens.
Q: “Wait, What!“.
Admiral Aaron: “I asked the Continium for a favour, to allow US to teach you a lesson in humanity so you can better understand us
Panicked look crosses Q’s face.
Admiral Aaron balls up snowball into his hand “101st Fleet, fire at will“.

Q starts running away into the distance, numerous 101st Fleet captains follow

This is Admiral Aaron, Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, a happy new year, and I will see you all in 2015.

Numerous screams from Q echo across the valley.

Admiral Aaron: “Hey Ieon, save me a chance to hit him”>

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