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I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.


By the time Aaron, Joros and Tarah had reached main engineering, half the senior staff were already huddled around the main diagnostic board that sat in the chief enginer’s office. The Admiral could see Commander Tindorle busy tapping away at her console, it was oblivious she was compiling the data she had found into an easy to read and digest format. By the way Aisha was talking with the commander, she was adding her own information to the commanders.

Walking over to the group of officers, Admiral Aaron received a series of nods from the officers present, and gave one in return. Talking his place near the front of the diagnostic board, the admiral watched his first officer take her place on the opposite side of the table, near the head of the table as well and next to Commander Aisha.

Aaron attempted to hear what his officers were discussing. But it was oblivious they were whispering, as he could barely make out any words in their discussion. Five minutes passed, and the admiral watched as his last senior officer, ensign Tatyana, basically run up to the diagnostic board.

“Sorry sir, was just de-briefing the security teams” her voice tinged with the sound of an apology.

“Understandable ensign” Admiral Aaron turned his head to Commander Tindorle “So what have you found commander?”

Instead of answering him directly, Tindorle turned her head to Commander Aisha.
“Actually sir, it might be best if I start first. It might take longer, but what I have found ties into what the Commander found as well”

Aaron took a moment to consider her request, then nodded.

The senior staff of the Zuikaku watched as Aisha tapped several buttons on the engineering diagnostic board. A small hologram appeared, showing a Yellowstone runabout. With its markings and colours, it was the runabout that had attacked the ship.

“I think you are all familiar with this runabout, if not I will give you a rundown. About three standard hours ago a commando squad from this runabout, invaded the ship, stole data from our engineering core then proceed to escape, after a chase, through a wormhole in the azure nebula”.

Aaron watched as several of his senior staff nod. He also watched as several senior staff, who had not been present at the engagements, seem to move closer to the hologram. As if narrowing the distance would allow for the ship to be burned within their minds.

Without wanting for any questions, Aisha continued.

“This ship displayed the power generation capabilities of a small cruiser. With extended warp and tactical capabilities that are far beyond what we thought was capable with a Yellowstone class runabout. We had no idea where this ship was built, or who could have designed it….. Until now”

Aaron perked up at the end of Aisha’s statement “Until now? What have you found?”

Another series of taps on the engineering console followed. Another image appeared, this one of a Starfleet symbol. This symbol had the standard federation twin pair of leaves next to an oval shape. But instead of the federation star symbol, it showed a silhouette of a starship.

“Starfleet’s prototype starship division. They are responsible for designing, and sometimes trying prototype for starships and other small craft. One of their projects from a short while ago was redesigning a Yellowstone runabout to have more capabilities than the general craft. The aim was to have a runabout that was more capable of handling more dangerous missions”

Tarah, obliviously studying the symbol in front of her, spoke to Aisha without moving her focus from the hologram.

“So you’re saying that the ship that attacked us, was one of our own designs put into production”

A shake of Aisha’s head greeted Tarah’s question.

“Officially no. The project was shelved due to what would occur to the runabout if it took too much damage, even relatively minor damage compared to normal Yellowstone runabouts”

“And that would be….” Asked Tarah, still engrossed by the hologram.

“The runabout had a tenancy to have its warp core breach, regardless of the safety measures in place to try and prevent that”

“Oh” responded Tarah, pulling her head back from the hologram. As if she was afraid it would explode.

A sigh emitted from Joros, and with a turn of her head she looked Aisha directly into her eyes.

“Dare I ask about unofficially?”

A series of taps on a data pad Aisha was holding followed. Admiral Aaron couldn’t tell if the commander was accessing data, or delaying so she could find the right words to answer the Joros question.

“Unofficially, the prototype wasn’t mothballed, it was sent, as far as I can tell, on an expedition to see if this issues could be resolved. One of those expeditions, was to visit several members of the Romulan Republic to display the runabout to”

“So, they were sent on a road trip as best could be described in human terms” stated Ronu. Even with her Saurian pink skin and reptile eyes, Aaron would have sworn that sometimes she had been a native of humans her entire life, the admiral forced those thoughts out of his head as Ronu continued. “And it’s not good we would sent a prototype ship with its technology to a foreign power. What’s significant about them visiting members of the Romulan Republic?”

“Not so much on who they visited. More in where and when they visited these representatives”

Another series of button taps followed, the Starfleet symbol was replaced by an image of an alien space station, alien to the designs the federation used for its own space stations.

However, Admiral Aaron didn’t need to be told the stations name, or where it was located. He had seen it several times himself on reports, and heard its name from several reports he had read from captains in the hundred first fleet.

“Vauthil Station”

A nod from Aisha followed. “Correct sir, we have evidence that the runabout passed by extremely close to Vauthil Station. What’s even more interesting is the timeframe they were passing by the station”

“That timeframe being?” Asked Joros.

“About the time the mirror universe incursions were occurring at the station, and the surrounding space”.

Admiral Aaron didn’t need to be told what that meant. Any Starfleet officer knew if an emergency situation arose. It was best for all non-combat ships to leave the area, or find the safe location.

“Didn’t Obex report that no incursions were made onto the station itself?” Asked Lunhul.

“Correct, his official report states that no mirror personal managed to make their way onto Vauthil station”

“However…” started Elbra, speaking for the first time since the meeting had begun “reports also indicate that the stations shields were fluctuating during several of the incursion attempts. It is very possible several mirror personal did indeed invade the station, and managed to make off with something in the confusion”

“What does the Starfleet prototype division report state regarding what happened to the runabout? Unofficially of course” asked Aaron.

“Unofficially the runabout is classified as missing, presumed destroyed. The SPD consider it likely the ship was caught by mirror forces and destroyed” responded Aisha.

“It would be logical to assume the runabout wasn’t destroyed, but captured by mirror forces” stated Sasik. Commander Joros couldn’t help but mentally roll her eyes at the Vulcans statement.


Aaron took a moment place his hand on his chin. It was definitely an interesting set of circumstances, and unsurprising considering that some Starfleet divisions sometimes tested or conducted operations “off the book”. However, as usual with those operations, it had come back to bite Starfleet on its rear end.

“Wait a minute” interrupted Tarah “if the runabout was captured, wouldn’t it be logical to assume the ship would have been taken back to the staging area for the attacks?”

“Would be the most logical option” stated Sasik.

“Wasn’t that base destroyed by Starfleet forces?”

“The raid you are taking about was conducted by Captain Kayilee. And it was more of a search and destroy that turned into a running battle” added Aaron.

“Captain Kayilee of the USS Daddario sir?” Asked Tarah.

“Yes commander”

“However” begun Joros. “Captain Kayilee in her report stated her strike team was discovered prior to extraction. It is likely, or possible if the runabout was there, they were able to escape with it”

“Also logical to assume since the possible date of the runabout being stolen, and the Daddarios raid were several days apart. That the runabout was not there when the Daddario destroyed the station” stated Sasik.
Admiral Aaron decided to get the conversation back on track. There was still more to discuss.

“Very interesting Commander’s” stated Aaron “what else have you found out”.

“That wormhole we saw in the Azure Nebula, is tied to the mirror universe as well” stated Elbra.

“How were you able to confirm that?” Asked Joros.

Another series of taps on the engineering diagnostic board followed, as Aisha tapped a new series of commands into the console. Replacing the Romulan space station. Was a visual of two wormholes, side by side.

“The wormhole on the left is data from assaults on Vauthil station. The wormhole on the right is data from the wormhole we saw earlier. As you can see….” As Aisha paused, two data graphs appeared either side of the wormholes, before moving towards the centre of the holographic display and merging together. Every bar and graph was basically the same, save for one.

“The two wormholes are almost identical, there is one definable difference between them”

“The temporal variance. The wormholes at Vauthil station didn’t have them, ours did” concluded Elbra.

Aaron had to raise his eyebrows slightly “Time travel?”

“Indeed sir” stated Elbra. Moving over to replace Aisha had the side of the table, she tapped several commands into the console. The wormhole with the temporal variance became dominated on the hologram. On either side of the wormhole, silhouettes of starships appeared.

“As Commander Aisha reported to you earlier Admiral, it looks like the runabout, just before entering the wormhole, modified its deflector dish. As far as I am able to tell, it seemed to be emitting tachyon particles in a different frequency to the wormhole”

“Curious as to why they modified the wormhole this way” stated Sasik

“logically if their desire was time travel, they had already created the means to travel through time”

“That is indeed correct Lieutenant” started Elbra “However, we have data that states someone else opened the wormhole for them. I suspect it was whoever was on the opposite side”

“Your conclusions regarding this Commander” asked Aaron.

“I suspect sir, that the runabout modifying its deflector dish, was like a return pulse to a signal emitted from the ship that opened the wormhole for them… Most likely in the mirror universe”


“There’s more sir. I suspect that the ship on the other side of the wormhole, is at least three weeks into our perceived future”

Aaron quickly raised his head to look at Elbra directly in the eyes.

A deep breathe emitted from Elbra “the temporal variance sir. If I were to put a timeframe on it, based on the information we have regarding its tachyon emissions, places it about three weeks from our current stardate”.
Elbra placed her hands on the engineering console, and tapped a single button. One holographic display, the ship on the left hand side of the wormhole emitted a beam from its deflector dish. The wormhole fluctuated slightly, then the runabout on the right hand side seem to change its own deflector dish. Moving towards the wormhole, the runabout passed through the wormhole, emerging on the opposite side.

“The starship on the opposite side of the wormhole emits a beam to modify the wormhole slightly, kicking out its temporal variance. The runabout on the opposite side changes its deflector dish to emit like a counterpoint to the temporal variance. This would enable the runabouts computers to detect any changes it needs to make to its own tachyon field. Basically sir, the runabout used its deflector to ensure that when it travelled through time, it would appear at the same time and place as the ship on the opposite side of the wormhole.

Commander Joros took a moment to digest the information that had been given. Crossing her arms over her chest, and staring at the hologram for a moment for looking the admiral in the eye.

“Basically sir. It wouldn’t have mattered if we had gone through the wormhole after them. We could have ended by weeks behind or ahead of when they actually returned to their space, since temporal ruptures can be very unstable”.

Admiral Aaron took a moment to think, he was however saved from voicing his thoughts when Lieutenant Sasik spoke up.

“A fascinating method to ensure one would appear at the right time and place when time travelling. However extremely limited as it is”.

A nod of several heads in agreement greeted the Lieutenants statement.
Aaron took a moment to sigh, before looking at Aisha and Elbra. “I’m guessing you have one more bombshell to drop Commanders?”

A wince greeted his question, as both Elbra and Aisha took the moment to look at one another, before returning their gaze to the admiral.

“Not one sir, two bombshells” said Aisha

“We have found out what information they stole from our databanks. They were looking for it specifically” concluded Elbra.

Admiral Aaron could tell by the looks his two commanders were giving him, the news wasn’t going to be good at all.

“Hit me” stated Aaron.

A series of taps on the engineering console followed. Along the holographic display, several holograms appear of torpedoes, phaser arrays, shield designs, impulse engine modifications. The holograms spun on an axis, varying in height and direction.

A deep pit opened in the admiral’s stomach. He had seen these holograms before, several months ago, at the headquarters for Starfleet engineers.

“The mark fourteen project”

“Yes sir” responded Elbra, her voice heavy.

Several of the Zuikaku’s senior crew drew back upon the statement. Each of them knew the significance of this discover, as well as the fact that it had been stolen.

It was ensign Tatyana who voiced the question that needed to be asked.
“Excuse me sirs, what exactly is the Mark Fourteen project?”

Commander Elbra looked at Admiral Aaron, who in returned nodded once. Turning to look at Tatyana, Elbra began to speak.

“You know how ships phaser array is a type twelve system. The mark fourteen project is to equip the Zuikaku’s with the next generation of weaponry, propulsion and defensive technology developed by Starfleet. This includes type fourteen phaser arrays, torpedoes, and a whole host of technological advancements”

“Its part of our maintenance overall we have scheduled in the next few months” added Aaron.

“Basically” stated Elbra “it is the next generation of technology Starfleet vessels will be outfitted with. The technology our ships will use for some time”

Ensign Tatayana drew back from one the table. “So you’re saying…..”

“That the mirror universe now has access to technology and weapon advancements that could make them a lot more dangerous than they are already” responded Joros.

The statement hung in the air like a bad smell. The senior crew of the Zuikaku’s already knew the cost the mirror universe attempted invasion had caused. Mirror universe ships, armed with mark fourteen based weaponry, could cause a whole lot more pain and misery.

Admiral Aaron looked at Commander Aisha. “What’s the second bombshell”?

Aisha looked at the admiral directly in the eye, and didn’t waste a heartbeat.

“We found out exactly who sent that squad after U.S. From the mirror universe”

“Who!” Aaron’s voice was sharp, hard. Commander Joros could tell the admiral didn’t realise how he sounded right at this time.

“You” stated Elbra, directing her vision at the admiral.

Admiral Aaron draw back, a look of shock on his face. That expression quickly changed as a look of realisation appeared. Closing his blue eyes, the admiral sighed deeply before uttering a single sentence.

“My mirror universe counterpart”

“Yes sir” responded Elbra.

A sense of shock fall over the senior crew. Memories flowed in each officer’s mind about the incident in the Vega system. It had been a routine search and rescue mission, which had turned into anything but routine for the crew.

“How do you know?” Asked Admiral Aaron, opening his blue eyes to look at Commander Elbra.

“The tricorders, sir” responded Elbra. Another series of taps followed on the engineering console.

“When I examined the tricorders, I noticed they had some base data in their core programming. It seems these tricorders were also stolen at some time from different locations in our universe. However, whoever stole them didn’t realise one of their base functions is to sync with any computer system it is attached too.”

Elbra took a breathe before continuing.

“The tricorders do this to get base information. The stardate, ship time, as well as the ship it is on. This is to ensure tricorders are sync to the computer system, to prevent data corruption. I found the ship name that the tricorders were last connected to, before ours”.

A quick series of taps followed, and a single ship name appeared in the hologram system floating above the console.

I.S.S Zuikaku.

Commander Joros looked at the ship name, before looking at the admiral.

“Guess we know where our guest came from sir”

“Indeed, Commander” replied Aaron. Looking at the ship name again, a sense of relief, anger, and worry swirled around the admiral. “But I don’t know if this is better, or worse”.

“So what are you orders sir?” Asked Joros.

Admiral Aaron took a moment to comprise his thoughts, realistically there wasn’t more they could do.

“We will proceed will repairs at New Romulus. Once we have beamed our security teams we left on the planet back we will assume standing orders once repairs are complete. We are to patrol Romulan Republic space for the meanwhile”.

“And the mirror universe commando squad sir?”

“I’ll inform the Romulan Republic government and Starfleet Command. They will decide the next move, and if it involves us”.

Aaron took a moment to look around at his senior crew gathered around the engineering console.

“Good work people. Elbra and Aisha, I want you to summarise what you just told us in a report. I send it to Starfleet Command along with my own report, everyone else, dismissed”

Dismissed from the meeting, the senior crew of the Zuikaku moved away from the engineering console to the door leading out of main engineering. The sound of dozen feet hitting the deck lead to a small echo revolving around the room. Only Admiral Aaron and Commander Joros remained at the engineering console.

Joros, moving over to the admiral’s side of the table, stopped beside him. Leaning towards the admiral, Joros spoke in nothing more than a whisper, that even the admiral had a hard time hearing.

“What about our prisoner’s sir?”

Leaning towards the commander, Aaron lowered his voice to a whisper as well.

“Contact Starfleet security on New Romulus. Tell them we have two high value prisoners who need immediate transport back to Earth”

Nodding, Joros began to move away from the Admiral, before noticing he was still staring at the ISS Zuikaku hologram name.

“But..?” Joros began to ask.

Admiral Aaron took a moment to glance away from the hologram floating before him.

“Before that, I want to speak to one of them before they leave this ship”

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