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Stardate 95286.9

Captain T’Pun was doing what most starfleet captains did the majority of the time. Logically, it was what captains did the most. However, for T’Pun, a Vulcan, she could still not understand the human logic of putting it off, or thinking it actually didn’t exist.

Paperwork, or in this case datapad work.

It made no difference she was on the bridge of the Vizier, one of the newest launched Archon class starships. Datapad work was datapad work. Around her, the crew of the Vizier went about their business. T’Pun was indeed perplexed. The crew of the Vizier had undertaken two weeks ago a dangerous mission. the first for the ship and crew. Yet, she detected no stress, emotional outbursts as a result of the mission.

Maybe starfleet crew were indeed embracing logic more than many Vulcans thought.

A beep at a console distracted T’Pun from her thoughts. A Bajoran ensign, manning the console, glanced over at the noise.

“Captain, I am picking up a distress call, just under one light year away. Its faint”.

T’Pun mussed for a second, less than a light year away, and the signal was faint. Either there was some sort of interference, or the sender was indeed in server trouble.

“Lets hear it” ordered T’Pun

A scratchy noise filled the bridge. Distortion filled the bridge. For a Vulcan, who was born with highly sensitive hearing, the distortion was almost painful.

“This is…….. Zu….. suff…… stru…… us………ne…..sit”.

“Anymore ensign?” asked T’Pun.

“No mam, the signal is pretty bad. However, I am detecting a unique carrier wave with the signal. It’s Starfleet, I am checking our records now”.

At that moment, the turbolift doors opened. Commander Yarud, the chief engineer of the Vizier walked onto the bridge.

“Captain?” asked Yarud, seeing the commotion on the bridge.

“We have detected what appears to be a Starfleet distress signal. Ensign Bolon is determining more now”.

Working over to ensign Bolon’s station, Commander Yarud started to look into the same readouts the ensign had been monitoring before. A minute passed before Ensign Bolon’s head snapped up.

“Captain, I have confirmed the unique carrier wave, its from the USS Zuikaku”.

Upon hearing that name, Commander Yarud’s head snapped up, moving beside the ensign, concerned spread over his face. “He’s right mam, this is the particular carrier wave. I remember because Commander Tinordle came up with it”.

T’Pun turned to her helmsman “Time to reach the source of the signal?”

It took only a moment for the helmsman to check his station “One hour at maximum warp mam”.

“Set course and engage ensign” ordered T’Pun.

Around T’Pun, her crew spring into action. Commander Yarud, still wearing the look of concern, walked over and placed himself in the second officer’s set beside T’Pun.Normally, Yarud place would be in main engineering. However, his knowledge of the ship in question sending the distress signal would be invaluable.

There was another reason. In his current state, his emotions for his former crew mates could overwhelm him. It was best for T’pun to keep an eye on her chief engineer. She knew he was a professional, and wouldn’t let feelings interrupt the mission. But T’pun also knew, it would be highly illogical to deny Yarud his emotions. Even as a Vulcan, who had purged all emotion herself, it was still logical to follow the path of a species nature instincts.


Fifty minutes had passed. There had been no further signals, no further communication. T’Pun was watching as her ship, at maximum warp, flew through streaking stars. Commander Yarud was still at her side, engrossed in his console as he went over the original signal again and again. Trying to find any additional information.

“Captain, I am picking up a intense temporal energy field directly in our path. Intercept time, one minute” reported ensign Bolon.

T’Pun reacted immediately “Drop us out of warp, plot the quickest course around the energy field, then resume our original course”.

In the main viewscreen, the streaking stars came to a stop, and returned to their white pinpoints.

“I have a visual on the energy field” reported Ensign Bolon.

“On Screen”.

On the viewscreen, the white point of stars was replaced with a bright intense orange light, the light bobbed and weaved. Like the energy wave, or ribbon was surfing the tides of space.

“The Nexus?” said Yarud. “It is not supposed to be here, its projected course shouldn’t be anywhere near this area of space”.

T’Pun had to agree, it was unusual “Keep our distance. I don’t want us anywhere close to that anomaly”

Ensign Bolon spoke up “Captain, I have back tracked the ribbons course. I have found something”.

On the view screen, two paths emerged. A orange path, labelled “Nexus”, another blue path lablled “Zuikaku”. The two paths, crossed one another. A third icon, this one a circle, labelled “Distress signal” overlaid the two paths.

The ensign at the helm, turned to T’Pun. Captain T’Pun didn’t even need to speak any words. The look on the ensign’s face, as well as the known history of the nexus and starships was all that was needed to be conveyed.

“Get us back on our original course, engage at maximum warp”. ordered T’Pun.

Unknown to T’Pun, Commander Yarud tightened his grip. In his hands, was a small silver pendant.


Twenty more minutes had passed. the Vizier had reached the original source of the distress signal ten minutes ago. The ships sensors tirelessly sweeping across space, a electronic “palo” to the distress signals “marko”.

T’Pun was shaken from her thoughts by a “Captain, I have something, bearing 311 mark 67. A starship, I have a visual”

The view screen changed again from the white dots of space.

“Oh my god” came a voice from the bridge.

Om the view screen, was a sovereign class starship. Barely a light shone from its surface as the ship continued to spin across its axis. T’pun could see electrical discharge burns across the hull, in so many locations she couldn’t even count. With no lights, T’Pun couldn’t tell visual if there were any hull breaches.

Or if anyone was even alive.

Beside her, Yarud had jumped to his feet the second the Zuikaku appeared on the view screen.

“Placing tractor beam on the Zuikaku, stopping her spin” came a voice from someone on the bridge.


Ensign Bolon glanced at his console “I am detecting severe hull stress, and at least two breaches in her hull. Main power is down, Looks like all of her engines are offline as well. Structural is at twelve percent. I am detecting full life support”.

A breathe of relief came from Command Yarud.

“Hail them” ordered T’Pun.

A series of taps emitted from Ensign Bolon’s console, turning to T’Pun, he nodded.

“Zuikaku, this is the Captain T’Pun Vizier, we are responding to your distress call. Admiral Lawford do you read us”.

Silence answered T’Pun.

“Zuikaku, we are sending over repair crews and medical teams. Stand-by, we will be commencing transport in five minutes. Vizier out”

Yarud turned to T’pun “Captain, permission to ….”

“Granted Commander. Assemble your teams, and meet Commander Xi’ian in transporter room two”.

With a nod, Yarud sprinted up the deck. T’pun watched as he barely missed colliding with the opening turbolift door.

Captain T’Pun turned around to face the view screen again. Zuikaku’s spin had been stopped, but there were many questions. Why was the nexus in a area of space it shouldn’t have been.

“Ensign Bolon, get me starfleet command. Priority one. I need to inform them of this situation”.

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