Oct 162016


Morning Everyone, and welcome to another Gamma shift. Our mission today, to present to the Federation the next 101st/102nd Fleet “State of the Fleet” monthly address for October 2016.

So, without further ado. Lets put on our uniforms, make a very weird vulcan tea mix, and go to our posts 🙂


Our Respective Facebook pages were very busy again as usual. It is great to see so many good pictures and videos being presented by our members.

First off, Admiral Ieon says he has a present for USS Zuikaku. I wonder what it is.

Torpedos away

Ieon also made up a nice patch for the 101st fleet. Show casting our starbase. Thank you again Ieon.

101st Fleet Starbase

Ieon also made a patch for the 102nd Fleet starbase as well.

102nd Fleet Starbase

101st and 102nd Fleet ships meet together in sector space.

101st & 102nd Fleets

Remember, you can join the 101st fleet and 102nd fleet facebook pages by searching for our names on Facebook. Also, Facebook pages are open to everyone to post their captains, ships, experiences and stories. So please feel free to post and contribute. We would love to hear from you.


Thats a big Gorn you have there

Star Trek Online – Artifacts


Star Trek Online – Agents of Yesterday, continues its journey on October 25th 2016. When the next major patch brings a new fleet holding, new lighting improvements to Holodeck, and a new featured episode called “Artifacts” which continues the storyline.

You can read a brief description on the new major patch on the below link.


Fleet Station K-13 Fleet Holding


Come October 25th, as related above, fleets will be getting a new fleet holding. This holding is called K-13 and is based on the Federation station that disappeared in 2270.

This station includes new Fleet Engineering consoles, BOFFS, ground and space weaponary.

I have looked at this new station on tribble, and the map it is on is beautiful. There you interact with objects in the map holding the starbase. Destroy a few asteroids, meet some new species etc.

If you would like a brief overview of what is coming, please check this below link.


Lootcriiter, also has a dedicated blog explaining everything you can get in this new station. Please also check out the below link.


Infinity Lock Box – New Ships

Lock box 33

Cryptic have added some new additions to the Infinity lockbox. This includes some new ships that have been added to the lock box itself, as well as the lobi store.

Cardassian Keldon Cruiser [T6]
Jem’Hadar Dreadnought Carrier [T6]
Jem’Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier [T6]

The details of these ships, as well as there stats, can be found in the following link.



Next months “State of the Fleet” will be posted on November 19th 2016. As always, if you have suggestions or comments for this article, please let me know.

I hope to see you out there in sector space captains. Happy Warp Speed.

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