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I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.


Admiral Aaron watched two of the black commandos fall to the ground. He also saw, what seemed to be the team leader think about trying to grab his people, but a furious phaser exchange from several of his security officers forced him to retreat.

Admiral Aaron waited five seconds, then nodded to Ensign Valentino.

“Ensigns McMillan and Lunna, get over there and check to make sure the area is clear” Ordered Ensign Valentino.

Two security officers, parted from the group, and started to slowly make their way down the corridor, their phaser rifles moving with deliberate slowness. Admiral Aaron watched them reach the end of the corridor, quickly duck their heads around the left and right corners, before moving to the end of the corridor and checking again, phasers raised at the ready.

“Clear” shouted one of the security officers.

Admiral Aaron proceeded to run down the corridor, before stopping at the two downed commandos. Getting his tricorder out, he proceeded to scan both individuals, taking in their life signs readings. But apart from their heartbeats, it seemed their clothing scrambled any other information he tried to get from them.

Admiral Aaron then reached up using his right hand to tap his combadge.

“Lawford to Dr Trel” Said Admiral Aaron.

Dr Trel here Admiral” Replied Dr Trel.

“I’m have two downed commandos on Deck Seventeen. I am having four security officers move them to the brig on Deck Eight. Get to the main brig and make sure they are OK” Explained Admiral Aaron. “Their clothing seems to disrupt tricorders, so get the clothing off of them. I want to know who we are dealing with”.

Acknowledged” Answered Dr Trel.

Admiral Aaron watched, as four security officers, without order or even waiting, pick the two down commandos up and start to move them back down the corridor, towards the nearest turbolift.

“Admiral” Shouted Ensign McMillian.

Admiral Aaron, hearing one of his security officers shout, proceeded to look down the corridor to where she was standing. Curious, he started to walk down the corridor to the ensign so he could get a better view of what exactly she was standing next to

A Jefferies tube entrance, Thought the admiral.

“Sir” said Ensign McMillian. “Looks like this is where they went. I’m reading signs of a forced entry on the door” Her tricorder sweeping over the door back and forth.

Admiral Aaron nodded to the Ensign, before proceeding to tap his combadge again.

“Lawford to Bridge” Said Admiral Aaron.

Bridge here, Sir” Replied Commander Joros voice.

“The intruders have left deck seventeen via some Jefferies tubes” explained Admiral Aaron “Track their course and tell me where they are now”.

That’s going to be difficult sir, whatever they did to our systems has caused a lot of them to malfunction. However, I have faint readings of extra personal, on deck fifthteen” Answered Commander Joros.

“What could they want on Deck 15 sir?” asked Ensign Valentino “The transports on that deck were locked down, even with what the intruders have done to the computer core they couldn’t get it operational” explained Ensign Valentino.

“Sir” said Ensign McMillian “The Shuttlebay was affected by whatever the intruders did to our systems, they could be thinking of stealing one to get out of the ship” explained ensign McMillian.

“You hear that Commander, get extra security personal to Deck 15 and lock down the external Shuttlebay doors” Said Admiral Aaron

Yes sir, doing that right now sir” answered Commander Joros.

“Lawford out” Replied answered Admiral Aaron, before proceeding to tap his combadge again.

“Ensign Valentino, follow me to deck 15, we are going to try and cut them off before they reach the Shuttlebay, security teams one and two follow” ordered Admiral Aaron.

“Yes sir” replied a chorus of voices.

Admiral Aaron set back running down the corridor, a series of footsteps following.


By the time Admiral Aaron had reached deck 15, it was oblivious the commandos had already reached near the Shuttlebay, as distant sounds of phaser fire could be heard echoing down the corridor.

As the Admiral ran down the deck, turning corridors left and right, Ensign Valentino and the security teams struggling to keep up, he almost ran into a blonde haired crewman, crouching down at a corner of one of the corridors.

Skidding to a stop, the admiral talk a moment to catch his breath before speaking. The sounds of Ensign Valentino and her security teams rushing up behind him still in his ears as he spoke.

“Petty Officer, what are you doing here?” Asked Admiral Aaron, noting her pips on her collar

“Petty Officer Shasta sir” replied the petty officer “Sorry sir, I had tried to get out of the engagement zone, but I didn’t know where the commandos were headed so I decided to wait here” explained Pretty officer Shasta.

Admiral Aaron took a moment to compose his thoughts, what the Pretty officer had done was the right thing to do in unknown circumstances. Also with the corridors echoing phaser fire, it could be difficult for an untrained ear to determine their direction and location.

“It’s OK, Pretty officer” said Admiral Aaron “Here back behind us, that way is clear as we just came from their” explained Admiral Aaron, putting behind himself with his phaser rifle.

“Yes Sir” replied Pretty Officer Shasta.

“Sir” said Ensign Valentino “How do we expect to contain them sir? With internal force fields down we don’t have much hope of stopping them other than stunning all of them” asked Ensign Valentino.

Admiral Aaron was about to answer when Pretty Officer Shasta, heading down the corridor, turned around to answer.

“Sir, there is a way sir” said Pretty Officer Shasta “Use the Shuttlebay force fields”.

“Excuse me, Pretty Officer?” asked Admiral Aaron.

“You can turn some of the forcefield’s internally sir” explained Pretty Officer Shasta “If you can get the commando’s into a central area, I can use some of the forcefield emitters that are mounted internally. I can create a pocket forcefield that will act like a Shuttlebay forcefield. They won’t be able to fire out, and we won’t be able to fire inward. However we can enter the forcefield normally while they can’t. They would be trapped sir”.

Admiral Aaron, smiling for the first time since the entire incident had started.

“Good work, Pretty officer” responded Admiral Aaron “Get to it”.

“There’s a problem though sir” answered Shasta “I have to be in the Shuttlebay itself and access the controls from there to pull this off”.

Admiral Aaron took a moment to think. This would place the Pretty officer in a lot of risk, and would require the security teams to cover for her while she completed her work. However, it may be the only chance he had to stop these commandos and figure out what this was all about.

“OK, Pretty Officer” replied Admiral Aaron.

Admiral Aaron turned to Ensign Valentino and her security teams.

“OK, once we reached the Shuttlebay, I want security team one to go on ahead and lay down cover fire. Security team two, I and Ensign Valentino will come in next with the pretty officer” Said Admiral Aaron.

A series of nods responded. Admiral Aaron then turned to Pretty Officer Shasta

“Pretty Officer, we will give you covering fire, get that forcefield up as soon as possible” said Admiral Aaron.

“Yes Sir” responded Pretty Officer Shasta.

Admiral Aaron, content everyone knew their jobs, took off running down the corridor again, his officers following close behind.


Commander Tal’oa and his commando force had reached the Shuttlebay. However, they were pinned down near one of the ships shuttles by phaser fire from the Zuikaku’s security force.

“What’s taking so long” Demanded Commander Tal’oa.

“Sorry Sir” replied the ensign that had managed to get them into the Jefferies tubes. “I’m trying to get the signal unlocked, but there is a lot of interference”.

“We can’t keep this going forever Ensign, now move it before I make you regret it” threatened Tal’oa.

So close, Though Tal’oa, We’re so close I can almost taste it.

Commander Tal’oa wasn’t about to have his mission ruined, they had come so far, and were almost to the point where they could call success. But the stubborn nature of Zuikaku’s crew, not giving up despite everything, was starting to wear on the Commander.

The Commander’s thoughts were disrupted by security personal entering the Shuttlebay, and taking up positions behind cover near the entrance. So far, the security forces had been content to sit behind the safety of the Shuttlebay door and exchange fire with him and his team.

Reinforcements. Thought Commander Tal’oa. What are they up to?


Admiral Aaron watched as his first squad of security forces move into the Shuttlebay, and setup covering positions. A criss-crossing of phase fire greeted them, but no security personal went down.

The Admiral then turned to look behind him, and watched as Ensign Valentino, and the second squad of security personal ready their weapons. He also watched Pretty Officer Shasta, standing behind them, have a worried expression on her face, one could have even said scared.

The Admiral watched as the pretty officer look directly at him. Admiral Aaron directed a confident smile back at the Pretty officer and got a nervous smile back.

Confident the Pretty Officer was somewhat ready for what was about to happen, Admiral Aaron turned back to the security team and nodded. He received several nods in return.

Taking a quick second to close his eyes, take a deep breath and ready his phaser rifle, Admiral Aaron steadied himself for what was about to occur.
Opening his blue eyes, and wasting no time, Admiral Aaron turned the corner into the Shuttlebay and came out firing.


A furious phaser fire barrage passed over Commander Tal’oa’s head. He watched, behind his cover, as another security force enter into the Shuttlebay, and take up positions in front of him to his right.
One particular member of the force that entered into the Shuttlebay caught his eye, and a quick double check confirmed his thoughts.

It’s Him, thought Tal’oa angrily.

The Admiral himself had come out to stop him and his commando team from succeeding in their mission. A deep rage filled Commander Tal’oa, and has his grip on his phaser rifle grew so much several of his team thought he was about to snap his rifle in half.

“Get that thing working now ensign” shouted Tal’oa. “We are out of time”.
“Yes sir” responded the ensign.

Commander Tal’oa looked back towards the Admiral, when he noticed something weird. There was a crew member, apparently from the engineering department, playing with a console near the wall of the Shuttlebay.

Tal’oa thought it was weird that she would be there, however he quickly realised it wasn’t an odd occurrence, and there was a reason behind it.

Well, thought Commander Tal’oa, with a malice smile. Can’t let you complete your work, as he raised his phaser rifle.


Admiral Aaron watched as Pretty Officer Shasta continued to work furiously on the console near the wall of the Shuttlebay. He turned to look back down at the commandos when he saw one of them glance in the Pretty Officer’s direction and begin to raise his rifle.

Eye’s widening, Admiral Aaron took a quick pot shot over the commander’s shoulder, disrupting his aim slightly, but not before a beam lanced out from the commando’s rifle.

A scream echoed in the Admiral’s ears as he turned to watch Pretty Officer Shasta hit the deck, still conscious, but with a smouldering left shoulder.

“Hang on Pretty officer” shouted Admiral Aaron.

He tried to reach the Pretty officer to pull her behind cover, but phaser fire from the commando’s made it difficult for him to move in her direction. He then watched, as the Pretty Officer, obliviously in a lot of pain, get back up and slam her right fist onto the console she had been working on.

Admiral Aaron then turned to watch, as a forcefield appeared around the commando’s. Several of them tried firing at the forcefield, but despite several phaser beams hitting it the forcefield stayed up. Oblivious their phasers weren’t having any effect, the commando’s stopped firing, though they continued to clutch the phase rifles in their hand.

Admiral Aaron, quickly moving over to the Pretty Officer, checked her over quickly. She had taken a phaser beam to her left shoulder, and it was a deep strike. The Pretty Officer was panting, obliviously in a lot of distress as her face was screwed up in pain.

Tapping his combadge, Admiral Aaron shouted into it. “Lawford to sickbay”

Sickbay here, Admiral” responded a voice the admiral didn’t recognise.

“Get a medical team to just outside the Shuttlebay on deck 15, I have a critically injured crewman here” replied Admiral Aaron

On our way sir” responded the voice.

Happy that help was on the way, Admiral Aaron turned back to the Pretty Officer.

“Sorry Sir” Said Pretty Officer Shasta, struggling to speak

The Admiral, with a confused look on his face, replied “You have nothing to be sorry for Pretty Officer” replied Admiral Aaron. “You did an excellent job, hang on, there’s help on the way, that’s an order”.

“Yes Sir” answered Pretty Officer Shasta.

Admiral Aaron then nodded to two of the security personal who had moved over to him, and watching as they carefully picked the Pretty officer up and move her out of the Shuttlebay. The Shuttlebay doors opening and closing with a thud.

Confident one situation had been dealt with, Admiral Aaron turned his attention to another. The trapped commando’s on the other end of the Shuttlebay.

“We’re clear sir” said Ensign Valentino, joining him near the Shuttlebay entrance.

“Have your security teams keep weapons locks on them, Ensign, we don’t know how long that forcefield may last” replied Admiral Aaron.

Ensign Valentino responded with a nod, and proceeded to signal her security teams. Admiral Aaron then turned and started to walk towards the edge of the forcefield that held the commando teams.

He watched as several of the commandos tense up, but none of them raise their weapons.

“I am Admiral Aaron S. Lawford, Captain of the Federation ship USS Zuikaku” Started Admiral Aaron. “Who are you and what are you doing on my ship”.

He watched as several of the commando’s eyes dart between their compatriots, when no response was forth coming he continued.

“You do know that attacking a Federation starship and invading it are serious crimes” Stated Admiral Aaron. “Now what did you want with our computer core and what did you do to my ship?” demanded Admiral Aaron.

“We don’t recognise the Federation as a political entity Admiral” Stated one of the Commando’s. Admiral Aaron took a chance to look the man over, and recognised him as the man that had shot the Pretty Officer.

“It’s a still a crime mister, now I will ask you again, what are you doing here?” Asked Admiral Aaron.

“It’s none of your concern” replied the commando.

“It’s my concern when it involves my ship” Answered Admiral Aaron “Now, drop your weapons and come out peacefully, there is nowhere to go”.

Admiral Aaron watched as the commando seem to look over the security personal surrounding him, obliviously looking for any sign of weakness.
Not known by Admiral Aaron, and with the smallest movements of his fingers, one of the commandos tapped a button on his tricorder.


A beep on his console startled Ensign Mohan. It was the sign from the commando squad was ready to be extracted. Fingers flying across the console, ensign Mohan was only able to pick up ten life signs.
Ignoring the implication of what that could mean, Ensign Mohan moved over to the transporter console and tap in a series of commands.


Admiral Aaron watched as several commando’s shift their positions. Signalling his security forces, Admiral Aaron watched as they surrounded the forcefield.

“Last chance to come out peacefully, please surrender now” demanded Admiral Aaron.

Admiral Aaron watched as the commando who had spoken to him, take a quick glance back before facing him again.

“Not this time Admiral, Goodbye” replied the commando.

Before Admiral Aaron could respond, the familiar whine of a transport beam echoed through the shuttle bay as the remaining ten commandos disappeared from within the forcefield.

Cursing under his breath, Admiral Aaron quickly reached up to tap his combadge “Lawford to Bridge”

Bridge here sir” replied the voice of Commander Joros.

“The commandos have beamed away, can you track where they went?”

“Sir” replied the voice of Commander Aisha “Looks they have beamed to a runabout off our starboard beam, the runabout is now moving away at Impulse”.

“Pursuit course Commander, I am on my way back to the bridge” answered Admiral Aaron.

Turning from the now empty forcefield, Admiral Aaron started to stride back to the shuttle bay doors, Ensign Valentino following close behind.


The ride back to the bridge in the turbolift was quiet and quick. Upon reaching the bridge and the doors opening, Admiral Aaron walked quickly onto the bridge.

“Report” asked Admiral Aaron, walking down to his captain’s chair

“The runabout is still moving away at high impulse sir, their shields are raised and weapons are armed. We are in pursuit and closing slowly” replied Commander Joros, standing up and taking her place on the Admiral’s right.

“Ship Status?” asked Admiral Aaron.

“Phaser arrays are still down sir. We have torpedos but the guidance system is still down so we cannot lock on” replied Commander Tarah, standing behind the Admiral at the tactical station. “However, shields are back online and are sixty percent and climbing slowly”

“Long range sensors are still down admiral, as well as external Long range communications. We have short range though” continued Commander Aisha.

“We have warp drive capability sir” continued Ensign Torina, down at the helm position “But only to warp nine”.

Admiral Aaron considered his opinions. Runabouts could be very quick ships, so if they decided to jump to warp there was a chance that they could outrun his ship. He needed to get them stopped now.

“Tractor beam, Commander Tarah?” asked Admiral Aaron, turning his head to see the commander.

Commander Joros watched as Commander Tarah tap a few buttons on her console, wait a few seconds to check the results, before sadly shaking her head at the Admiral.

Commander Joros tuned back to the Admiral as she watched him seem to settle back into his seat. Raising his right hand to face, and placing his forefinger to one side of his nose. Commander Joros had seen the Admiral do this several times, usually when deep in thought.

“Commander, open a channel to the runabout” asked Admiral Aaron.

Commander Joros turned to her chairs console, tapping a few buttons. Before selecting an open channel she was sure the runabout could hear, even if they were ignoring them.

“Channel open sir” replied Commander Joros.

Admiral Aaron proceeded to get out of his chair, and stand in the middle of the bridge.

“This is Admiral Lawford of the USS Zuikaku. Stop your engines and prepare to be boarded” said Admiral Aaron.

He could see the runabout more clearly now, painted almost completely black, racing across the space, it was a unique sight against the backdrop of space.

Waiting a few seconds, Admiral Aaron continued.

“Stop your engines and prepare to be boarded. If you don’t we will be forced to fire upon you”.

Waiting several more seconds, Admiral Aaron turned to face Commander Joros. Scanning her console, she could detect any response to their transmission.

“No response sir” replied Commander Joros.

“Sir” said Ensign Torina urgently “I’m reading a build-up of energy in their warp core. They are about to jump to warp”.

Admiral Aaron tuned to watch, as on the view screen, the runabout seem to stretch in space before jumping to warp in a flash of light.

“Pursuit course ensign” Ordered Admiral Aaron

“Wait a minute sir” Interrupted Commander Aisha “They are trying to mask their warp signature, I’m trying to compensate”.

Admiral Aaron waited for a full minute, Commander Aisha furiously tap several of her consoles, going back and forth between three readouts. Just as he was about to ask for an update the Commander’s head jerked up
“Got them Sir, there headed towards the Azure Nebula, Warp nine”

Admiral Aaron proceeded to turn and stride back to his chair. Sitting down to his chair and adjusting his uniform.

“Pursuit course Ensign Torina, best possible speed” ordered Admiral Aaron.

“Yes Sir” replied Ensign Torina.

Out in space, the many starships in orbit of New Romulus did not notice a Soverign Class cruiser come about, seem to stretch in space, and proceed to jump to warp in a blinding flash of light.

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