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I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.


Several weeks ago – Earth Space Dock – Sector 001

Admiral Quinn sat at his desk in Earth Space Dock. Surprising his desk was clear this day, which he had never seen happen before. Of course there was a simply reason, he had requested any PADD or documents be filed and placed away.

Just one day of no paperwork, Thought the admiral.

A chime interrupted his thoughts, tapping his hand on his communications panel, he activated the communications system.


A female voice responded. The Admiral couldn’t remember her name, but did know she was on Earth space dock for some practical experience as part of her academy studies.

“Sir, Admiral Lawford is here to see you”.

“Send him in please” responded Quinn.

A second later, the doors to his office whooshed open. Entering at what the admiral knew as a sedate pace for this individual, but most other captains thought of as a brisk jog, was a male Starfleet Admiral in his 30’s. The 6 foot, blue eyed, dark brown hair individual wore the standard odyssey uniform, but on his left should wore an unusual circular patch.

Most uniforms were standard, with no identifying signs of starship or fleet affiliation. However, this individual subscribed to a practice that had been around before even the Federation had been founded. The patch was mostly black, expect for in the centre where it was a riot of green and yellow.

Just above centre, pictured in flight, was an Earth bird, a crane to be precise. Below the bird was a Sovereign class cruiser, facing towards the admiral as if the ship itself was ready to warp out of the patch towards his eyes. The name, USS Zuikaku, was embroiled in white wording below the ship.

The Admiral had known this individual for many years, and while their paths didn’t cross often, Quinn knew him as an excellent Starfleet officer.

“Admiral Aaron Lawford, thank you for coming” said Quinn has he extended out his hand

Admiral Aaron, wearing an ever increasing grin, clasped Quinn’s hand and shook firmly but not strongly.

“It’s no problem Sir. Was just going over with Captain Tote how the USS Ryujo is progressing”.

Nodding, Quinn pointed his head to the chair on the opposite side of his desk “Please sit down Admiral”

Quinn watched as the individual in front of him not so much sat, as more flopped down onto the chair in front on him.

“Again, apologises for this short notice Admiral, but there is a matter myself, and Starfleet Command need to discuss with you”.

Instantly, the carefree nature of the Admiral Aaron in front of him was replaced. Gone was the smile, and what replaced it was a serious intent face that was fully engaged with listening.

Raising his voice slightly, Quinn spoke “Computer, engage protocol sigma three nine”.

Around the office, lights dimmed, the sound of humming was replaced with silence. One could even describe it as if they have entered a tomb, and the door had been closed behind them. Which was quite adapt as the door had just sealed itself from anyone entering the admiral’s office.

“Protocol Sigma Three Nine engaged” responded the electronic voice of the computer.

Quinn watched as Admiral Aaron looked around “Don’t see that protocol activated every day”

“No you don’t” responded Quinn.

Taking a moment to compose his thoughts, Quinn continued.

“Are you aware of the USS Prism?” asked Quinn

Nodding, Admiral Aaron responded “I do, Nebula class vessel, disappeared during the Battle for Sol during the Iconian offensive, presumed destroyed”.

“Well, she wasn’t destroyed. Apparently during the battle, they entered one of the Iconian portals, and somehow ended up about 4 weeks travel from the Federation borders, roughly in Sector C153. She has been communication with us for a while, exploring the region for the past few months”

“I take it they found something that has Command concerned”

Nodding, Quinn tapped his console. Appearing in between themselves, was a projection of diagrams, waveforms, and sensor data sprang up.

Waiting for Admiral Aaron as his eyes browsed over the data, Quinn spoke “See anything in particular”.

For a short period, Quinn believed there was a chance that Admiral Aaron wouldn’t see the key data. However, those fears were short lived as he watched the Admirals eyes narrow, and a cold look appear over his face.

“Elachi and Solanae readings” stated Aaron.

“Correct” responded Quinn. Quinn couldn’t help but noticed Aaron’s right arm, in what appeared to sub conscious movement, cradle the left hand side of his chest.

“The Prism detected these readings at long range. What’s more important, is that even that that long range, the power signature was still big”

“Not good when it concerns those two species” stated Aaron. Looking up, Aaron asked the next question Quinn knew was coming “Can’t we ask the Prism to investigate further?”

Shaking his head, Quinn responded “We would, if we hadn’t lost all contact with the Prism as of one week ago, which leads to why I asked you here”.

Tapping his console again, the data that had separated the two individuals like a wall disappeared.

“Starfleet Command has concerns the Elachi and Solanae are creating something, something big. I’m ordering Task force eleven comprised of Zuikaku, Ryujo, Aleutian, Amsterdam and Colquhoun to investigate. It will take you roughly four weeks at maximum warp to reach the sector where the settings could be”.

“Once we reach the area sir?” Asked Aaron

“If possible, try to determine why we lost contact with the Prism. If you cannot re-establish contact, search for what’s causing these power readings, and destroyed it, if necessary, at all cost”.

Hearing a breath from the individual sitting in front of him, Quinn watched as Aaron processed the information.

“I’ll send Zuikaku with Aleutian, Amsterdam and Colquhoun ahead of myself to a staging area near the coordinates sir” stated Aaron “Ryujo still needs one week minimum before she can follow, with her superior speed she can catch up, I’ll tag Captain Tote and Ryujo on the trip”.

Nodding, Quinn could see that Admiral Aaron still had something on his mind “Something else Admiral?”

Seemingly lost in thought, Aaron turned his head slightly to the side “Why me sir? There are lots more Captains and Admirals with more experience than myself, and are closer to the region”.

Quinn took a moment to consider his next words, but decided flat out honesty was better. “Because, of the Battle of Lambis Bootis in the Iconian war, and your part in it”

Watching Admiral Aaron’s reaction of surprise, Quinn continued “Your… unique tactics in that battle is what Starfleet Command believes will be needed in this situation to deal with the Elachi and Solanae”.

Sighing, Admiral Aaron responded, but his voice was low, almost like the sound of a wounded animal. “I think Command puts too much stock in that battle sir. Considering what happened”.

“There was nothing much more you could have done Admiral, and considering the circumstances, I doubt many people would have survived”. Responded Quinn

Nodding, Admiral Aaron rose from his chair. But, it was as if he was now weighing ten kilos more than when he sat down.

“I’ll head out to Ryujo immediately to contact the rest of the task force to issue orders. Myself and Captain Tote might also be able to shave a few days off of her departure time”.

Watching Admiral Aaron walk towards the door, Quinn decided to offer one last piece of advice “Admiral, do not underestimated the Elachi or the Solanae”.

His friendly cheerful grin returning, Quinn could see some energy returning to Admiral Aaron

“Don’t worry Admiral, I won’t estimate what those two species are capable of”

“I hope so Admiral” responded Quinn “I don’t want to in a few weeks to call in another Captain to go looking for another missing starship and her crew”.

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