Aug 072013

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Fleet Directive #1001/130720
Directive Type: Permanent Order
Subject: Fleet Dilithium Mine Holding Provisioning
Issuing Officer: FAdm Aaron S. Lawford
Text Follows:
Due to the limited amount of Dilithium mine provisions; All fleet members are advised to purchase one set of Fleet Armour and/or one Fleet Warp Core.
This is to ensure all fleet members have a chance to pick up some fleet dilithum gear while Fleet Command does its best to push as many provisioning projects through as possible.
Example Follows: “Say for example you have 3 characters in the fleet; pick one; and maybe purchase for him 2 x Fleet armours; and 1 x Fleet warp core for that character only; as on that character; you can transfer the equipment between ships (but not characters).
This is a direct order; as much as I hate having to give this command; i am trying to ensure everyone has a equal chance to pick up at least some dilithium fleet gear – until we can get our provisions up more.
This directive will be in effect until further notice.

-FAdm Aaron S. Lawford
U.S.S. Zuikaku101st Fleet Command

End of Message-

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