Aug 092013


Fleet Vice Admiral Piotrok (@RickySantoro) and his ship were on an exploration mission on Delta Quadrant, since the third quarter of the former Standard year. According to Starfleet Communications Command, at Eta Eridani Deep Space Station K-7, they haven’t had communication with the ship for more than seven standard months. Fleet Command has decided to presume the said officer and his crew Lost In Action, and changed his status accordingly.

Fleet Admiral Aaron S. Lawford when asked about the matter stated: “The 101st Fleet is endeavoring to use every resource available to locate the lost ships and their crews; it is one of our top priorities. Under we get full confirmation; we are only declaring the ship and crew as Missing in Action; we haven’t given up hope in finding them…”; Fleet Admiral Will, shared the same thoughts as his coleague on the matter.

Our wishes go to the missing Vice Admiral and his crew for a safe return soon.

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