Jun 152017

USS Zuikaku has had a few interesting months in 2416. Several missions, encounters, and other unknowns. Below is just a brief explanation and details of what one of the 101st fleet flagships has been up to 🙂

I not giving away everything know, have to keep some secrets to surprise you lot with. If I ever get time again to get back into writing my stories.

Stardate 94613.5 to Stardate 94688.17

USS Zuikaku continues to reside in the Sol System, at Spacedock 37. Continuing to be a training vessel for the latest cadets coming through Starfleet academy. The cadets continue to be surprised by the efficiency of the ship, with Zuikaku still rating one of the most powerful ships in Starfleet in relation to power generation.

Chief engineer Tinordle continues to rise her “cadet count”. Putting cadets who speak negatively of the Zuikaku through jobs and experiences engineers would only see in the most trying of times. Commander Tinordle rises her count to eleven cadets when a cadet makes the mistake of claiming he could get more power out of a shuttle, and that the Sovereign class should be retired.

Zuikaku’s maintenance overhaul continues, with the Starfleet corps of engineers finishing up repairs to the ship suffered during the Iconian war, most notable during the Battle of Lambis Bootis. Her structural support along the dorsal fore saucer section are fully replaced and reinforced. Starfleet corps of engineers Commander Trigl, remarks to Admiral Lawford that next time the admiral wishes to go swimming, to use a swimming pool. Apparently, the admiral responds by simply smiling.

The new senior crew members, Lieutenant Tosayl, and Ensigns Murgek & Sopama enter their third month with the Zuikaku crew. These three crew members continue to learn and adapt to their new roles.

During this time, Admirals Lawford and Roxana, set a date for tactical exercises between the Zuikaku and the Queen Mary.
USS Zuikaku, finishes her tour of service for Starfleet academy, and makes preparations to leave Spacedock 37 for the first time in almost five months.

Stardate 94703.33
USS Zuikaku leaves Spacedock 37. She continues to reside near the Sol system waiting to rendezvous with the USS Queen Mary for tactical exercises.

Stardate 94712.11
USS Zuikaku & USS Queen Mary conduct their tactical exercises. At the end of the battle drills, no clear winner between the two ships is found. However, Admiral Lawford remarks “Zuikaku was definitely on the defensive during the exercises, she was definitely the underdog once the exercise commenced, and it was hard for us to press any sort of advantage. Though, when we were able to push our advantage, we did punish the Queen Mary severely”.

Stardate 94717.58
USS Zuikaku rendezvous with supply convoy Zeta-Echo-Trill-One just outside the Wolf 359 system. Zuikaku will escort the convoy all the way to Starbase 101.

Stardate 94741.18
USS Zuikaku, with convoy Zeta-Echo-Trill-One, arrives at Starbase 101. This is the first time in 2 years the Zuikaku has come back to Starbase 101, the 101st fleets home Starbase.

Stardate 94765.8
USS Zuikaku leaves Starbase 101. During the stay at the Starbase, Admiral Lawford receives updates on the Tzenkethi situation, as well as 101st fleet deployments in the Antos Sector.

Stardate 94766.03 to Stardate 94839.79
(<strong>Setting of the story Star Trek Online Zuikaku: Ghosts</strong>)

USS Zuikaku proceeds to the Risa sector, to investigate the random disappearances of freighters in the sector over the proceeding 12 months. While it has been three months since the last disappearance, as well as three months since Admiral Lawford decided to investigate.
Several weeks later, a few breakthroughs in the investigation lead the Zuikaku to the cause of the disappearances. The cause is stopped, however Admiral Lawford, after the incident, raises a high priority report to Starfleet Command. Over the next several days, several Starfleet ships are ordered on long term missions to several locations.

Stardate 94851.3
USS Zuikaku sets course for New Romulus. To assist for a period rebuilding the Romulan Republic capital, which suffered heavy losses and damage during the Iconian war 2 years ago.

Stardate 94867.72
USS Zuikaku and USS Britannic under the command of Admiral Winter, rendezvous neat the Virinat system. Admirals Lawford &amp; Winters discuss the tactical projections of the Tzenkethi forces and fleet movements.

Stardate 94870.8
USS Zuikaku arrives at New Romulus.

Stardate 94870.8 to Stardate 94928.03
USS Zuikaku reminds in orbit of New Romulus. The crew assist with engineering projects and science projects for advanced food production. Admiral Lawford meets with Commander Jarok of the R.R.W Lleiset several times during this period.

Stardate 94930.76
USS Zuikaku leaves New Romulus, bound for Starbase 101.

Third Elite Swords Calendar year 102, Sword day 45
(<strong>Setting for the Story Star Trek Online Zuikaku: A Sword’s Legacy</strong>)
One their way home, the crew of the Zuikaku run into Q, the omnipotent being. While not the same Q Starfleet has dealth with in the past, this Q takes particular interest in Admiral Lawford. Before the crew of the Zuikaku can determine his intentions, the ship is taken to an unknown location, with unknown stars and no way to communicate with the outside world, and the Admiral is missing.

Stardate 94984.57
(<strong>Setting for the story Star Trek Online Zuikaku: Fake Truths</strong>).
Continuing their way home, the USS Zuikaku detects a distress call from a Starfleet vessel. Diverting to investigate, the crew find a derelict Miranda class ship. However, not is all that it seems. What is truth? What is fiction? What is reality, and how can we tell the difference? More importantly, how does one know one’s truths, and one’s fictions?

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