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I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.


Admiral Aaron took some time to find his voice, and when he did, it was still heavy with sorrow, heavy with regret, and a tint of anger.

“How can you be here?” Asked the admiral. “I watched a station go up with you still on it”.

“Yes” replied Emilia. “I saw the report on my death, when I was in your computer system”.

“Why were you and your team in our computer system?” Asked Joros.

Joros watched Emilia shrug, and with a slight smirk to her face. “I was curious”.

“That’s not the real reason why” replied Admiral Aaron “Both for your mission, and your personal interest”.

When Emilia didn’t respond, the admiral continued. “No, you initially weren’t here for personal files and reports. You were here for something else. Once you had gotten what you wanted, something caused you to search….. Yourself out”. Commander Joros noticed the admiral had difficulty finishing his sentence.

Commander Joros could see Emilia’s slight smirk fade away, she watched as Emilia took a deep breath. Joros could see the Emilia in front of her, obliviously in distress, it was like she wanted to tell her entire pain to the world, no, more like to the individual in front of her. There was something about the admiral that was causing Emilia some great distress, like he was the key to something she had been wanting to find for her entire life. Of course the oblivious being what was supposed to be a dead crewman standing in front of the commander added to the mystery.

“Do you know what it is like to have no hope, nothing in your future?” Asked Emilia.

Before either the admiral or the commander could respond, Emilia continued. “To be surrounded by enemies every day, to have to do things so wrong just to survive. At first it was fun, I enjoyed playing the game” Admiral Aaron watched as Emilia comprose herself before continuing. “But then you see yourself in a mirror, your shadow, after so many years of denying that nagging voice in the back of your head, saying, this ain’t you, this is what the world made you”.

Admiral Aaron was starting to get the feeling there was more to this story, and he was eager to find out the truth. He never liked mysteries in his personal life, more so when they could have a negative effect on his crew, his family, or himself.

“Where are you from?” Asked the Admiral. “Because it is oblivious you aren’t a clone, or a duplicate”.

Instead of answering the Admirals question, Emilia proposed another.
“You captured our tricorders didn’t you?”

“We recovered your data storage devices yes, and in the process of finding out what you wanted” replied Commander Joros. “But why don’t you just tell us, it would make it easier, and might actually help you”.

Admiral Aaron could notice the smirk on Emilia return.

“Where would be the fun in that?”

“Please, just tell us what you wanted” asked Admiral Aaron softly. Commander Joros could tell the admiral had asked in his gentlemanly voice.

“While what we wanted may interested you, I think you will be more interested when you find out why” replied Emilia.

Admiral Aaron was about to respond, when the comm system interrupted
Bridge to Admiral Lawford”.

Admiral Aaron tapped his combadge. “Admiral Lawford here”

Admiral” even with the slight comm disruption, Commander Joros could tell it was Commader Aisha’s voice. “We have picked up some strange readings coming from the Azure Nebula, where the runabout is headed towards. You will want to come check this our sir”.

“On my way commander, Lawford out”.

Admiral Aaron took a moment to look at Emilia standing in front of him, and watch her give him a slight smile in return, then turned his back to the forcefield and start walking out of the brig. Commander Joros, momentary distracted by the smile offered to the Admiral by Emilia, had to rush to catch up as the admiral exited the brig.

The admiral was making a quick pace walking through the corridors to the turbolift. Commander Joros quickly thought to herself she could create a workout for the crew based on how quickly the admiral walked through the ship.

“Sir, what was that about, how is Lieutenant Richardson in our brig?”

“ I don’t know Commander, hopefully when we examine their tricorders we will find out” replied Admiral Lawford.

Commander Joros could tell there was something not right with the Admiral. “Sir, there was nothing you could have done about Lieutenant Richardson sir, our Lieutenant Richardson sir”.

“I know commander” Admiral Aaron took a moment to breathe a deep sigh “doesn’t help though, seeing her face to face after all this time, even though I know it isn’t her”.

“I know sir, I was just as shocked” replied Commander Joros. “However, that situation was…..”

“Unique” interrupted the Admiral.

“Well, we will have time for answers later. If we captured this runabout and commando squad who attacked us, we might find out quicker what this is all about” stated the admiral.

“Yes sir” replied Commander Joros, just as they reached the turbolift doors.

Waiting for the doors to open, Admiral Aaron and Commander Joros stepped inside.

“Bridge” commanded the Admiral.

As the turbolift started to move to the stated destination. Commander Joros could tell this turbolift was different. Like the turbolift itself was also somehow weighed down with the same questions and knowledge its two passengers had gained in the short time between trips.


As the turbolift doors parted at the bridge, Commander Joros’s questions were still rattling around her head. As she watch the admiral make a beeline for Commander Aisha, she forced herself to put those questions to the back of her mind.

“Report” requested Commander Joros.

“Sir” responded ensign Torina. “ the enemy runabout about ten minutes ago increased speed to warp nine point two. They will reach the azure nebula inside of ten minutes”

“We won’t be able to keep up with them for long Sir” continued ensign Ferruso “ the damage we suffered in our last mission hasn’t been fully repaired yet. We can maintain warp nine point two for maybe another fifteen minutes. Any longer than that and we will need to drop out of warp”

“Any chance we can increase speed ensign?” Asked Commander Joros.

“No sir, any faster will put too much strain onto our warp field”

Commander Joros took a moment to compromise her thoughts, before turning to Commander Tarah. Joros thought for a moment in the darkened state the bridge was in at the moment, that it only seemed to make the Andorians blue screen seem like a dark purple.

“Phaser arrays still don’t have targeting Sir. However, we may have quantum torpedo targeting systems operational in about fifteen minutes”.

“Tell the repair crews to make torpedo targeting our top priority Commander. I want to be able to hit what we shoot at”

“Aye sir” replied Commander Tarah.

While this exchange was going on, Admiral Lawford had moved over to Commander Aisha’s console and was staring deeply at a sensor scanty what looked like a portal, or wormhole. Obliviously what commander Aisha had detected had both the admiral and the commander very curious. Commander Joros, satisfied she couldn’t do anything more, moved over to the science station.

“Admiral, I am guessing you are seeing what I am seeing, correct sir?” Asked commander Aisha, waving her hand at the sensor scan she was currently studying.

“I am Commander” replied Admiral Lawford. “What do you make of it.”

“Sir” replied Commander Aisha. The admiral watched as the commanders hands fly over the console, tapping so many buttons so quickly the sound of the buttons was like a musical orchaster. Up on the commander’s screen, another sensor image appeared, similar in shape to a wormhole, but slightly different.

“The image on our right is one that the Tholians use. There has been evidence and confirmed sittings that sometimes these tunnels appear, and several Tholian ships come out”. Commander Joros watched as icons of tholians ships exiting the portal appeared. Obliviously to give the admiral and the commander a visual of what was being said.

“The image on the left, has been of a portal or wormhole, I’m not sure what sir, appear about ten minutes ago on our sensors” continued commander Aisha

“I thought our long range sensors hadn’t been repaired yet Commander” stated Admiral Lawford.

“They haven’t sir” replied Commander Aisha. “However, I have been tinkering with Zuikaku’s short range sensors over the past couple of months, they have a somewhat greater range than most other starships short range sensors”

“That must cause a bit more power drain Commander” stated Commander Joros, deciding now was the time to inject herself into the conversation.

“Yes, sir” replied Commander Aisha “However, with most of our systems still down or been repaired at the moment, I decided a short burst of energy usage for the sensors was appropriate, causing the circumstances”

Admiral Lawford smiled. I like her initative. Thought the admiral.

“Well done commander, now what’s up with this second sensor reading” said Admiral Lawford, keen to get back on track to what had interested the commander so much.

“There are two, no three differences between the Tholian wormhole and the one the runabout is headed towards sir”. Said Commnader Aisha, turning her chair around from facing the admiral to facing her console once again.

“One, the wormhole has a different flow direction. What I mean is why the Tholian wormhole has more forced directed outward, like an exit,, this one has a flow more towards itself, or inward”

“What do you think the significance of that is Commander?” Asked Admiral Lawford.

“If I were to speculate sir, I would say this wormhole is meant for being entered into, like a door”

“So there is a good chance that is their escape route Admiral” commented Commander Joros to the admiral.

“Agreed, Commander”

“Second, sirs” continued Aisha. “Is that this wormhole has a slight temporal variance to it, not much, but enough that it could be significant, or have an effect on any ship entering the wormhole”

“Time travel!” Stated Commander Joros. “You sure commander?”.

Commander Aisha took a moment to comprise her reply. “I cannot be hundred percentage sure. However these readings you seem to indictate there is some temporal occurrence going on”.

“What could be the significance of that” said Admiral Lawford. More to himself than anyone around him.

“Dare I ask about the third difference” asked Commander Joros.

“The third difference is the mystery difference sirs. Theirs a variance in the wormholes subspace structure. Every wormhole is different, even in subtile ways. However, this one has a variance that is big enough that I am concerned this wormhole is different from others”.

“Different how commander?” Asked Admiral Lawford.

“ I honesty not sure sir, I cannot put my finger on it” replied Commander Aisha.

Commander Joros sighed, another dead end in the mystery. But as Commander Joros started to move back to the center of the bridge, she noticed Admiral Aaron stay, looking at Commander Aisha with concern.

“There’s more that you want to say commander, but you are unsure to say it” stated Admiral Aaron. “Whatever it is, please don’t be concerned about voicing an opinion”

Commander Joros watched as Commander Aisha turned back to look at her console briefly, then turn back to face the Admiral. What Commander Joros saw on Aisha’s face was concern, and what looked like a tiny bit of fear.

“Sir, I. Sure I have seen this exact same variance before, personally, and recently”

Admiral Aaron took a moment to digest his officer’s comments. What could have occurred recently that would have been a similar situation. Admiral Aaron couldn’t for the life of himself what this deja’vu was telling him. However he understood his officers concern. Because he had a gut instinct that this missing piece of information, was a very large key to the puzzle.

“Sir, we will be entering the Azure Nebula in three minutes” stated engaging Torina.

“Even short range sensors sir are picking up heavy Tholian activity. The last update from Starfleet and Romulan Republic command are that they expect a Tholian operation is either underway, or is about to get underway, sir” added Commander Tarah.

“Any communication from the runabout Commander?” Asked Commander Joros, as she and the admiral walked down to their respective command chairs.

“No sir” replied Commander Tarah. “Not a single word from them since we began our pursuit”
“I’m not reading any strange signals, or activity from the runabout either sir” commented Commander Aisha.

Engineering to Bridge

“Bridge here” replied Admiral Aaron.

I’ve been analysing the sensor scans of that runabout sir. It’s definitely not a normal runabout. Their power generation is way above what I would expect from this class of ship sir” explained Commander Elbra.

“What you be your expert opinion about this ship Commander?” Asked Admiral Aaron.

“Honesty sir. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ship has the tactical, and power capabilities of a light cruiser sir” replied Elbra

“Acknowledged, Commander” replied Admiral Aaron “Do your best to get as many of our systems back online as possible”

Aye, sir” came the response as the comm system cut off with a small burst of static.

Admiral Aaron took a moment to comprise his thoughts, and within one second decided spin his next course of action.

“Hail the runabout” ordered Admiral Aaron

“Aye sir” replied Commnander Tarah.

Commander Joros watched and heard as Tarah fingers tap several buttons, hesitate for several seconds, before raising her voice again. “No response, sir”.

“Open a comm channel” ordered Commander Joros.

“Aye sir” replied Tarah. Again Commander Tarah fingers swept across her console. Commander Joros heard the familiar sound of the comm system activating. “Channel open sir”.

“This is Admiral Aaron of the Federation vessel Zuikaku” began Admiral Aaron. “You are nearby ordered to cut your engines, come to a full stop and prepare to be boarded”.

Silence greeted his statement.

Admiral Aaron took a quick moment to glance at his first officer, get the same annoyed look from Commander Joros, before continuing.

“If you do not stop we will be forced to open fire, you have committed a act of aggression against a federation ship. You are hear-by ordered to cut your engines”.

Again Silence greeted his statement.

Admiral Aaron made a slashing motion using his hand across his neck to Commander Tarah. With a nod of her head, Commander Tarah closed the comm link.

“Did they receive our communications Commander?” Asked Joros.

“Yes sir, they definitely received it” replied Commander Tarah.

Joros made a quick sigh, before turning her attention to the Admiral.

“Doesn’t look like their interested in talking”

“Agreed” responded Admiral Aaron.

“Sir! The runabout is dropping to impulse, we have reached the Azure Nebula” exclaimed ensign Torina.

“Drop to impulse and stay with them ensign” ordered Admiral Aaron.

Admiral Aaron watched as the streaking lights across the bridges forward view screen change to the blues, reds and oranges of the Azure Nebula. Still squarely in the middle of the view screen, the Admiral watched as the black coloured runabout race ahead. At another period of time, the Admiral would have found looking at the Azure Nebula to be a pleasant experience, even relaxing. The mix of blues, reds and oranges looked like a painter had grabbed his paint, and chucked into onto a constantly moving canvas, allows the colours to swirl into and around one another . However, now in pursuit of a runabout that had caused his ship and crew harm, he had one focus. To bring those on the runabout to justice.

“Sir, that runabout is making a beeline for the wormhole, and they seem eager to get there as soon as they can” stated Commander Aisha from her science station.

“How long until they reach the wormhole commander?” Asked Admiral Aaron.

“About three to four minutes sir” came the reply.

Admiral Aaron turned to look at his first officer, they were rapidly running out of time, with each tick of the clock, their options for finding answers, or stopping the runabout, was dwindling.

Commander Joros could tell the Admiral was thinking, and she agreed with him. But finding an solution to their problems, was difficult.

“Sir, the repair crews have fixed our torpedo targeting systems” injected Commander Tarah.

“Tractor beam?” asked Joros.

“Still several hours sir” replied Commander Tarah.

Commander Joros took a moment to nod to Tarah, before turning her attention back to the admiral.

She could tell he had made his decision, but like most Starfleet officers, he didn’t like the order he was about to give.

“Charge the phasers, load forward torpedo tubes, but keep their yield at twenty percent, I want to disable, not kill” ordered Admiral Aaron.

“Aye sir” replied Tarah.

Commander Joros took a moment to take a deep breath. Time had now run out for a peaceful solution.

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