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I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.


Commander Tal’oa was not happy. Everything had been going so smoothly. Until those two Starfleet crew members had messed everything up. Their target was aware they had intruders, and it wouldn’t have surprised the Commander to know that they would soon have to deal with security personal.

Around him, his strike team worked feverously around the engineering core. Using their tricorders to download information from multiple consoles.

“Hurry it up” Bellowed Tal’oa. “Two minutes, then we move to the extraction point, get as much data as you can”. A series of nods responded.

Over by one of the consoles, the Lieutenant with the blonde hair ponytail was downloading information. Screen upon screen of information scrolled by so fast she could barely make it out. But it was the information they were looking for. However, her work was distracted by the thoughts of the security crew member in the corridor. She couldn’t kill him, or his female colleague. The eyes staring back at her were ones of terror, and a slight bit of hope that maybe she wouldn’t pull the trigger on him.

She couldn’t help but continue to think about the crew member, when a stray thought crossed her mind. Curiosity got the better of her. As the information from the engineering core continued to flow into her tricorder, she called by the Zuikaku’s crew roster and selected Admiral Lawford’s record.

A lot of it was classified, however as she read, she couldn’t but notice the eyes staring back at her. Like the ensign in the corridor, they had a depth to them, eyes she could have easily been lost in until she noticed another entry out of the corner of her eye.

She sat back, startled. She had not been expecting this, and fear penetrated her body. However, her curiosity override her fear and she selected the entry, and opened it.

Immediately she regretted it. As she read through the entry she couldn’t help but notice its detail and its remarks.

My God. Thought the Lieutenant.

The engineering core’s room doors opened with a whoosh, and half a dozen black clad commando personal, one of them the Bolian team leader, rushed through the door, to be greeted with four phasers pointed right at them.

“You know better than that Commander” Said Commander Tal’oa angrily “You should have contacted us first”.

“Sorry, Sir” replied the Bolian “Security forces are closing in rapidly, we need to go sir”.

Commander Tal’oa nodded, he would have loved to stay a bit longer. However, he needed to get back to the runabout and complete the mission.
“All right everyone, we headed out, make for the rendezvous point”. Said Tal’oa.

A rustle of activity, tricorders being placed back in cases, weapons being steadied greeted went through the room.

“Lieutenant” Said Commander Tal’oa

“Yes, sir” replied the blonde pony tailed woman. She had hoped he hadn’t saw her looking at the records she just had been. As if he had saw her looking at those records the punishment would have not been pleasant at all.

“You go with Team two’s Commander, he look after you. It also means if some of us get caught we don’t lose all the information at once” Stated Tal’oa.

“Oh don’t worry sir. I’ll look after her”.” Said the Bolian with a grin as the Commander exited the room. The look the Bolian gave the lieutenant a look that made her feel sick, and made her skin crawl, and that was with the facemask on. She shot him back a stern glare, and held the phase rifle closer to her chest.

It didn’t have the effect she was hoping, as his smile just got bigger as he turned to exit the room, he extended his hand to the door. Like a gentleman normally would as an invitation for a lady to exit the room first.

The Lieutenant, fighting the urge to vomit, exited into the corridor and followed her colleagues. She couldn’t do with distractions at this time, and forced herself to concreate on the footsteps she made on the deck plating.


Admiral Aaron and Ensign Valentino exited the turbolift on deck seventeen. After making a quick stop at the security chief’s office on deck eight, and arming themselves, they had proceeded to deck seventeen. Now with a MACO phaser rifle swung over his shoulder, the admiral long strides were making it difficult for Ensign Valentino to keep pace with him, every so often she would need to jog just to keep up.

Man, thought a winded Valentino. I thought several of the drills they put us through at Starfleet academy were bad, the Admiral makes those look like cakewalks.

Ensign Valentino watched as the Admiral stopped at a T-Junction, look both ways before turning his attention back to her.

“So, where’s the security checkpoint Ensign?” Asked Admiral Aaron

“Turn Right, then head down the corridor for thirty meters sir” Replied Ensign Valentino, point to her right.

“After you Ensign” Replied a smiling Admiral Aaron, extending his hand out into the corridor.

“Thank you sir” Replied an equally smiling Valentino. Though she hadn’t been on the ship long, she had quickly found out the stories of the Admiral were true. Despite the situation, there were many times he would still use manners.

Another minute of walking, and they found themselves at the security checkpoint with several security crew members. With what appeared to be a very aggravated Lieutenant in the centre of the group.

“Sir?” Asked the Lieutenant.

“Report, Lieutenant” Replied Ensign Valentino. Normally the ensign couldn’t have asked such a question. But with Ensign Valentino being acting security chief, regardless of her rank, made her the lieutenants ranking officer.

“Lieutenant Sam mam” Replied Lieutenant Sam ”The intruders have now left the engineering core, and it appears they have joined up with a secondly group we were unaware of, they came from the secondly engineering core console office” Pointing at the PADD map in front of him.

“Any idea where they are headed?” Asked Admiral Aaron

“None Sir” Replied Lieutenant Sam “However, wherever they are headed it looks like they are headed that way in a hurry”.

Ensign Valentino watched as Admiral Aaron pace back and forth a few steps, obliviously in deep thought.

“OK, I want security teams three and four to head to port side, teams one and two, which will include myself and the ensign, will head starboard, we will try to catch them in a pincer maneuverer”. Said Admiral Aaron, pointing to the PADDS layout of the deck.

“Aye, Sir” responded Lieutenant Sam. Before turning to several other security crew members. “You heard him, let’s move it”

“Yes, Sir” came back a chorus of replies. Followed by a hustle of activity and the sound of footsteps and the two separate groups headed in their respective directions.

Admiral Aaron, turning to run down the corridor to his right hand side, couldn’t help but think to himself.

Why continue aft? The further you go the more enclosed it becomes. Thought the Admiral. What tactical advantage would that give you?


An exchange of phaser fire passed over Commander Tal’oa’s head. As expected their target’s security force had responded quickly, and it had been a running firefight to get himself and his strike team to their current location. There hadn’t been any casualties on his side. But to his ever increasing anger, there had been none on the security forces side either.

I give them this, Thought Tal’oa. They are obliviously very experienced.

The ever pleasant sound of his running footsteps on the deck gave him something to focus on. Every so often he would quickly turn back, and if the security forces were getting to close, lay down a barrage of phaser fire that made them duck and move to any cover they could.

“Are we there yet” Shouted Tal’oa.

“Just about sir, just around two more turns and down the corridor will be our objective” Replied one of his strike force, trying to run and view the PADD with the deck plan at the same time.

“You better be right” Replied Tal’oa angrily.

Another minute of running and their objective was insight, just a turn down the left of the corridor and they would be there. However, just as his team was about to turn, a series of phaser blasts from the behind them caused them to take cover, Most of his team went left. But the commander of team two, the Lieutenant, and two others had to move right.

Damn, thought Tal’oa, they need to be over on this side.

“I’ll give you all one shot, ever get your butts over to this side or we are leaving you behind” Shouted Tal’oa.

He saw the four members nod their heads. Tal’oa then turned his attention to the strike force member who had lead them to this section “Get those Jefferies tubes open, NOW ensign”. Shouted Tal’oa.

‘Yes, Sir” responded the ensign. Quickly moving down the corridor to the Jefferies tubes entrance.

Commander Tal’oa, satisfied for the moment, decided to take his anger out upon a better target, the Starfleet security forces trying to push their way up the corridor.


Admiral Aaron, at the opposite end of the corridor, was watching the exchange of phaser fire with interest. The running firefight had now last five minutes, and had ended where they were currently. At the end of the corridor was the intruders that had played such havoc with his ship. He had caught several glimpses of them, dressed in entire black wear, apart from two of them which had seemed to have created, or had stolen his ships uniforms.

There shouldn’t be anywhere for them to go now. Thought Admiral Aaron. That T Junction ends in a dead end wherever you go.

The Admiral’s thoughts were disrupted by a massive phaser fire coming from the opposite end of the corridor, enough for him to duck back.

Several other security crewman also ducked back. Through the exchange of firepower he saw two black commando’s cross from the right hand side corridor to the left.

Admiral Aaron then stared down to the right hand side of the corridor, and for a brief moment, despite the distance, he saw a pair of deep blue eyes stare back at him, before quickly ducking back again.

Admiral Aaron then turned to his right, and using several quick motions with his hands, signalled the security teams that were with him. A series of nods responded, and he knew they were ready.

Admiral Aaron then pointed directed at Ensign Valentino, on the opposite side of the corridor from him, then pointed down the corridor to his left.

Ensign Valentino, both watching the admiral and the opposite side of the corridor at the same time, nodded.

OK, thought the Admiral. Best chance we might have to get some answers.


On the opposite end of the corridor, those dark blue eyes were wide with alarm.

He saw me, it’s him. Thought the Lieutenant.

Backed up against the bulkhead, her heart racing. She hadn’t of expected to see the Admiral to come with the security forces himself. But, he had, he was there, and now she couldn’t stop thinking about those personal files. Despite the phaser fire still continuing, it was like the world wasn’t even there.

She saw the ensign, who had lead them this far, working feverously on the Jefferies tubes entrance door. She also saw Commander Tal’oa, both firing down the corridor and taking the time to yell at the strike force personal behind him. To her left, the Bolian second team commander was clutching his phaser, with a feral grin on his face; that she could see despite his facemask.

“Get ready to move” Shouted Tal’oa “Last chance before we leave you”

“Yes Sir” Bolian Commander shouted back
The Lieutenant watched as the Bolian commander turn back to her, that sickening look on his face once again “After this is all over, we’re going to have some fun aren’t we lieutenant”.

“Not in your life” Replied the Lieutenant. The pilot of the runabout she could handle easily enough, she knew how to push his buttons. But the bolian was a whole new level of creepy she wanted to have no part with.

“Get Ready” Shouted Tal’oa, raising his weapon, along with four others on the left hand side.

The lieutenant, thoughts still focused on the personal records, those dark deep blue eyes staring back at her, closed her eyes. She took a deep breathe, the world seemingly slowing to a crawl around her.

She opened her eyes, made her decision, and with the Bolian commander, made their move.


Admiral Aaron watched in slow motion as two more dark figures, emerge from the right hand side of the corridor. As expected the phaser fire from that side increased threefold. In slow motion, he raised his phaser fire, tracked his target, and watched as that figure seemingly get their feet caught in with their colleagues and stumble.
The Admiral, along with half a dozen other personal, took their shots.


Commander Tal’oa watched as his two remaining strike force personal, get struck by half a dozen phaser blasts, and go down hard onto the deck.
Commander Tal’oa instinctively move to return fire down the corridor, but was pushed back by accurate fire from down the corridor, so close in fast his hairs on his arm, even covered by his black commando uniform, felt like they had just gotten burned.

“Commander, doors open sir” Shouted the ensign, the Jefferies tubes door open before him.

“Move out, get to the rendezvous point now before they can scrambled personal to cut us off” Bellowed Tal’oa.

A few more exchanges of phaser fire, and he watched as his strike force, one by one, rush into the Jefferies tubes and start crawling and moving as fast as they could. Following them, Tal’oa took one last look at his two strike force members lying unconscious on the corridor.

Cursing under his breath, he scrambled into the Jefferies tubes himself, and grabbing the handle of the door, shut it loudly behind him. Looking down the Jefferies tubes, he saw the rest of his team moving up the ladder at the end of the tube. He prepared himself for one of the quickest climbs he would most likely ever have to do in the Jefferies tubes.

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