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I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.


Admiral Lawford could be called a very active individual. Constantly on the move, and when he wasn’t on the move, his mind usually was. Commander Joros remembered a Starfleet Captain observing that about the Admiral, and in the time she had been the admiral’s first officer, she had to agree with the statement. She had also observed that most times, while even on the move, the admiral was content, happy individual.

Commander Joros however, wouldn’t be using those terms as she watched the Admiral now.
Admiral Lawford was constantly pacing back and forth along the middle of the bridge, stopping occasionally to look at the view screen. She could tell the Admiral was agitated, not at anything the crew had done, but at the intruders who had come aboard and wrought so much havoc.
His quick pacing back and forth was also hypnotic, and Commander Joros had to stop herself several times from constantly following the admiral’s pacing back and forth.

Commander Joros took the time to look at several other members of the bridge crew. Commander Tarah console could be heard constantly making small beeps and her hands flew other the console. It was oblivious that the Commander was trying to repair the ship’s weapon systems, but from the occasion mutter it wasn’t looking like the Commander was having much luck.
Looking over to the main science station, Joros watched as Commander Aisha checked readout’s on her station. The Commander couldn’t tell what was so interesting about those readout’s, but they obliviously had Commander Aisha’s full attention.

However, Joros could tell without hesitation what held Ensign’s Torina’s attention, the same thing that held the Commander’s attention too – the black runabout on the front viewscreen.

After warping from New Romulus, the runabout had managed to maintain Warp Nine for over ninety minutes, without sign of slowing down, or any stress on the runabout’s systems. Considering the vessel was a runabout, it was both impressive, and close to impossible.

“Status report” asked Admiral Lawford, jolting Joros out of her thoughts.

‘Sir” responded Ensign Torina “Enemy runabout continues to Azure Nebula at warp nine, at this rate, they will reach the nebula in sixty minutes”.

“Tactical systems are still mostly down Admiral” replied Tarah from the tactical station “We have phasers now, but targeting systems are still down. We would have better targeting capability with our hand phasers, Shields are strong at seventy five percent”. Commander Joros couldn’t help but have a slight smirk at that comment.

“Torpedos?” Queried the Admiral.

“That might be a bit better news sir, we are working on the targeting systems for the torpedo’s, and might have targeting capability by the time we reach the nebula”.

“Might?” Asked the Admiral.

“Might, Sir” Replied Commander Tarah “honesty sir, at this time we are trying to make a patch work of several systems and pieces of equipment work” Shrugged Tarah.

“Long Range Communications are still down Admiral”. Said Commander Aisha “It will be some time before they are operational, same with long range scanners”.

Admiral Lawford turned around to look at the viewscreen again. It was slightly better news than ninety minutes ago, but not by much.

And you have just been pieced back together properly too, hadn’t you Thought Admiral Aaron about Zuikaku.

Commander Joros got out of her chair, and walked over to stand by the admiral. “Penny for your thoughts, sir?” Asked Joros

“Not many thoughts to be having right now, Commander” replied the Admiral.

“Sir, both you and I know that is a lie, it oblivious you want to bring these people to justice for their crimes” Commander Joros took a moment to consider and phase her next statement “However, it will do us and this ship no good sir, if you don’t take a moment to marshal your thoughts, especially with you in this agitated state”.

“Who say’s I’m agitated Commander” denied the admiral.

“Sir, you have been pacing back and forth on the same area for the past half an hour”.

Admiral Lawford took a moment to look down, he hadn’t noticed his feet had, in that time, feel like he had been walking on pins and needles for thirty minutes. Obliviously the Commander had been right, he had been pacing, and by the feel of it, it hadn’t been a slow easy pace or stroll.

“Thank you Commander” Replied Admiral Lawford “I hadn’t realised, think this invasion has worked me up for than I realised”

“Just doing my job as first officer sir, looking after the ship….. and you” Admiral Lawford could detect a slight playful banter at the Commander’s last statement as she moved back to her bridge chair.

Think I have taught her too much about being a first Officer. Thought Admiral Lawford with an internal smile. She’s stating to predict me too much.

The Admiral’s thoughts were disturbed by the chirp of the comm system.
Dr Trei to Admiral Lawford

“Lawford here Doctor, what can I do for you” replied the Admiral.

Request you come down to the main brig Admiral, our prisoners are awake

“What’s so weird about that Doctor?” asked Commander Joros

“It’s not so much that they are awake, and the fact their clothing is scattering any chance for me to see if they have serious injuries” Replied Doctor Trei “It’s what one of them has done

“And what’s that Doctor?”

She has requested to see you face to face Admiral, and she seems quite desperate.”

Admiral Lawford’s eyebrows immediately shot up, and as he turned his head to glance at Commander Joros sitting in her chair, he could tell the statement had the same effect.

“Admiral, while I am just as curious about this as you, it might not be a good idea to engage with one of the intruders” stated Commander Joros.

“Agreed, Commander” replied Admiral Lawford “However, I think there is more to this request than meets the eye, and you know what I am like when I am curious”.

Commander Joros nodded at that statement. While she also did agree, her mind couldn’t but help but think about an ancient earth saying she had heard once about curiosity.

“We are on our way Doctor”
Acknowledged” replied Doctor Trei.

“Number One, your with me” stated Admiral Lawford, as he worked from the centre of the bridge towards one of the turbolifts.

“Aye Sir” replied Commander Joros, getting out of her chair and working towards the turbolift behind the admiral.

“Commander Tarah, you have the bridge. Let me know straight away if anything changes with the pursuit or the enemy runabout”.

“Yes Sir” replied Tarah.

Satisfied things were starting to proceed once again, Admiral Lawford took one last look at the viewscreen, at the fleeing runabout. Then turned towards the turbolift, where Commander Joros was waiting. Allowing the doors to close behind him, the admiral turned to face the closed turbolift doors.

“Deck Eight”

The Beep of the computer was a brief pinpoint of sound, before the turbolift took the Admiral and the Commander away from the bridge, with only the slight sound of movement their companions.


The turbo lift quickly arrived at deck Eight. The second the doors opened Admiral Lawford exited the turbo lift and started walking down the corridor. Commander Joros, even after all this time knowing how brisky the admiral could walk, still found it difficult to keep up, and had to almost jog to keep pace..

“A bit curious for one of the intruders to ask directly for you sir” commented Joros.

“Indeed, Commander” replied the admiral. “However, Doctor Trei said the intruder who wanted me was desperate, it might pertain to why they were here, or what they have done to my ship”.

“That’s true sir, however. I still don’t like it, there’s something we are missing, and I have a feeling it’s a big piece”

“Is that your betazoid heritage speaking Commander? Or something else?” Queried the Admiral.

“No, not my Betazoid abilities sir” replied Joros. “It’s more of a…. It’s really hard to describe sir. Like a gut feeling, but also not, if that makes any sense” concluded Joros.

The admiral took a time to look at his first officer. She looked slightly troubled, like whatever she was missing, or concerning her could potentially have serious consequences. The admiral also noticed the commander had gathered her hands behind her back. It was a habit she had picked up from the Admiral, but most times when the Admiral saw that habit, he became even more worried.

The trip to the main brig had not taken long, and soon the two officers we standing outside the main brig doors.

“Ok, time to find out what this is all about” stated Admiral Lawford.

As the Admiral moved toward the doors, they slowly parted to allow him through, and with Commander Joros following behind and to the Admirals right, they stepped into the brig. A slightly large room, the brig looked like it had been built out of solid armour. The bulkheads looked liked they were iron ribbed pieces of a fishes bone structure, and they dark grey colour only added to their lifeless like appearance.

Over to the Admirals right, there was a single medium sized desk, where a single security officer sat seated. The admiral couldn’t quite remember his name, but what made him unique was not his species, which was bolian, but by his look. The Bolian wore a neutral look that was one of the fierces the admiral had seen on a bolian. While the admiral was sure either himself, or Commander Joros had seen him at a recreation event, smiling and laughing with the rest of the crew, there was not a single sight of that happy crewman now. The security officers dark brown eyes, which stood in contrast to his lightly blue coloured screen, further enhanced the fearsome look. The farm red odyssey style uniform the security officer wore also added to the overall look of a individual a normal person would not want to mess with.

The Bolian noticed that Admirals and the Commander’s presence. Before the officer could do anything, the admiral, directed a single nod to his location, and received one in return.

Good, thought the Admiral, no trouble so far.

Over to the Admiral’s left, was a double style brig layout, containing two single cell brigs. While it was weird to have two single cell brigs, the Admiral had insisted the modification be done. While, potentially this could allow criminals to communicate together, potentially allowing them to plan or attempt an escape, the admiral knew it had their benefits.

When criminals are caught, and imprisioned together, a lot of times they turn on each other, giving us more valuable material than trying to get it out of them separately. Thought the admiral.

While this also made it more difficult to divide and conquer, the admiral thought it was a risk that could be afforded to be taken.

The cells themselves were the same dark grey colour as the main brigs bulkheads. Apart from a white pull out bed, and several small white lights above in the ceiling, it was sometimes hard to tell the difference from the floor or ceiling.

What also made the brigs on the Zuikaku unique in a sense was the triple force field system. The single cell brigs themselves had two force fields. One facing the bulkhead where the security officer sat, and people entered the single cell brig.

The second force field was ten centimeters behind the first. Both operated on a difference frequency, so if a intruder or brig occupant attempted to escape, or disable the first force field, they would have to deal with a second different obstacle. The third force field was at the main entrance to the brig, so if an intruder got through both forcefields, a third emergency one could be brought online in a manner of milliseconds.

It was a slight bigger power drain compared to a sovereign class cruiser default brig layout, but Admiral Aaron knew his chief engineer was one of the best in her class of Soverign class chief engineers.

This ship has so much power generation capability, and power efficiency, we have a bundle to spare. Thought the admiral.

Standing next to the brigs, and still tapping on her medical tricorder, was Doctor Trei. Doctor Trei was a Betazoid like Commander Joros and Commander Elbra, but unlikely them, her Betazoid abilities were at full capability.

Her black eyes, a trait command to all betazoids, were framed slighty by her shortly cut dark brown hair running down both sides of the doctors face, with only a diagonal cut of her hair crossing from left to right, to pass just over the Doctors right eye being any disruption to the apparent uniform appearance of her haircut. Trei’s face could be best described as a hybrid of Klingon and Vulcan. Her almost emotionless, straight looking face with eyebrows that raised up halfway along their length, was disrupted by what one could best describe as a slight Klingon scrowl.

Her nose was thin at the top, but started to get bigger near the bottom, almost like the tip of the Doctor’s nose had been flatten against a closing turbo lift door accidentally. The doctor also strangely, did not wear a Doctors uniform, but an Odyssey uniform common to all crew about the Zuikaku. A mostly dark blue long pant legs, and long sleeved shirt was only disrupted above the doctors breast line by a strip of white running from shoulder to shoulder. Light gold highlights boarded the change between dark blue and white. Visible on the doctors right arm, was a one hundred and first fleets patch.

Commander Joros took a moment to look at the doctor, as she believed Dr Trel was a unique individual, especially in the medical field. She was stern, even dealing with patiences most times with a bed side manner was closer to that of an ancient Mark one emergency medical hologram than a caring humanoid doctor, which was even more ironic considering the doctor’s species. Even with the Doctors dealings with the admiral, she did not hold back. Constant debates and arguments would puncture health related matters between the two. The doctor would not hesitate, even when ordered not too, to disobey the admirals orders, and confine him to sickbay when his health came into question. Many believed in Starfleet that she was a disrespectative, troublesome Doctor who ignored the chain of command whenever it suited her, and has a result, she had troubles finding postings.

Even the admiral himself, had said once to the commander, that Doctor Trei was one of the most annoying, difficult to control crew member he ever had to command, and that her sometimes constant apparent disrespect of the command chain did push him to his limits. However, at the time the Commander had noticed the admiral smiling. It had taken some time for the Commander to get to know the Doctor, and for most times, she was still the same stern individual that she showed the crew. There was a part of the doctor, rarely seen, where she would become someone completely different person,

Gone was the stern individual, and in her place was one of the most caring, respectful and kind person you could meet. Gone would her scrowl from her face be, and in return would be a face that would glow of someone at peace with themselves. The doctors eyes would soften, and her slight soft touch helping the wounded would be almost like tholian silk, barely able to be felt, but at the same time, making it feel like nothing would ever go wrong again. The commander had only heard several of her patiences say this about the Doctor, but this left her with a feeling that their was a much deeper aspect to the doctor, than she realised.

“Admiral, commander” stated Doctor Trei, shaking the commander from her thoughts.

“Doctor” replied the admiral, nodding. “Report”.

Doctor Trei took a moment to consult her tricorder. “As far as I can tell, both individuals look like they are in no immediate danger, I cannot detect any sign that there could be internal bleeding.”

“However?” Questioned Commader Joros.

“However, with those commando suits on, there is no way for me to be sure. Those garments seem to deflect almost all tricorder scans, even medical ones. I was only able to briefly get some readings to confirm that their hearts are still beating. To be sure they aren’t in further danger to themselves, or the crew, we need to get those garments removed”.

“So what’s the problem?” Asked Admiral Lawford, obliviously wanting the Doctor to get to the endpoint.

“However, for some reason these garments are refusing to be removed. We tried removing them while they were stunned. However the material resisted our efforts, and to try and remove them, we would most likely have to remove the skin layer”.

The admiral took a moment to think, there could be multiple reasons why the garments couldn’t be removed. Anything from damage to a system to prevent exactly what they were trying to do. Since they didn’t know, they could waste a lot of time trying to find out, time which they might not have.

“Which one wanted to talk to me Doctor” asked the admiral.

Commander Joros watched as Doctor Trei move aside for the admiral, and wave her hand to the left handside brig cell. Even with her back to the forcefield, the commander could tell the individual was female. But apart from that, there wasn’t much she could astain. Her compatriot however, was easy to read. Obliviously a Bolian male, even with the commando garment covering almost every part of skin from head to toe. What was also oblivious, even through the face stocking of the commando garment, was the feral grin on the bolian face. For whatever reason. That grin,, even hidden through the face stocking, left the commander with a sick feeling in her stomach. She was glad her betazoid abilities were pretty limited, because she could only guess at what thoughts were running through his head.

“I’m Admiral Lawford, Captain of the U.S.S. Zuikaku” began Admiral Lawford. “What were you doing on my ship, and why have you requested to see me”.

Instead of the female responding, her bolian companion spoke.

“So, admiral. How is your ship? Having some problems are we?”. Commander Joros could easily detect the hint of smugness in the Bolians voice.

“I guess we have you to thank for the temporary glitches we experienced earlier. A minor inconvience” lied the Admiral.

“Minor, hmpph” replied the bolian. “It was a master piece, a work of art, I will surely become a legend for crippling a federation starship so easily”. Commander Joros watched as the bolian gestured with his hands, almost raising them to the ceiling like he was taking applause from some imaginary great audience.

“The only thing you are making easy is extending the list of charges against you in a starfleet trial” shot back Admiral Lawford, his speech sharp, but precise. “Invading a federation starship, sabotage, attempted murder, theft”.

When the bolian didn’t respond, the admiral continued. “Make it easier for yourself. Give us your compatriots. Tell us everything about your mission here. The judge might take it under advisement and lessen your sentence. Do you think your compatriots care what happens to you?.”

The admiral received a response, but not from the person he was expecting, nor what was about to be said.

“It’s really you, isn’t it?” Replied the female, her voice small.

Admiral Lawford, and Commander Joros turned their heads. The female still had her back to the forcefield, but she seemed diminished, uncertain, and unsure of her question she had just asked.

“I’m not sure I understand the question, miss?”. Replied the admiral.
Another question replied the Admirals query, but again one neither him or Commander Joros was expecting.

“You were there when I died’ weren’t you?”.

The admiral stood dumbfounded, he had heard a lot of things said to him, both in his personal life and in his career. But he could not remember that question ever been asked of him, especially by someone still alive.

“Don’t say anything!” Said the Bolian, from the other cell. “We weren’t suppose to download that information. Now shut up you.”

“I must know, I deserve to know” came the females response, her voice full of pain, anger and sorrow.

“If you say anything I swear to….” Started to respond the Bolian.

“Be quiet” replied Commander Joros.

“Make me!” Challenged the Bolian “I’m the great Bolian who brought the mightly U.S.S. Zuikaku to her knees”. The Bolian took a moment to catch his breath, before turning his head to the side of the cell, near to where he though his female companion stood. “And if you say Anything, I will personally…..”

Before the Bolian could complete his statement, Admiral Aaron quickly turned his head to the security officer and make a cutting motion over his neck using his finger. In a instance the security officer had tapped a series of commands into his console.

Immeditately, the voice of the Bolian speech through the comm system was silenced. Even though the Bolian had not noticed let, his mouth still moving with words no one could hear. Admiral Aaron allowed himself a slight smirk as he watched the Bolian realised he had been cut off. Ignoring the glare directed his way from the Bolian, the admiral turned his attention back to his female compatriot.

“Now, what is this about if it’s really me, and why you asked if I was around when you… Died.”

Commander Joros watched as the female commando, hesitate, before turning herself around to face the admiral. What she first noticed was the commandos deep blue eyes, and the Commander couldn’t but help feel a sense of déjà’vu. The Commander also noticed that the blue eyes had the same effect on the Admiral. As he had taken a step towards the forcefield.

“I know you, don’t I?” Asked the admiral. “We’ve meet before”.

Instead of answering his question, the female commando moved her hands towards her head, reaching for her face mask. Straight away the security officer made a move to his phaser one his hip. However, Admiral Aaron, sensing this movement, turned his body slightly to show the officer his hand, Palm facing the officer.

Watching the security officer stand at ease, the Admiral turned his attention back to the fame commando. He saw her hesitate, then using her hands she pulled her facemask off, dropping it to the floor beside her.

Straight away Commander Joros froze, staring her in the face was someone who shouldn’t be, someone that at one time had caused great pain to the crew of the Zuikaku. Again, the commander was back in the space surrounding the outer sol system. Red alert klaxons blaring, the smell of burnout circuitry filling the air, as she watched as a satellite station disingrated on the forward view screen of the Zuikaku.

Commander Joros could tell that the admiral was also remembering that time. For one of the few times her betazoid abilities came to the fore, and she could sense from him pain, sorrow, anger and a sense of loss. She could also tell by the admirals face that he was trying to process of he was seeing. Something, that normally shouldn’t even be possible was now standing before them.

“You could say we have meet before Admiral. Just before I died”.

Staring the admiral in the face, was Lieutenant Junior Grade Emilia Richardson.

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