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I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.


Commander Tal’oa felt the familiar tingle of the transporter leave his body. As expected, he and his entire squad has been deposited right where they wanted.

No alarms, no security patrols, perfect. Thought Commander Tal’oa to himself.

The commander took a moment to stare behind him. His entire strike force was double checking equipment, making sure their weapons were ready, and peering around corners to keep an eye for any unexpected crewman.

“OK” Whispered Tal’oa “Team two, get to the engineering core secondary interface. You know what to do”.

The commander saw half a dozen heads nod, including the team’s commander’s bald Bolian head, recognisable even in his commando gear. He watched them head behind him to the end of the corridor, take a quick glance left and right, before darting of into the left passage and out of his sight.

The only reason I know he is Bolian is because I saw him before we put that mask on. Thought Tal’oa. Let’s hope our enemy doesn’t recognise him with his gear on.

Commander Tal’oa quickly turned to his own group. Motioning his two strike team members in Starfleet uniforms to the fore, he jerked his head to his right. As he watched his team members get ahead of his, he counted to five before the rest of his strike team, in their black uniforms, followed behind.

For about two minutes, things were quiet. They hadn’t encountered a single crew member, and were rapidly approaching their target location. However, as they approached another T-junction in the corridor, he saw his two Starfleet uniformed members waiting.

“What’s the hold-up” Whispered Tal’oa, but putting as much demand into his voice as possible.

“There’s two Starfleet security personal in the corridor just around from us”. Replied one of the males in uniform
Commander Tal’oa quickly cursed under his breathe. This had been considered, even planned for. However, they were so close to their objective.

Commander Tal’oa quickly doubled tapped his combadge. He waited a few anxious seconds before he heard a double chirp emerge from his combadge. Waiting five more seconds, he quickly triple tapped his combadge.
He received a single chirp in reply.

“Distract them while we move into position” Replied Tal’oa, his voice still a whisper. He then turned to this strike team “Weapons out, set to heavy stun”.

Tal’oa heard the familiar soft sound of weapon settings being changed. With a jerk of his head, he motioned for his Starfleet uniformed strike team to turn the corridor.

Ensign Palmer Trevor Wilfinger was bored, impossibly bored. Here he was, on deck seventeen, guarding one of the entry ways to the engineering core, and the only person he had for company, was a Vulcan.

The ensign didn’t kid himself. Lieutenant T’Pong was a capable security officer. She had more experience than he had in being actually alive. But when trying to keep the boredom at bay over an hours long guard shift, a Vulcan was one of the least likely species he would have chosen to engage in small talk with.

“Mam, aren’t you at least a tiny bit curious?” Asked Palmer.
“No ensign” replied the stoic T’Pong.
“That’s it?” replied Palmer “No ensign, mam”.

Palmer took a moment to marshal his thoughts “The Nexus, apparently a place where you get to live in complete happiness, and do whatever you want, and you aren’t curious in the slightless?” Asked Ensign Palmer.

“Apart from the scientific structure of the anomaly itself, I have no interest as to wherever or not it can fulfil a humanoids” T’Pong took a moment to compose herself “Greatest desires, ensign”, Oblivious in some discomfort over expressing the last bit of her sentence.

Ensign Palmer thought about responding, but two crew members turning the corner, oblivious headed to the engineering core, put an end to whatever he was going to say next to his colleague.

“Evening” Stated Palmer “Something we can help you out with sirs”

Ensign Palmer watched as one of the male lieutenants, someone he couldn’t recall seeing before, but having a very nice haircut, respond.

“Were on our way to the engineering core” Stated the Lieutenant. “Commander Tindorle asked us to check to ensure all the repairs are working to Starfleet specifications”.

“Do you have a work order, Lieutenant?” Requested T’Pong.

“No” replied the other Lieutenant, with a bald head. Privately Ensign Palmer wished he would never go bald that early in life. “Commander Tinordle was really busy” continued the bald lieutenant. “She didn’t have time to complete a work order, but wanted us to complete this job quickly, so she requested the two of us go”

Ensign Palmer watched the bald lieutenant pat his work carry case obliviously filled with tools. The ensign knew the commander had been under a fair amount of stress and extremely busy repairing the ship, so his explanation sounded plausible.

“Sorry Lieutenants” Responded T’Pong. “Starfleet regulations in regards to engineering cores….”

“We know the regulations” replied the bald lieutenant. Ensign Palmer could detect some frustration in his voice.

“Sorry Sirs, but the Lieutenant is right” Relied Palmer. “It shouldn’t be too difficult, five minutes, and you will have your work order, and then we can let you pass”.

The ensign watched the bald lieutenant get more frustrated when his colleague placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Their right” replied the Lieutenant with the good haircut to the bald lieutenant.

Ensign Palmer then watched the lieutenant turn “We’ll get you that work order”.

In a flash, the Lieutenant struck out at T’Pong, catching her by surprise and slamming her into the bulkhead with a vicious left high kick, before following up with a right hook across the lieutenant’s jaw, forcing her to drop her phaser rifle to the ground.

Ensign Palmer barely had time to react before the bald lieutenant slammed his work case into his stomach, forcing the air out of his lungs and leaving him gasping for breath. As the ensign doubled over, clutching his stomach with his phaser rifle still in hand, he watched with interest as the work case, seemingly in slow motion, be swung by the bald lieutenant in a hundred eighty degree arc up into his chin.

The ensign had a fleeting sensenation of flying before slamming down hard onto the deck plating.

As his vision blurred, the ensign had a full view of watching his comrade being dropped to the deck by a phaser blast from further down the corridor. It was oblivious to the ensign about two things.

One, his comrade wouldn’t be of any further use. T’Pong was quite unconscious the second she hit the deck.
The other, was that the ensign couldn’t hear his comrade hit the deck.

Guess me hitting the deck messed up my hearing, thought the ensign.

The ensign then watched, as the two lieutenants in uniform, meet up with four other individuals, all dressed in black. He watched two of the black uniformed individuals, with the two lieutenants, run down the corridor towards the engineering core.

Ensign Palmer watched as one of the black commando’s, stared him straight in the eye, then take his phaser out and pass it to another commando, obliviously a woman. The ensign, even with his hearing shot and his vision blurry, notice the phaser settings.

He’s set it to Kill, thought the ensign.

The ensign watched, helpless, as the black commando jerk his head at the female commando and then to him, before proceeding with another black commando in the same direction as the rest of the group.

The ensign watched, as the female commando, slowly raise her phaser, and point it straight at him, finger posed over the firing button.

I’m going to die, though Ensign Palmer.

The ensign watched as the female commando seem to stare him deep into the eye, deep blue eyes that seem to soften, before lowering her phaser.
If the ensign could of he would have blown a deep breathe of relief.

However, he watched as the female commando raise her foot quickly before sending it straight down onto his head.

The ensign’s last thought, before he passed into unconscious. At least I won’t be bored now.


“Sir!” Exclaimed Commander Tarah.

“What is it Commander?” asked Admiral Aaron, obliviously there was urgency in the Commander’s voice, which didn’t bode well.

“I have sensor readings of phaser fire on deck seventeen” Commander Tarah replied, before continuing “Section twenty one alpha”.

“Whose is down in that section?” Asked Commander Joros, rising from her seat.

“Lieutenant T’Pong and Ensign Palmer, mam” replied Ensign Valentino from the security bridge console. Her soft voice in stark contrast to Commander Tarah’s sharp voice “They’re on security detail”.

“Bridge to Lieutenant T’Pong” said Admiral Aaron. Waiting a few seconds, the Admiral spoke again “Ensign Palmer please respond”.

Silence replied to his statements.

“Sir” Replied Tarah “I have sensor readings of at least seven individuals at our security teams last known location”.

The Admiral watched as the Commander tap several buttons on her console, before snapping her head up to face the admiral “And they don’t match any of our crew sensor characteristics”.

“Intruder alert” bellowed Admiral Aaron “Security teams to deck seventeen”.

As the intruder alert klaxon blared across the bridge’s loud speakers, and the lighting on the bridge dimmed, the Admiral’s and Commander’s voice overlapped one another

“Send an extra detail to Main engineering” Said Commander Joros to Ensign Valentino “make sure they are locked down”

“Yes, Mam” Replied Ensign Valentino, rushing to tap several buttons on her console.

“All Starfleet personal on deck seventeen, report to your emergency muster points, report any suspicious personal at once if slighted”. Said Admiral Aaron.

“Lock down deck seventeen, I want no one in or out apart from our security teams” said Commander Joros.

“Can you tell where the intruders are headed Commander?” Asked Admiral Aaron, turning to Commander Tarah.

“One second sir” replied Commander Tarah, before tapping several taps on her console “Based on these sensor readings, there headed to the engineering core”.

“Bridge to Main engineering” said Commander Joros.

“Engineering here, sir” responded Tinordle

“Tinordle” replied Joros “lock down the engineering core before those intruders reach it”.

“Acknowledged” replied Commander Tinordle.

Admiral Aaron paced around near his commander chair. Intruders! What do they want with the engineering core? Thought the admiral.

Whatever it was, Admiral Aaron was worried, this was a brazen attack, and the fact the intruders had managed to get on-board without tripping any alarms was very worrying.

“How do you think they got on board sir?” Asked commander Joros, approaching the admiral as he stood near his command chair

“No idea Commander” replied Admiral Aaron “least of our worries at the moment, I’m more concerned with containing the ones on board now”.

The Admiral watched Joros nod, before heading up to the aft of the bridge to Ensign Valentino’s station to oversee the deployment of the security teams.

Admiral Aaron then turned to face Commander Tarah’s station.
“Commander Tarah” said Admiral Aaron.
“Yes, sir” replied Commander Tarah, her head darting between monitoring her console and watching the admiral.

“Contact New Romulus Command, tell them our situation and request additional security teams ASAP”. Replied the Admiral.

“Right away sir”. Replied Tarah.


The Bolian commando had the fun job. His team had managed to reach the secondary engineering computer core terminal without being detected or any alarm raised. Only a single Starfleet crew member had been encountered in the hallway. She had been quickly subdued and was now unconscious.

Easy enough, thought the Bolian.

The Bolian was quickly distracted as he heard a klaxon start blaring from speakers around the room, and the lights dim to a dark tone that he liked better.

Ahh, thought the Bolian. I actually do get to have some fun.

The Bolian looked down at his console and started tapping buttons. He had been well trained for this in the event something went wrong. Now he was getting a chance to put all that training into practice.

Sure enough, his opponent was doing everything exactly the way they had been predicted to react, which just increased the Bolian’s satisfaction even more.

With a grin on his face that, at best could be described in some ancient earth book as evil, he tapped a few more buttons before hitting one big blue button marked; execute.

Enjoy that little surprise from me, thought the Bolian.


Admiral Aaron’s thoughts were disrupted by every console on the bridge flickering, before most of the lights on the bridge turned off plunging most of the bridge into darkness.

“Report” Asked Commander Joros.

“Sir” Replied Commander Tarah, her fingers quickly dancing across her console “Main power is down, I lost all tactical systems, weapons and shields are down”

“Long range sensors are off-line too, external communications have been cut-off” Answered Commander Aisha, from the admirals left.

“Sir” Replied Ensign Valentino, drawing Commander Joros attention back to her console “I have reports from several security teams, internal force fields are off-line”.

Commander Joros spun around to face the admiral, and the admiral knew exactly what she was thinking.

We’re blind, deaf and defenceless, thought the admiral.

“Bridge to Engineering” Said Admiral Aaron.

“Engineering here sir” Replied Commander Tinordle “I can’t explain it sir, I did lock down the main computer, however they waltzed straight past our security measures like they weren’t event there” Even over the comm, Admiral Aaron could hear the stress and concern in the Commander’s voice.

“Do the best you can commander, just make sure they can’t take anything else off-line if possible”


Admiral Aaron started to pace around the bridge again. In the time since he had been talking with Main engineering, the emergency lighting had been restored so he could see a bit better. Why would a group be so blazen as to beam onto his ship, cripple its defences, but not take greater advantage of the situation?

The answers are down on deck seventeen, thought the admiral. Time to go get some answers.

“Ensign Valentino, you’re with me. Commander Joros, you have the bridge, try to get our communications restored so we can call New Romulus Command for assistance”” said Admiral Aaron, walking towards the rear bridge turbolift.

Commander Joros watched as Ensign Valentino get out of her seat and head towards the turbolift. It was oblivious what the admiral intended to do. However, she knew what her next course of action would have to be.

“Admiral, I cannot allow you to go down into an unknown hostile situation. Starfleet regulations….”

“I know the regulations Commander” interrupted Admiral Aaron, from the turbolift doors. “Someone is on my ship and obliviously is up to no good. I want answers”.

Admiral Aaron, held his hand up against the turbolift doors, then turned to Commander Aisha.

“Commander, use our short range scanners, look for any unusual craft or activity. Those intruders have to have come from somewhere”.

“Aye Sir” Responded Commander Aisha, quickly turning her attention to her console.

Nodding his head to Commander Aisha, Admiral Aaron took his hand off the turbolift doors allowing them to close in front of him.

“Deck Eight”

The computer beeped at him as it carried the Admiral and ensign Valentino away from the bridge.

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