Aug 022015

U.S.S. Zuikaku
“Classified Staging Area”
Alpha Quadrant

Admiral Aaron Lawford reached up with his hands to rub his tired eyes. It seemed like he had been staring at Engineering updates, fleet deployments, and war reports for his entire life. Despite the darkened state of his ready room, and the soft glow of his computer terminal, he didn’t help the feeling his eyes were made of scratched up cardboard.

Sighing, the admiral again went over to his replicator, it seemed like every thirty minutes he needed to refresh himself, though he was certain that was an illusion.

“Drink Supplement one zero four, no sugar” stated the Admiral to the replicator.

“Please state Supplement temperature requirement” responded the computer. Its emotionless voice agitating the admiral.

“The requirements are in the supplement program you walking voicebox” replied the admiral angrily “Temperature setting four point nine”.

In a shimmer of light and sparkles, the hot drink appeared on the replicators opening. Wasting no time, the admiral picked up the drink, and took a long draw from the warm liquid. Grimacing, the admiral walked back to his desk with the cup in his hand. He was certain the computer had not made the drink quite hot enough just to spite him because of his remark.

Must be more tired than I realized. Thought the Admiral. I’m abusing the computer.

Taking time for the warm liquid to fill his body with its slight warmth, the Admiral again looked at the data pad in front of him. It was details about the upcoming fleet operation he was in charge of. It had required the admiral to do alot of convincing of starfleet command to get the operation approved. Even then, Starfleet believed the operation; if successful, would merely slow the Iconians down.

We have to do something. Thought the Admiral. The Iconian’s are wearing us down one planet after another.

Admiral Aaron also believed, that if they didn’t start the operation. The Planets of Bajor, Betazed, Trill, Cardissa and several others would come under direct Iconian Invasion. While there was nothing to prove his assumption, considering that the Iconian’s had done, it wouldn’t be a far guess.

Taking a few seconds, the admiral tapped a series of commands into his computer console. With a simmering light, a holographic display appeared of a large star with a single blue and green planet floating above his desk.

Lambda Bootis System.

The Admiral took the time to look at the star systems name again. To the left hand side, red triangles, squares and diamonds filtered through the system nearest to its single planet. The size of the red icons was large enough that it could almost be described as a sea of red. The Admiral knew the red was the last updated composition of the enemy fleet.

However, the Admiral also knew all that matter, was the planet. The planet was the real objective of the fleet action. His ship, Zuikaku, was destined for that planet. The Admiral also knew that alot of officers would die in the upcoming engagement. But the admiral also knew this operation, now approved, had to succeed. If it succeeded, they would gain nothing but time, but at this stage in the war, time was exactly what they needed.

As Admiral Aaron continued to stare at the star system in front of him, he couldn’t shake a feeling. As the feeling started to become concise, the admiral wished strongly it wasn’t true, and couldn’t remember a time despite everything he had seen and done, when he had this feeling before.

It was a feeling, that Zuikaku would go into Lambda System, but she would never return from it.

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