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I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.


USS Zuikaku – New Romulus Orbit – Stardate 92343.42

Commander Utoeze Joros sat in the captain’s chair on the bridge of the Zuikaku. Around her, the gamma shift went about their jobs, manning their stations, checking systems, and generally passing the time of what was generally the quietest shift on the ship. Sure, it was quiet, but after the mission the crew of the Zuikaku had been a part of, Joros was grateful for the peace and quiet. She returned her attention to the pad in front of her; it was a general update on the repairs to the ship.

After the last mission, Zuikaku had nearly been destroyed, in a mission that originally had been to find a missing Romulan republic warbird, had quickly escalated into a fight for survival for the crew and ship. Being transported to the mirror universe, the crew had discovered an aggressive Reman force bent on conquering the primary universe’s New Romulus. Managing to fight their way through, the crew had no choice but to use solaron torpedo technology to destroy the invasion forces staging area by causing a class 12 supernova by destroying the system’s primary star. Using the supernova as an escape and ability to get back home, the trip had wreaked havoc with the ship.

Barely making it back to the normal universe, Zuikaku was barely operating, with multiple hull breaches; and systems destroyed or extensively damaged. It was indeed lucky the Romulan Republic flagship IRW Lleist had been dispatched to find out what had occurred. With the Lleist towing them back to New Romulus, the extensive repairs had commenced. Now almost 2 solid weeks later, Zuikaku was almost ready to head out again. There were two reasons the crew had managed to survive and get back home, and one of them was sitting to Joros left.

As Joros turned to watch Lt Commander Aisha work on the science systems, she couldn’t help my feel an immense amount of pride and what the Commander had managed to do. Because of her, and Lieutenant Sasik, they had managed to save the ship and crew. It was them who had suggested using the technology, and the torpedo gained from information from the mirror universe’s starbase, to create a wormhole back home.

It was interesting however, Commander Joros thought. Here the crew was, working on skeleton crew while the majority of the crew rested after a hard two weeks, and the Aisha was still deep in her science station. Looking over science scans, detailing information, and generally oblivious to everything around her.

I am sure if I went over there and touch her on the shoulder, she would jump ten feet. Joros thought with a smile. I have been hanging around with Lunhul too much.

She turned her attention around to the other crew members on the bridge. She heard Lt Commander Tarah tapping her tactical console behind her
No doubt optimising her phaser systems again so she could sign her name on an enemy ship’s hull with our phasers, thought Joros.

She also heard a good debate between ensigns Ferruso and Torina. Debating the merits of certain strategies and units between their respect board games. Normally on a starship, even on gamma shift, such a discussion while being on duty would be frowned upon by many captains. However, the admiral in charge and command of the Zuikaku, Admiral Aaron Lawford; was different. He was still a professional, and expected some professionalism from his crew, however he was also, as many captains of the fleet would comment, and a more relaxed individual. Admiral Lawford believed in allowing the crew, where appropriate, to still be on duty, but not constantly have to think they could not be themselves, or the individual’s they are.

The Admiral believed that this promoted better teamwork, and a closer tied crew. Joros had to admit when she first joined the crew, it had been a weird atmosphere to get used to, but she had found that a lot of the crew performed at their best with the system.

He is definitely a unique individual. Thought Joros.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the turbolift opening, and a tired, haggled, Lt Commander Elbra Tinordle stepping out onto the bridge. Her uniform was smudged, creased and genuinely not in a good state. Her long black hair looked frayed, and she had large black rings under her eyes.

However, despite all of this, Lunhul’s face still bore a slight smile and a happiness one would genuinely not expect from someone who had just looked like they just went ten rounds with a Klingon.

“So, where are we at Commander?” asked Joros, “Everything good down there in Main Engineering”.
“Yes, Mam” replied Tinordle “Just a couple more minor fixes and repairs, and the young girl should be as good as new”.
Joros nodded, then looked over the commander; her friend. “Elbra, you honestly look like you need some rest and relaxation, why don’t you take the next few days off?”

A simple shake of the head followed “No, there is still too much to do before I can relax” replied Lunhul. “Anyway, you should speak for yourself Utoeze, I think you need some rest too”.

Utoeze had to smile at the comment, and she got another one in return from Elbra. While both of them were more than professional, and kept their commander structure intact, there were times were the both of them would drop rank, and simply tell each other what they believed.

They could easily communicate between both of their minds, being both Betazoid’s. However, it was simply easier to talk verbally, as neither was very good at reading minds; or feelings, and it took a lot of effort for either of them to communicate via that method.

“All the Romulan republic engineers gone?” Asked Joros.

“Yes, Mam” replied Elbra. “They left the ship earlier this morning”. Elbra shook her head with a smile “If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t even be close with the repairs, least alone basically completing them”.

“Comes from working, what? Triple shifts for 10 days?” replied Joros.

They were interrupted by another door opening, Admiral Lawford walking out of his ready room, PADD in hand.
“Admiral on…” Torina began to say, standing quickly and coming to attention, before she was cut off my a wave of the hand from Admiral Lawford
“At ease everyone” said the smiling Admiral. He then turned to the ensign, who was still at attention, standing straight. “Ensign, how many times do I need to tell you, unless we are doing official business, you don’t need to announce my presence on deck every single time right”.

“Sorry, Sir” replied Torina, before resuming her seat at one of the conn stations “old habits and all, sir”

“Understandable ensign” responded Admiral Lawford.

Joros watched the exchange with amusement, she was sure the admiral sometimes liked surprising or confusing ensigns under his command, to keep them on their feet.

I am sure he gets some satisfaction out of the fact of making people jump. Thought Joros.

She watched the Admiral start to make his way to the captain’s chair. At just over six foot tall, with dark brown towards black hair, blue eyes and a standard sort of build. The Admiral was a general template for a lot of ship captains. Of course his general look threw a lot of people off, as Joros had very quickly found out that the Admiral’s soul, and helpful nature, was one of his strongest assets, and stunned lots of people meeting him for the first time.

Like myself. Thought Joros, thinking of her first encountered with him. However, her thoughts were quickly disrupted by the Admiral clearing his throat.

“Commander” asked Admiral Lawford “You going to allow me to seat in my chair? Or are you planning to take over from me?” asking with a smile.

Joros quickly compromised herself. “Always willing to keep it warm for you, sir” responded Joros with a smile.

She then vacated her seat, taking the first officer’s chair to the Admiral’s right. She watched as the Admiral sat down, quickly shift his legs and, as best she could describe, sink into the chair like it was a comfortable bed.

The Admiral then handed her the PADD he had been carrying “Thank you Commander” said Aaron. “That was a very interesting novel, a Betazoid detective solving a mystery on a planet where he cannot read a single mind, I quite enjoyed it”.

Joros took the PADD with a smile “I thought you would”.

While all of this was going on, Commander Tinordle had been patiently waiting, and watching the interaction, certain she knew what was coming next. Admiral Aaron turned, saw Commander Tinordle standing there, and placed a single hand on his right hip.

“Commander, you look terrible” said Aaron. “You really need to get some rest and relaxation that goes for the majority of your team as well”.

“I’m fine, sir” lied Tinordle. “There’s still too much to do in main engineering, the young girl isn’t still quite herself yet”.

Joros watched as the Admiral’s demeanour shifted, from relaxed Admiral to a more sterner individual.

“Commander” began Lawford “That’s all well and good, however, you and your team have been working ten days straight, with triple shifts, and not much rest or food” The admiral took a breath before continuing. “Zuikaku can wait, the junior members of your staff can take over the last of the repairs while you get some rest and recuperation”

“But, sir…” interrupted Tinordle.

“Not buts, Commander” replied Aaron “It will do us no good if we get called into action and your team is fighting exhaustion, while trying to keep us running in an emergency situation”.
The Admiral then rose from his chair, his calm demeanour returning again. “Commander, Zuikaku isn’t going anyway for several days, even after repairs are finished, it’s not only the ship I am responsible for, but also her crew, go get some rest”

Joros watched as her friend, Elbra, take a deep breath, and seem to collect her thoughts before responding.
“Yes, sir” replied Elbra “Thank you sir, I make sure Engineering is all set”.
Admiral Aaron watched as Commander Tinordle walked back to the turbolift, and allowed its doors to close behind her.
“I swear sometimes the Commander works herself to the point of complete exhaustion” said Admiral Aaron.

“She’s learned from the best, sir” Replied Joros, before smirking “I seem to remember several times Doctor Trel almost removing you from command to get some rest too”.

“True Commander” Replied Admiral Lawford “It’s a good trait to have in a Chief Engineer, always willing to go beyond one’s limits” The Admiral then paused for a second “I just hope Commander Tinordle realises when that limit is reached”.

“You don’t have to worry, Sir” Replied Joros “Elbra knows when to call it quits, even though sometimes she needs to be reminded”.

Admiral Aaron turned to stare at his first officer. Commander Utoeze had come a long way from when she first joined the crew. Battling a massive injustice she had suffered, her self-confidence shattered. However in that time between when the Admiral had first meet her, and now, she had grown into a very capable first officer.

The Admiral’s thoughts were quickly disrupted by the discussion Ensigns Ferruso and Torina were having. The ensigns, again engrossed in their discussion regarding tactics in a board game, oblivious to anyone around them.

“No, No, No” Said Ensign Ferruso “If you move your units there, it suffers flanking attacks”
“No, you’re wrong” Replied Ensign Torina “If you move the unit there, it can withstand the initial flank attack, and counter attack on the next move”.
“That’s if a second unit doesn’t attack it after the first discovers it” Stated Ferruso.
“You can’t always be scared of a second unit attack Shiel, you need to sometimes be bold and aggressive” Stated Ensign Torina
“Manny, you can’t be aggressive all the time” Replied Shiel “Sometimes a good offensive requires a good defence”

“I hope I am not interrupting anything, ensigns” Injected Admiral Aaron.
Both ensigns seemed to jump five feet from their respective conn chairs. Before turning to face the admiral.

“Uhh, sorry sir” Nervously replied Ensign Torina. “It won’t happen again, sir”.

“Good” replied Admiral Aaron “And in answer to your discussion, you can be both defensive and offensive at the same time. Move multiple units forward across the battleline. If one suffers a flanking attack, a secondly unit can flank the flanker, or cover the retreat, or cover an unexpected appearance of addition units”.

Both ensigns stared at the Admiral, not expecting a response to their discussion. Or the Admiral seemly having good knowledge of the board game they were discussing.
“Uhhh, Thank you sir” Replied Ensign Ferruso.

Both ensigns then proceed to turn back to their consoles, their discussion on game mechanics brought to an unexpected close by an individual or result they were not expecting.

A slight chuckle emerged from the bridge crew. Humour at the unexpected conversation spreading through the crew for an instant.

Commander Joros was grateful for the unexpected interruption, as it not only forced the crew to not get too complacent in their duties. But also allowing them to still be themselves on duty once in a while.

Commander Joros moved to her left in her chair, whispering to the Admiral. “Your enjoyed that didn’t you sir” Stated Joros.
The Admiral took a quick second to response, still seated in his chair “One thing you need to realise when you get your own command Joros” Whispered the Admiral “Always keep your crew on their toes occasionally”

Commander Joros saw the admiral direct a quick smirk in her direction, and received one in return.

“So, any orders from Command sir?” Asked Joros

“None Commander” Replied the Admiral “Looks like we will be getting some quiet time after all”.

Commander Joros nodded. For the longest time, Zuikaku had been on constant duty and combat ops. A chance to rest, or even take it easy for a short time would be welcomed.

“Looks like it going to be a quiet night sir” Stated Joros, staring out the view screen at New Romulus.

“Indeed Commander” replied the Admiral “Looks like we won’t be getting any excitement for some time.”

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