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*Bridge of the U.S.S. Righetti, Alpha shift *

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Feb 142017


Lieutenant R’rarj glanced down as the indicator light on the communications portion of his console began to flash. Seated at the Operations One station at the front of the bridge he glanced back at Captain Elea who was casually leaning to the side of her command chair reviewing the latest status reports from the ships’ various departments. Ahead of him the view screen displayed the stars, slightly elongated by their low warp travel.

The deployment along the edges of Federation space in the Beta quadrant had been fairly quiet until the previous month when Starfleet had made contact with a new species called the Lukari. Having recently passed the warp barrier, Starfleet had detailed several vessels to assist them in exploring the greater galaxy. The discovery of new friends had unfortunately also brought renewed hostilities between the Federation and old foes, the Tzenkethi. R’rarj got the impression from his fellow crew mates that although the Righetti had yet to have direct confrontation with this hostile reptilian species the majority felt it was only a matter of time. No one was particularly worried, merely a feeling of confidence with resigned inevitability. They had all been through many more dire conflicts together, specifically both the Borg and the Iconians. The Tzenkethi, while dangerous, were not even close to that level of threat.

“Captain, incoming message from Starfleet Command. It’s Admiral Quinn ma’am,” R’rarj called over his right shoulder. “I wonder if it’s those new assignment instructions we’ve been expecting?” he mused quietly to himself, felinoid ears swiveled back towards his captain awaiting further instructions.

Lujayne Elea uncoiled herself from her command chair, stretching a bit as she stood. “Pipe it into my ready room, I’ll take it in there. Maybe it is the new assignment instructions Lieutenant, but given some of the strange jobs we’ve gotten from the Admiral in the past, let’s try not to speculate” she said with a small smirk.

R’rarj’s ears flattened with embarrassment at the soft rebuke and he sat straighter. “Yes ma’am, understood. I was unaware Trill had such excellent hearing ma’am, I’ll try to keep future commentary strictly in thought form. Transferring Admiral Quinn to your ready room.”

“Thank you Lieutenant. And remember, that thought-form commentary might still get you in trouble if you ever serve under a Betazoid commander. Commander Grenic, you have the bridge.” And with that, Lujayne strode off the bridge, ready room doors sliding shut behind her as first officer Yalal Grenic shot R’rarj a disapproving look. Captain Elea was fine with her senior officers bantering but Yalal’s job was to ensure and enforce proper decorum.



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The better part of an hour had passed by the time Lujayne re-emerged from her ready room. The conversation with Admiral Quinn had not been what she had been expecting and she wasn’t sure how to feel about the new orders. They were simultaneously exciting and heart-wrenching and she’d needed to take a moment to compose herself, putting her captain face back on before exiting her small sanctum.

Striding back into the center of the bridge she began issuing orders to the Caitian flight controller seated beside Lieutenant R’rarj. “Lieutenant Liow’an, recall all drones and probes and then set course for Deep Space Nine, Warp six.” Turning to her executive officer she simply said “Staff meeting, all department heads and senior staff. Conference room, fifteen minutes.” Nodding, Cdr. Grenic began accessing the comm system to distribute the instructions. Lujayne eased herself gracefully back into her chair and began calling up various screens on the armrest to pull information from while her crew executed her guidance.

Liow’an completed laying in the course, turning to the captain. “Ma’am, all drones recalled and back in the hangar. Course for DS9 is laid in. ETA 4 days, 13 hours at Warp six.”

“Understood. Engage.” Captain Elea ordered, watching the main viewscreen with a wistfulness her XO noticed but did not speculate about, before losing herself in whatever data she had pulled up on her own monitors.

Fifteen minutes later Righetti’s senior staff was seated around the elliptical conference table in their customary seats. Lujayne slowly strolled into the room and made her way to the head of the table, glancing at her officers as she did so.

Her back to the windows, Commander Elaje Fyrsuk was massaging the ridges at the top of her nose, clearly trying to relieve stress over whatever new problem had cropped up down in engineering. Righetti was still a new vessel, less than three years old and Fyrsuk knew the systems of the Vesta-class explorer better than most of the people who had designed her. The sleek starship was packed to the gills with a wide variety of complex systems, some barely past the experimental phase. Despite the experience of her Bajoran Chief Engineer and the vessel’s youth, the unfortunate reality was that the more complex a system was, the more likely it was to need higher levels of maintenance. Despite the daily stresses, Fyrsuk would be the first to extoll the virtues of the Vesta design.

Dr. Cyphert was sitting beside Fyrsuk quietly discussing stress management techniques. The ship’s human Chief Medical Officer was an outspoken proponent of an ancient Terran stress-relieving exercise discipline known as yoga and was always trying to introduce it to new acolytes. Lieutenant Commander Mouja listened as well with a sensual intensity typical of many Orion women as she slumped bonelessly in her chair. The ship’s senior science officer’s personality typically displayed as a curious mix of aloof disinterest punctuated by bursts of intense focus that had captivated more than a few of her crewmates.

On the opposite side of the table sat security chief Lieutenant Toezza Dtuza, exiled Voth scientist Dr. Nelen Exil, and second officer Commander Emaale Beetoer. The Operations Officer was having a discussion with the two seated next to her which seemed to be focused on ways the Ops department could facilitate more rapid security response in the event of a boarding event. Being the junior officer in the room, Ensign Sek sat silently at the far end of the table absorbing the conversations as the green sensor bar on his canine-like Breen helmet swept back and forth. The assistant tactical officer was not known for his gregarious demeanor but had proven to be a valuable member of the crew since joining two years prior as part of a foreign officer exchange program.

Trailed into the room by Yalal and R’rarj who had been on the bridge with her, Lujayne waited until they took their seats to begin. All conversation instantly ceased, officers straightened in their seats, and all eyes turned towards her as she dropped into the form-adjusting chair at the head of the table.

“People there’s no easy way to break this news so I’ll get direct to the point. Admiral Quinn has ordered Righetti to proceed immediately to Deep Space Nine where I will relinquish command. I have been asked to become the senior field commander for the Starfleet Field Operational Test Command’s project November X-Ray, Yankee division.” The reactions around the table ranged from curiosity to sadness to anger to no visible reaction at all. Ensign Sek was not known for his facial expressions any more than his verbose nature.

Nelen Exil raised his hand “Captain, what is project November X-Ray?”

Adelia Cyphert smiled and let loose a small chuckle. “Beat me to it Dr. Exil. I was just going to pretend I knew what the Captain was talking about.” Her smile slowly faded when Commander Grenic glared at her and the captain’s expression did not change. “Sorry,” she apologized and sat back in her seat.

Addressing the Voth exile Lujayne leaned forward and continued. “Good question Nelen, I’m sure you and Dr. Cyphert are not the only two in the dark about this project. Basically it is Starfleet’s next generation starship design program. Yankee division’s focus tends to be on longer-range explorer type vessels while Zulu division is meant for tactical focus vessels like the Defiant-class. Once the projects graduate from the November X-Ray program they end up at shipyards yards like Utopia Planetia or McKinley Station for major construction. However the November X-Ray program has been known to produce some test models when secrecy is necessary. With the rise of recent small-scale conflicts with the Voth and Vaadwaur, not to mention the Federation nearly being destroyed by the Iconians a year and a half ago, the NX program has received significantly increased attention from high level sources.”

“I am allowed to bring up to 40% of Righetti’s crew with me on this assignment including any senior officer who wants to come with. I have been ordered to assume the temporary position as Commodore and will be conducting field testing on the third flight of Vesta-class ship. I won’t say it’s a ground-up rebuild but it did take the Vesta design we know and changed quite a bit. Most of you were with me on Phoenix Askani, she was an original Vesta design based off of the 2379 design. Righetti as you know is a second-flight ship, and is an upgrade. This third-flight has been under development for years but the research teams have been pretty far removed from the front lines. They’re the research arm while we represent the operational arm of Starfleet.”

“Basically my job, and whoever joins me, is to go poke holes in the design and figure out what improvements need modification in order to be useful in actual operations. This brings us to the risk/reward part of the discussion however. If the project has not progressed far enough, based off of my/our feedback, there is the potential that I and whatever team assist me in the evaluation will not have a vessel for months, possibly more than a year. If the NX team has managed to create a workable template however, you will be the first to crew a third-flight Vesta class vessel.”

Sitting back to survey the room, Lujayne finished her brief “No one besides myself is required to join this evaluation team. Anyone who remains on-board after we arrive at Deep Space Nine will continue as part of Righetti’s crew in their current capacity, or possibly even advance to a higher position if the position is vacant. I don’t know who the new captain will be but Admiral Quinn has told me they are already enroute to DS9. Take the next 36 hours to consider the offer. Ensure your divisions are all fully briefed and given the same offer. Specific job classification is unimportant, Starfleet is as eager to hear about the medical bay as they are the data-burst uplinks.”

“All department heads will file their summaries, complete with crew evaluation files no later than 48 hours from now. Commander Grenic and I will review all applications for transfer. If more than 40% of the crew wants to take this challenge we will adjudicate and take the best candidates. Questions?” Lujayne asked as her staff shook their heads. “Ok, dismissed.”

As she left the conference room she heard her officers begin to talk excitedly between themselves. A small smile pulled at the corners of her mouth and she hoped these were not the last few days she would spend working with them.

Lujayne did not have long to wait for her response. Within 24 hours of the briefing in the conference room over 80% of the crew had filed transfer applications to join the test program, including her entire senior staff. She and the senior staff spent the next 3 days reviewing personnel files and ranking the transfer potentials. By the time Righetti entered Bajoran space everyone who’s transfer had been accepted was informed to begin packing their personal belongings. Lujayne filed a second report for Righetti’s incoming commander recommending promotions and personnel slotting for the crew members who were not selected for the test program, to help fill some of the personnel vacancies.

As the spider-like pylons of Deep Space Nine came into view Commander Grenic began issuing orders.  “Ops, purge the Bussard Collectors and de-ionize the hull, I don’t want any static discharges when we dock. Helm, ahead one quarter impulse until we are within 50 thousand kilometers, then utilize thrusters. Tactical, hail DS9 Ops and get docking instructions, coordinate with helm to get us to the correct pylon.”

“Engineering begin securing both the primary warp core and the slipstream core. Righetti is going to be here for a few days during these transfers and the impulse reactors will provide sufficient power. No reason to burn deuterium without good cause.”

“Toezza, have your security teams standing by to help secure the transfer of personal goods from Righetti to DS9’s cargo bay 2. Most of us have been here before and know that there are some unsavory people onboard who’d love to embarrass Starfleet by stealing half a crews’ personal belongings. Not to mention any names *cough*Quark*cough*. Captain to the Bridge, we are on final approach to Deep Space Nine.”




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Lujayne exited her ready room as Lt (J.G.) Kal’eth parroted back “Thrusters to station keeping, aye. Docking clamps extended, umbilicals attached. Air pressure holding steady. Docking procedure complete ma’am.” Yalal turned to Captain Elea “Ma’am, we are docking complete at upper pylon 3. Security teams are beginning the transfer of everyone’s personal goods to Cargo Bay 2.”

Lujayne smiled “Excellent work Commander. Commander Beetoer open the ship-wide intercom. I’d like to address the crew.” A shrill boatswain’s whistle piped through the speakers all over the ship as Lujayne began her address. “Officers and crewmembers of the Righetti it has been one of the great honors of my life serving as your captain these past two years. We have persevered under the most grueling of conditions, defending the Federation from enemies foreign and domestic and helping our civilization avoid Armageddon on more than one occasion. We have become a family through both the losses we have suffered and the triumphs we have celebrated. I know a large portion of you will be joining me on our upcoming testbed assignment and I’m sorry I could not take everyone who applied. Those of you who remain will form a critical link in ensuring the continued success of this great ship. You have the knowledge of her quirks and abilities that no one else does, and most of you will be receiving promotions and/or transfers to positions of greater responsibility in light of your hard work and never-ending pursuit of greatness. I wish you all the best and know you’ll help the incoming command team do great things. Thank you all, Elea out.”

She turned to Yalal and ordered “All stations to station-borne control, begin the transfer of all personnel. The Keldon cruiser Scharnhorst will arrive at DS9 the day after tomorrow to retrieve the first batch of transfers. U.S.S. Gunfighter and U.S.S. Kendrick will complete the final transfers in 5 days. Captain Kurland has already arranged for temporary quarters for our transferring personnel. In-bound personnel will begin arriving later today which is why we need to vacate the on-ship quarters. The incoming XO will be here in about 2 hours, a Commander Johansenn. Show him every courtesy and answer whatever questions he has. Starfleet Command has ordered me to take one of Righetti’s runabouts to the Elvren system at once. I’ll meet you all once you get there but they want me on ground there first, so to speak. Good luck.” As she walked towards the turbolift, Lujayne heard Yalal give a quiet command to the lieutenant at Ops but paid it no mind.

“Deck twelve, shuttlebay,” she ordered, and the turbolift quickly delivered her near the shuttlebay. As the doors parted a boatswain’s whistle shrilled and Lujayne exited the lift to see the corridor lined on both sides with Righetti crewmembers standing at attention. As she passed she noticed all of the faces were the crewmembers not participating in the transfer. The murmuring began as she slowly walked the halls, quietly in deference to protocol.

“Thank you Captain.”

“Godspeed Captain.”

“Live long and prosper Captain.”

“It’s been an honor Captain.”

Lujayne was forced to muster all of her will to keep from shedding tears as she made her way down the hall, shaking the hands and patting her crew on the shoulder as she passed, thanking them individually. It wasn’t until the boarding hatch on the runabout sealed that she allowed the tears to flow, saying goodbye to her home and her subordinates that she had led and shaped over the last two years. By the time the shuttlebay door had retracted the tears had stopped and the excitement over this next chapter in her life had taken root.




Captain’s log – Stardate 94715.05

We have been in operation here at Starbase 285 in the Elvren system for a little over 5 weeks now. The Starbase is relatively small by Starbase standards, but it serves well enough. The small construction yard outside is heavily fortified. There are about 15 different types of prototype vessels under construction. This research facility has the largest industrial replicators I have ever seen in my life. They are capable of creating whole nacelles in 8 hours. Automated drones overseen by some of the most grizzled and experienced engineers in Starfleet can put together an entire vessel in about a week. It would still require a great deal final outfitting at one of the major shipyards but a basic vessel is space worthy with low warp capability.

The three ships NX project wanted my teams to investigate have been termed the Esquiline, Palatine, and Brigid sub-types to the Vesta line. Our first testbed was the Palatine type. We christened her the U.S.S. Masterson. She possessed an interesting layout with flattened nacelles and low vertical profile similar to the Intrepid-class with many of the strengths and weaknesses of the older platform. She utilized a new nillimite-neutronium alloy with large sections of tetraburnium alloys which strengthened the hull compared to earlier Vesta ships like Askani and Righetti. Fyrsuk estimates Masterson is 13% more durable than any of her predecessors. The added benefit to this was that it reduced the amount of power we needed to divert to the structural integrity field during normal operations, freeing up additional power for other systems. There were numerous software and hardware improvements as well, as would be expected from an advanced prototype.

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U.S.S. Masterson, NCC-93318


We filed our reports with the design teams and were told to hang tight for about a week while the Brigid subtype was finished. I authorized leave for anyone who requested it since Earth was only about an 18-hour trips and we had four runabouts OPCON’d to us. I stayed at the Starbase with my Bajoran tag-team of Fyrsuk and Beetoer refining suggestions and systems. One of the ideas floated based off the designs that were available was a redesigned primary/secondary deflector systems. Basically with some of the technology available plus the advanced projection systems available on the Vesta ships they were able to design a system capable of projecting immense radiation and electrical damage that could bypass or overload shield generators easily.

When we presented our briefing the design team looked at each other, dumbfounded that they could have overlooked this possibility. The man in charge of the program, Admiral Targus, started laughing so hard I thought I was going to have to call a medic, stating that this is why they have fleet engineers supervise this portion of the design phase because “even eggheads can miss things”. Bolians certainly are a jovial people.

We did run into some troubles when we discovered that these new technologies impinged upon the system routing for the sympathetic fermion transceiver and quantum field focusing circuits. Those systems, while not critical to starship operation help add a variety of options that Vesta captains like myself would be loath to part with. One of the “eggheads” floated the idea of what if we mounted one of the old Nebula-class mission pods to the back of the Brigid to create space for the necessary machinery. The engineer was completely professional but I know I saw a bit of smugness in his expression when Admiral Targus admitted it was a great idea.

Commander Beetoer asked permission to christen this second testbed as the U.S.S. DeBoer after a friend of hers from the academy who had perished in the Iconian conflict. It was as good as done. The new pod did change both our energy and subspace profiles and as such required significant recalculations to our warp field geometry to reach slipstream velocities. For most of the week the computers on the Starbase performed hundreds of thousands of simulations each day before discovering a configuration that worked. Until that point we conducted tests at standard warp velocity and they were extremely successful. DeBoer was a joy to command, even better than Masterson before her. Responsive and we were able to get quality testing out of the new isometric discharge array and radion pulse matrix. Lieutenant R’rarj and Lt. Cdr Mouja were thrilled with the new technologies and arguments coming from the starbase mess hall over who could come up with more uses for the new systems became a regular occurrence. I readily appreciated both the tactical and scientific possibilities the systems brought with them.


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U.S.S. DeBoer, NCC-98573

We did extend our test period with the DeBoer two days longer than original specified trying to solve the slipstream problem without success. Our engineering teams worked 18 hour shifts with the starbase design teams trying to solve it. It was after 0300 on the 9th day of testing before one of the joint teams made a breakthrough. The flat longitudinal nacelle layout that DeBoer has was causing a phase variance that escalated exponentially once the drive was engaged and caused enough interference with the chroniton integration sensors that the computer automatically cut the slipstream drive. Well…that was problematic to say the least. The simplest solution was to redesign the nacelle layout, which was incorporated into the final variant we were testing, the Esquiline variant.

Visually she was the most appealing to me, having a similar profile to Righetti and Askani, with the mission pod that reminded me of the days commanding Lauren Cohen, my old Luna-class ship. The new deflector dish was not as sleek as the earlier Vestas I have commanded but there was renewed emphasis on the secondary deflector which was about 30% larger. I did like the bridge being a bit more recessed than earlier versions as well. We were pleasantly surprised in the pre-mission briefing when the development team revealed the new mission pod redesign included several tachyon emitter/receiver modules. According to the brief this would allow us to simultaneously drain an opponent’s shields while boosting the integrity of our own. Intriguing if it works as advertised.

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U.S.S. Staite, NCC-97617

Under direct orders from Admiral Targus we were told not to christen this ship yet, the Admiralty would take any suggestion we had under advisement but were reserving naming rights at the flag officer-level. We just took to calling her the Young One, for lack of a better name We spent two weeks taking this ship on trial runs, stressing each system per a scripted series of events. The slipstream drive worked like a charm, everything worked as advertised. She handled like a dream, even with a skeleton crew. We only had about 300 crewmembers from Righetti on our staff, plus about 50 Starbase 285 technicians on a ship designed for 750 but we had no issues maintaining all systems through each test. It was gratifying as a captain to see. I think I overheard some of the SB285 technicians talking about putting in transfer paperwork to join our crew. I’m sure the Admiral would love to lose his staff to a visiting commander. Hah!

Our two weeks putting the Young One her through her paces, I don’t think there was a soul on board who did not love this ship. My final report to Admiral Targus and Starfleet Command recommended immediate production begin and retrofitting of older Vesta cruisers begin where operationally feasible. We are awaiting follow-on instructions from Command at this time.



Captain’s Log Supplemental – Stardate 94718.05

The order has finally arrived.


From: Admiral Grigori Yanishev, Personnel Division, Starfleet Command

To: Captain Lujayne Elea

Stardate 94717.82

Attention to Orders. You are hereby requested and required to assume command of U.S.S. Staite, NCC-97617 as of this date. Proceed immediately to Starbase 101 for outfitting and shakedown cruise operations.


After a brief moment of confusion when Admiral Targus presented the order to myself and the senior staff, we realized that “the Young One” had been official christened as the U.S.S. Staite after Admiral Jewel Staite, one of the key leaders during the early days of the Federation, just after the Earth Starfleet formally joined with Vulcan and Andor. Since Staite had been a prototype vessel until this point she was only outfitted with basic Class 10 deflectors, shielding, and impulse reactors. As such we would need to receive and test the latest equipment available. The home of 101st Fleet was also home to some of the Federation’s finest shipyards and was only a 4 day journey away at Warp 7. Utopia Planetia and Vulcan shipyards were both closer, however they were focused on rebuilding the fleet after the Iconian invasion devastated over a third of Starfleet. No need to take up a valuable berth at either of those locations for work that 101st Fleet’s technicians could easily accomplish. We would be taking on additional personnel upon arrival as well.

We have completed our farewells to the November X-Ray team and thanked them and the Starbase 285 personnel for being such gracious hosts for the past several weeks. It can always be stressful when dealing with some of the “rear-echelon” Starfleet types who haven’t set foot on an operational starship in several years but it turns out they’re quite adept at working with crews from ships of the line.

Time to get this show on the road.


“Captain Elea, Starbase 285 reports all gantries have been retracted and umbilicals severed. We are clear to proceed to Starbase 101 on your order,” called Lieutenant Roloun, the Paradan helmswoman on shift.

“Understood. Proceed out of the dock on thrusters, take us to half impulse once we’re clear until we break orbit, and then Warp 7.5 to Starbase 101.” Lujayne sat back in her new chair, trying to decide it it was more or less comfortable than Righetti’s big chair. No reason to decide today, she thought to herself, before turning to Yalal. “Commander Grenic, how are the application reviews coming along? I would prefer we have our new crew on board before subsystem installation is complete. If there is a straggler or two who can’t join us until later that’s fine but the shakedown cruise is going to be manpower intensive. Hell, we’re going to be hanging corridor panels the whole way down to Fleet HQ.”

“Ma’am, I’ve been working with the senior staff and I think we’ve got pretty much all positions filled. We’ve got a few transfers coming from the fringes of the Federation but if their records are any indication they’ll be worth waiting for. Assuming there are no travel problems we should not have to delay the shakedown more than a day or two at most.”

“Excellent. I’m going to take a stroll down to Engineering and see how things are going. You have the bridge Commander.” Rising from the chair, Lujayne headed towards the turbolift at the rear of the bridge. Maybe it’s a little more comfortable she mused as the doors slid shut.

“Captain have you seen the specs on the equipment they’ll be installing when we reach 101st? I don’t know where this technology came from, I haven’t seen stuff like this before. It’s like it came from the future!… Wait… Did it come from the future? I know we were involved in those temporal incursions a few months ago? Hell this new warp core has a chroniton signature and is putting out almost 20% more Cochranes than Righetti’s core and I had that thing tuned like a harp. And this deflector dish should boost the relative output of our deflectors by almost the same amount! Between that trick we used to pull turning the deflector into a quantum phaser beam and those new mission pod systems that channel through the dish I would not want to get in a fight with this honey.”

The words just tumbled from Fyrsuk’s mouth so fast that Lujayne couldn’t get a word in edgewise. She was content to let the Chief Engineer chatter about the virtues of the systems they were about to install, finally holding up a hand to try to get Fyrsuk’s attention.

“So you’re saying it’s pretty good stuff? Lujayne asked with a hint of smugness.

“Captain, ‘pretty good stuff’ doesn’t do this justice. If there weren’t restrictors in place these impulse engines would push us to relativistic speeds with a tenth the power a ship built 7-8 years ago would take. The efficiency at low-power settings is over 97.24%!” Commander Elaje gushed.

“Well I’m glad to hear it. I would hate to have called in favors with half the Admirals in Starfleet for anything less than the best. And as a matter of fact it IS from the future. You hit the nail on the head regarding those temporal incursions. Starfleet has been reverse engineering equipment found on some of the wrecks and using salvage to piece together other components. Hell I even had to cut a deal with Admiral Ieon from 102nd Fleet to get the salvaged temporal EPS power taps necessary for Starfleet R&D to build these shields,” Lujayne told her, thinking back to the amicable negotiations she had concluded a few days prior via subspace. “We’re going to be the lead ship outfitted with this equipment set. As it makes its way to the fleet it’ll be more common but like Staite herself, it’s very new, very untested equipment. Our job is to put it through the wringer and see where it shines and fails. Think we’re up to it?”

Fyrsuk grinned and replied with a hearty “Yes ma’am!” as some of the less occupied engineers let out a small cheer. Captain Elea turned slightly and addressed her Chief Engineer in a stage voice “I don’t know Commander, some of our engineer staff seems to be in dire need of work since they seem to have time to stand around eavesdropping. I’ll leave you to your business. Please ensure we’re ready to receive and install the components as soon as we arrive at Starbase 101. As you were,” she said, waiving off the ensign who had been preparing to call the room to attention at the captain’s departure.

As she strolled out of main engineering she heard Fyrsuk begin barking orders to her staff. No easy days for a while, she thought to herself as she made her way towards Sick Bay. As Elea made her way down the halls she passed half a dozen work crews working on the EPS systems or installing new gravity plating. It was a strange feeling walking through the corridors of a Federation starship that still looked comparatively skeletal. Most passageways were still missing half of the wall panels or more. The lighting systems worked just fine but every now and then Lujayne would walk through a dark patch where an overhead light was not yet installed. The work crews at Starbase 101 had their work cut out for them.

A few minutes later she swept through the doors into Sick Bay which was a subdued hive of activity. Dr. Cyphert was tending to a patient wearing Engineering mustard yellow who looked to have a nasty cut on his shoulder. Cyphert finished working with the crewman with the dermal regenerator before handing it to Nurse Zeestou and made her way over to the captain.

“Afternoon Captain,” she said, brushing some of her blonde hair out of her eyes as she glanced around the bay. “What brings you down to my neck of the woods?”

“Good afternoon Adelia. Just taking a walk, seeing how everything is coming along. We won’t arrive at Starbase 101 for two more days, making sure everything is prepared for our arrival. What happened to Crewman Daprirn?”

“Nothing too significant to worry about ma’am,” Cyphert assured her, shaking her head slightly as the pair approached the injured Benzite. “Crewman Daprirn was working in the Jeffries tubes on Deck 6 and failed to notice that one of the rungs in the ladder he was working on hadn’t been installed so he took a bit of a tumble. No broken bones, just a minor ankle sprain and a nice laceration where a protruding bracket caught him on the way down. He’ll be on light duty for a day or two but should be fully healed by the time we arrive at Starbase 101.”

Giving Daprirn a gentle smile Captain Elea patted him on the undamaged shoulder “Well I’m glad to hear there’s no permanent damage. Maybe next time Daprirn will pay a little more attention to what he’s doing, eh?”

Wearing an abashed look, Crewman Daprirn hung his head a little, “Yes ma’am, it won’t happen again.”

Turning back to Adelia, Lujayne gestured around the bay. “What do you think of our new medical facilities? Suitable?”

With a gleam in her eye Dr. Cyphert nodded enthusiastically. “The basic layout hasn’t changed from our time with Righetti, although with the added automation in some of the systems we did increase from a 30-bed medical facility to a 37-bed one. I think we took over space that was previously used as an auxiliary power junction. Not sure where they moved it to, but I’m not complaining about the extra space.” Touring slowly around the facility the pair did their best to stay out of the way of the medical orderlies bustling around.

Leading the captain past the pristine rows of equipment and bio beds, Adelia continued expounding on the features of the new sickbay. “We currently have the standard 8 surgical arches but I think I was able to pull a few strings with 101st Fleet’s CMO and there should be two more waiting for us when we arrive. Our EMH program has been upgraded to the Mark 4. I don’t know that we’re the first ship to have the Mk4, but we’re definitely ONE of the first.”

“I didn’t even know there was a new medical hologram being fielded. Clearly I’m a little behind the times, last I knew we still had that effeminate Mark 2 model. Mark 4 EMH, huh? Who’s this one modeled off of? Anyone we know?” Lujayne pondered aloud.

Grinning, Adelia replied “You tell me Captain. Computer, activate Emergency Medical Hologram.”

With a flash and a soft electronic woosh, the computer generated a grizzled-looking human male of about 60 years of age. She couldn’t immediately put her finger on it but the face was definitely familiar to the Trill captain. Something from her textbooks at the academy, or a symposium she had attended in a previous host perhaps?

The holographic man turned to them impatiently but with an undefined kindness in his eyes asking “What seems to be the nature of the medical emergency?” in a gravelly tone of voice. Dr. Cyphert said nothing, allowing the captain to solve the puzzle on her own. Lujayne said nothing, her mind still working through where she knew this face from. As the EMH spoke, the memories clicked it all came back to her.

“Well, damnit what’s the medical emergency? I’m a doctor not an art exhibit to be stared at!”

Glancing at Cyphert, Captain Elea asked the hologram “Wait… is your program based off of Doctor Leonard McCoy.”

“Well I’m sure as hell not Jim Kirk, Captain!” the hologram exclaimed.

Still recovering from the realization that she was staring at one of Starfleet’s most legendary officers, Elea found herself apologizing to a hologram. “I’m sorry doctor, I hadn’t expected to interact with you onboard my ship. I attended one of your lectures when my symbiont was in a previous host, it was extremely insightful.”

The hologram softened his expression. “Well I hadn’t expected to be here either, Captain,” he grumbled, “but Starfleet Medical thought that after the debacles with the Zimmerman EMH model’s terrible bedside manner and that prissy Mark 2 replacement most officers would feel more comfortable with a little down-home country doctoring. So they dredged up the personality profiles for the original Dr. McCoy and that resulted in what you see standing here in front of you. Figured you captain types might respond better to one of the “Heroes of the Federation” or whatever they call me being aboard your ship. And don’t ask me what the problem with the Mk 3 EMH was, I wasn’t created yet so I don’t know.”

Stepping forward to shake the holographic McCoy’s hand Lujayne nodded in agreement. “I suppose that all makes sense. Well it’s a pleasure to have you aboard doctor. Thank you for your time, until next time. Computer end EMH.”

As the hologram winked out of existence, Adelia shook her head slightly in understated disbelief. “Given the fact that the real Leonard McCoy passed away before I was done with primary school I never really had any hopes or aspirations of serving with him. He was always one of my heroes growing up, one of the doctors I’ve tried to emulate ethically. Besides just the visual and personality components, the Mk 4 EMH has been upgraded with all of the latest procedures with a holomatrix that’s got plenty of room for expansion. We still have some work to do to get the facility fully in order but we’re operational now. We’ll be taking on full medical provisions once we reach Starbase 101. Overall, Captain this new Sick Bay is going to be a great benefit to the crew.”

“Well doctor I’m happy to hear that. It looks like your staff is doing good work already, so keep it up. Let me know if I can be of assistance,” Lujayne stated as she shook hands with Dr. Cyphert and departed to continue her tour.

Captain’s Log – Stardate 94719.85

We completed our transit from Starbase 285 to Starbase 101 without serious incident. As soon as we entered the system we were met with a “welcome home” and docking instructions to Mooring Bay #2 at Gunfighter Alley. The deflector dishes had barely completed their shutdown routines before work drones were disconnecting the dishes and maneuvering our new components into place. Commanders Beetoer and Mouja have been overseeing the primary and secondary deflector installation while Cdrs. Grenic, Elaje, and Ens. Sek have been focusing their energies on the impulse engine and shield upgrades.

While I would love to be elbows deep in a deflector emitter helping their teams complete the work, Fleet Admiral Norman and Vice Admiral Hottie ordered myself and Lt. R’rarj to attend an intelligence briefing Starfleet Command had pushed down to us. I had seen the Devestator in orbit around the station but must have missed Enterprize on our way into the system.

The briefing consisted of the initial cultural profile for the Lukari. They were a recent entry into the warp-capable species catalogue but initial reports filed by Captain Tracks onboard the U.S.S. Stratos indicated that they shared a wide-eyed curiosity of the galaxy at large, as many Starfleet officers do. Even more intriguing was the re-discovery of K-13, the 23rd century star base that vanished without a trace almost 200 years ago. When I was Jaheris Elea I remember watching the news releases from when that happened, but the popular theory was that either the Klingons or Romulans, depending on who you asked, had destroyed it in a covert attack. To see this immobile structure pop up hundreds of lightyears from its last known location is a mystery I hope I get a chance to work on.

The final portion of the briefing covered local fleet deployments including portions of the Ausmonaut Corps. The flagships for both 101st and 102nd Fleets, U.S.S. Zuikaku and U.S.S. Queen Mary are currently in orbit over the Lukari home world. Mission updates seemed to indicate that Admiral Lawford was investigating evidence of protomatter explosions that the crew of the Stratos had found during their initial contact with the Lukari. Admiral Ieon and Queen Mary were conducting diplomatic negotiations and general information exchange with the Lukari. With the Mary’s assistance and expertise, Intelligence reported the Lukari would soon be launching their lead ship of their line of second-generation warp vessels. The societal profile the Federation sociologists put together seem to indicate the Lukari will throw one hell of a party to celebrate this ship’s launch. I hope the Admirals can hold their liquor.

Admrial Norman concluded the briefing with orders sending Staite to the Huranzi system to rendezvous with this new Lukari ship and a Klingon General Rodek. We’ll be departing as soon as our systems upgrades are installed and conducting shakedown tests enroute. Our slipstream drive should have us there in about 36 hours while most ships would take more than 9 days.




Captain’s Log, Supplemental – Stardate 94723.03

Fleet Command has informed us that Admiral Will Norman and the Devastator has departed Starbase 101, leading a large task force to the Mivic system. The Tzenkethi massacre of Povini has galvanized the Federation from one side of the galaxy to the other. Calls for war and retribution fight for volume against worlds volunteering to send aid. However small our part we were able to assist a few surviving members of their space fleet.

Although the primary mission is civil relief, the task force has secondary and tertiary orders to open a second prong in the protomatter investigation while simultaneously assisting the Lukari with their archeological expedition to their former planet. 101st Fleet ships form the bulk of the relief effort. Captains Sean, U.S.S. Destiny and Tarran, U.S.S. Darmstadt, are rumored to be heading each of the alternate efforts. It’s good to see quality officers get fleet-level leadership experiences, if only it didn’t come under such negative circumstances.

We were able to drive off an over-strength Tzenkethi raiding party before they were able to detonate another protomatter bomb. Our new systems worked like a charm. We’re currently enroute back to Povini to join up with Admiral Will’s task force and render aid as we can.

Something tells me the Tzenkethi are going to regret picking this fight.

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Righetti

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Sep 022015

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Righetti

Stardate 93268.81


A few weeks have passed since we managed to kill one of the Iconians, and the war has nearly stagnated. We’re still losing vessels and systems but the rate has slowed. Our work with the Krenim proceeds, Captain Nog and his team of researchers trying to find a reasonable place to make a temporal incursion with this new ‘super weapon’ they’re designing. The shielded core reveals we’ve already made one unsuccessful attempt that resulted in the complete assimilation of Romulus by the Borg, possibly the only fate more horrible than its outright destruction. It seems nothing good ever comes from playing with “doomsday” devices, especially when we’re the good guys.

The crew of the Righetti has been hard at work trying to prepare the ship for our next Iconian confrontation. Lt. Cdr Toezza and Lt. Sek have proposed an adjustment to our weapons array that will allow another emitter to add another 110 degrees to its engagement zone without sacrificing any firepower. No doubt this will come in handy sooner rather than later. Commander Yalal has been doing her usual fantastic work as my XO and has managed to upgrade our Scorpion fighters with some unmanned Swarmer drones. This will reduce the risk to my flight controllers as they’ll no longer be overly exposed during combat situations, controlling the Swarmers from the new control pods adjacent to the shuttlebay. Their usage of antiproton beams instead of disruptor cannons will simplify our logistics and repair abilities as well, as our engineering staff no longer has to maintain multiple components and trained personnel.

The only conceivable downside to the switch to Swarmers would be the increased bandwidth demands on our comm array, but leave it to my Science and Engineering staffs to solve that problem before it even became an issue. I had heard some rumors of a joint project being worked on by Lt. Cdrs Mouja, Fyrsuk, and Beetoer, but rightly assumed that if they had something worth reporting going on, they’d share it with me in due time. They called me into Science Lab 1 the other day to show me their presentation for upgrading our Secondary Deflector (2D). Traditionally it’s always been simply a navigational deflector to keep debris and micrometeorites from punching nasty little holes in our hull at full impulse and warp speeds. In recent months most crews, and Starfleet as a whole, have realized the offensive and defensive possibilities it offers if properly modified. Our current 2D is a fantastic piece of equipment that has served us well these past many months, increasing our defensive capabilities significantly, and our offensive abilities by a notable margin. The 2D these officers designed and presented to me put that one to shame. 50% reduction in sensor sweep downtime, 10% boost to our particle generators, 20% boost to our inertial dampeners, without sacrificing the ‘byproduct’ radiation it allows us to direct at our opponents. Obviously I ordered them to implement the adjustments immediately, and just as obviously they told me the work had begun the same time their presentation did. I must be getting too predictable in my old age. I think I’ll blame Elea’s 200+ years of life rather than my not-quite-30 years as Lujayne for that predictability.


Lt (J.G.) R’rarj continues his work to discern the Herald’s next attack, but lately his efforts have been getting sidetracked by his liaison work with Starfleet Temporal Agents, especially Agent Cray. Frankly I’m still extremely surprised by the STA’s willingness to go along with the current Krenim plan to re-write history. Our last excursion apparently led to the erasure of a species called the Tuterians, which has hit one of Captain Nog’s research members especially hard. According to the data logs, he was happily married to a Tuterian woman named Clauda. The records indicate she was a pleasant woman and a brilliant scientist. It’s a shame I don’t recall meeting her. R’rarj continues to try to get updates from Agent Cray but his messages seem to be going unanswered. Seems like STA is scrambling to figure out why they didn’t see the flaws in the previous temporal excursion. The chance to see a bit of egg on the faces of the smug Temporal Agents might be satisfying or amusing if it didn’t come at the expense of a whole species.

During this temporary lull, and the Righetti sitting in space dock undergoing all of her upgrades, I took a few hours to go see some familiar faces from my recent past. Luck and random chance brought the U.S.S. Maggie Grace back to Earth for a short visit, my old Nebula-class command from back when I was a junior Captain in Starfleet and merely a Lt. Cdr in 101st Fleet. She’s been doing well, participating in some defensive skirmishes against the Iconians as part of 101st’s  delaying actions for its reserve component vessels. It was good to walk her corridors again, though there are fewer familiar faces than I might have hoped for still aboard her. I guess I stole more than a few when I transferred to the Vesta-class ships ever so long ago. Still, rumors are starting to creep out of the Admiralty that some senior Federation captains may be assigned as task force commanders, and I’d be lying if I said that sort of assignment didn’t intrigue me. Wouldn’t that be something? Me as a task force commander with all my old commands falling under me: the Nebula-class Maggie Grace, the Vestas Phoenix Askani and Heatherton, the Luna-class Lauren Cohan? Unlikely to ever happen, but a captain can dream right?


Anyway, the work continues undaunted. 101st has completed Phase 2 of our research facility upgrades as the fleet Admiralty keep us focused on a headlong rush to completion. The more advanced our facility, the greater the chances one of our fleet mates can help solve this Iconian problem.


*A comm unit beeps in the background*

That would be Lt. Cdr. Fyrsuk notifying me that the new deflector array is installed and operational. Time to go see what she can do and cause some trouble on behalf of the 101st Fleet. Computer end recording and save entry.

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Righetti

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Aug 092015

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Righetti

Stardate 93183.62

It feels like it’s been ages since the last time I was able to update my log properly with anything other than terse combat reports and basic situation reports. I feel like I’m compiling 6-months’ worth of reports into one entry. If you were unlucky enough to draw the short straw in entering data for this report, I offer my apologies. Please bear with me, there is much to cover.


The situation with the Vaadwaaur lasted for several months and thousands of lives were lost on both side of the conflict. Starfleet was forced to fight multiple defensive actions while we established a beachhead of sorts into the Delta Quadrant. Between the actions of many 101st Fleet captains, and efforts at Fleet Command from specialists like Admiral Tuvok, Seven of Nine and Captain Harry Kim, we were eventually able to forge a relatively stable alliance between Starfleet, the Talaxians, the Kobali, Borg Cooperative, and even more unpredictable species like the Hazari and Kazon. I was asked to infiltrate a Vaadwaur facility with Seven of Nine’s help where we learned the facts behind the Vaadwaur’s rapid rise to power and the reason they were suddenly so aggressive. Their high command structure had been thoroughly infiltrated by the neural parasites that Starfleet and Captain Picard had encountered in 2364.

File:Bluegill Galik.png

Though that incident occurred 17 years before I, Lujayne, had been born, the Elea part of me had been a symbiont in an exobiologist working back on Trill. Starfleet had published a classified “Eyes Only” report to all starship captains and a select group of qualified researchers. Lorent Elea spent several months looking into the biology of the parasites as part of a think tank. Lorent’s team completely mapped the parasite’s genome but they were unable to ascertain the species’ origin, other than it differed from any species on record.


After Starfleet learned of the parasite’s role as the driving force in the Vaadwaur we were able to send small teams to drive the parasites from their hosts. In the initial stages of development I helped ensure that the new devices used to exorcise the parasites would not affect any of Starfleet’s joined Trill members, uncommon though we are. It wouldn’t do to have symbionts and hosts dying due to unforeseen consequences. Starfleet Medical conducted initial testing and my staff, Commander Cyphert and Lt. Cdr Mouja, confirmed that because of the different methods the symbionts and parasites bond with their hosts, the symbionts would be unaffected. One fewer thing to worry about.


Starfleet, and 101st Fleet specifically, conducted a multi-pronged assault which purged the infected Vaadwaur leadership and allowed them to save many of the infected. The Delta Alliance withdrew after we confirmed that all parasites had been removed and allowed the Vaadwaur to install a new government of their own choosing. The Kobali halted converting Vaadwaur they had found in stasis and are currently in negotiations to deliver the serviceable pods back into Vaadwaur hands in exchange for cessation of all hostilities and re-establishment of previous interstellar borders. For all intents and purposes the Delta Quadrant has returned to a place of relative quiet and stability… or at least as stable as it’s ever going to get.


With this second, far more effective, appearance by the parasites Starfleet mandated research into their origins as a top priority. Lt. Cdr Mouja and Dr. Exil spearheaded the Righetti’s efforts, with significant assistance from Lt. (JG) R’rarj. R’rarj, due to his promotion, was given access to a higher level of intelligence reports which allowed our team to extrapolate various possibilities of the parasites’ origins. We cross-referenced our theories against comparative projects other 101st Fleet ships were making. The science departments on the U.S.S. Sarajevo, U.S.S. Lancaster, and U.S.S. Beowulf helped significantly, logically eliminating or strengthening the dozen+ theories that we had come up with. In the end though it was an inadvertent science confab between Righetti, Admiral Ellic’s U.S.S. Triad, and Admiral Aaron’s U.S.S. Zuikaku.

The Fleet was in orbit over Risa to attend Starfleet’s annual status update conference, which we all know means 10 minutes of report briefings and two weeks of powerboard surfing, floater piloting, and relaxing on the beach. My crew and I were hosting a social gathering aboard Righetti, when Dr. Exil overheard an offhand comment from Zuikaku’s first officer Commander Joros regarding hoping to spend less time with the Admiralty than the Elachi spend in our dimension when they attack. This started him thinking about the possibility of a link between the Elachi, Solanae, and the Bluegill parasites. Eventually he enlisted members from multiple 101st science departments in his strategy meetings. This drastically cut into their recreation time but they made significant progress, given that our Fleet starbase’s research facilities were offline due to ongoing construction. Through their combined efforts they formulated a theory that no 101st ship’s staff was able to disprove. Admiral Aaron forwarded our findings to Starfleet Science and Starfleet Intelligence.


Admiral Will gave us our marching orders and the Righetti was temporarily detached from the rest of 101st Fleet to pursue this theory. We spent the next few months operating in a small task force with Captain Kayliee Acicle’s U.S.S. Daddario and Romulan Admiral Kenzi’s warbird R.R.W. Ksenia chasing down leads and running experiments. Our initial elation and certainty in our theory slowly gave way to doubt and skepticism as experiment after lead after experiment went without success.

Starfleet also began conducting the same subspace experiments they did back in 2366 aboard the Enterprise with the goal of pushing the subspace bubble into their dimension rather than allowing them to push into ours. It wasn’t long until they made their presence felt, deeply involved with Sela. We learned that the Elachi are foot soldiers for the Iconians, the front line troops for this mysterious race we know little about. They had captured many Alpha, Beta, and Delta quadrant species and were conducting more experiments on them. Upon her rescue Sela escaped, but returned to show us what she had learned as a captive of the Elachi, namely the horrible introduction to a race or races of Iconian servitors called The Heralds. The Iconians have an ancient Dyson Sphere full of ships. Full. Of. Ships. So many ships that they blot out the sun. I’ve faced the Borg more times than I can count. I’ve faced Klingon battle fleets, survived sneak attacks by Romulan flotillas, travelled in time to eras where one misstep could alter the course of history. In Elea’s three centuries of living, I have never beheld such a sight in my life. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of ships, with the plainly stated intent to  eradicate all ‘unworthy’ species in the galaxy. The sight was staggering; I almost lost hope then and there. There were more Iconian ships in that one sphere than all the navies of the Alpha quadrant powers combined. Thankfully Lt. Cdr Fyrsuk had the presence of mind to wrench me from the sight and we successfully escaped. Commander Yalal filed our report to Starfleet as I retired to my ready room to meditate on what we’d witnessed.

We set course for 101st Fleet’s new Delta Quadrant research platform and I sat and thought about all we’d been through over the past several years. The war with the Klingons that killed untold thousands. The Elachi razing worlds and devastating colonies. The Solanae stealing people from their homes and beds to conduct their cruel medical experiments on. The use of Bluegill parasites to drive the Vaadwaur into attacking the Delta Quadrant, killing tens of thousands. Starfleet Intelligence has compiled “Captain’s Eyes Only” reports that weave the puzzle pieces together. We’ve learned that all of these conflicts were instigated in some part by the Iconians. And now the Iconians themselves make their appearance into our space and resume the killing firsthand. This will not stand. According to the computer I was in my ready room for nearly 16 hours, but any uncertainty I felt was burnt away by my anger at these intruders. How many more people must die due to these Iconian bastards?


The war began several weeks ago. It has not gone well for anyone in the Alpha Quadrant. The Iconians were ancient before most life in our quadrant even existed, and their Heralds benefit from that technology.  Starfleet has lost dozens of ships. In mere days our casualties approach levels not seen since the low-water mark of the Dominion War. Q’onos and New Romulus have both narrowly repulsed attacks. At best we fight delaying actions to allow for maximum evacuation. Captain Paris and his daughter Miral lead a small, highly mobile force called Delta Flight. The Righetti has assisted Detla Flight task forces on several missions of high importance, alongside other 101st ships. We’ve avoided serious damage to this point, but we’ve taken a few shots that have ‘rung our bell’, to use an old Earth colloquialism.

The war goes so poorly that Starfleet is currently working with the Krenim to develop a temporal ship which can erase elements from history. I admit, things do look worse than we’ve ever seen before, but this time ship strikes me as madness. Even during the height of the Borg threat we did not consider constructing such weapons of mass destruction. It may even be worse than the thalaron weapon Shinzon developed. The research team at the new 101st labs has been ordered to assist in any way possible. The Righetti’s tactical staff, led by the XO, is conducting daily strategy sessions with their counterparts on other 101st Fleet ships. As of yet Yalal has nothing significant to report. I wrack my mind for answers that would keep us from having to develop this terrible weapon, but even with my experience nothing I come up with seems to work. My crew is more determined than ever, but the Alliance’s defeats have our morale faltering. Things cannot continue as they have or there will be nothing in the galaxy left to save. The Iconians have come this far, they will go no further.

*sigh* Now I just have to figure out how to make that happen.


Computer end recording and save log.

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Righetti

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Oct 252014

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Phoenix Askani

Stardate 92388.24


With mixed feelings weighing on my heart, this will be my last recording as captain of the Askani. It has been a busy few months since our extended shore-leave on Risa. We have mostly been doing security patrols against Borg, Tholian, and other aggressors who threaten our borders. We have been ordered to report to Earth in Sector 001 where she will become part of the Earth Defense Fleet, one of the new vessels tasked to replace ships destroyed when the Undine attacked Earth Space Dock. Their daring attack She her secondary mission will be as a training ship for the highest potential cadets at the academy, giving them hands-on experience with a modern, non-holographic starship. I wish they had something like that when I was a cadet rather than our training cruises on those old Miranda and Oberth class ships we were crammed into, 5 to a stateroom. I definitely don’t miss those days. As I’m sure none of us do, as fondly as we all may remember them.

The U.S.S. Phoenix Askani enroute to space dock at McKinley Station in orbit over Earth.

The up side to no longer being commander of the Askani is that Starfleet has to put my officers and I SOMEWHERE. In this case ‘somewhere’ happens to be the bridge of a heavily retrofitted strategic Vesta, the U.S.S. Righetti. She has numerous experimental systems. The upgraded weaponry she packs has significantly higher output potential than the already impressive weapons suite on the Askani. Lt. Sek, my Breen tactical officer, estimates no less than a 20% improvement to our offensive capabilities, while the alloy armor that strengthens our hull plating increases our defensive capabilities by no less than 15%. It should be fun to discover her true capabilities. Word from Starfleet Engineering Command is we should expect to receive more extensive upgrades in the coming months. I have ordered our department heads to begin training the crew on the techniques and procedures we’ll need to install and operate these future capability improvements. This ship is fitted with one of Starfleet R&D’s testbed ‘Red Matter’ devices. Supposedly it will allow us to periodically boost the ship’s power levels by a not insignificant amount. I know Lt. Cdr. Fyrsuk is practically salivating at the chance to work on this equipment. I admit I’m rather intrigued at the possibilities. The scientist in me is excited about the chances for discovery and exploration these new systems will allow.


Time to wrap this up, Cdr. Yalal tells me we’re approaching Earth orbit at this time so it’s time to get the final personnel and equipment transfers ready. With luck we will be able to break orbit with our new vessel within the week. Is it foolish of me to hope for a simple transfer? Given our history of things going ever so smoothly, probably.

U.S.S. Righetti launches out of space dock in orbit over Earth.


Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Righetti

Stardate 92392.12

Well this is my first official report as captain of the U.S.S. Righetti. I was both right and wrong about the difficulty in transferring all pertinent personnel and equipment off of the Askani. The Righetti did not have a Quantum Field Focus controller installed yet which resulted in a 2-day delay. Her quantum slipstream drive was missing pieces, which we gained authorization to remove from the Askani while new parts were fabricated. With her being part of the EDF, Askani likely won’t be using the SSD anytime soon anyways. I am taking half a day to get my new quarters arranged to my liking. While the quarters have a lot in common with my old quarters on the Askani, there are enough differences that it’s prompted me to try a new arrangement. The shakedown cruise for the Righetti has been going extremely well. The refit crew did an extremely competent job on this vessel, there was almost nothing my crew needed to finish. I’m proud to be her captain.  The layout of the engineering section is a bit more efficient than that on the Askani so Lt. Cdr Fyrsuk was able to shoehorn a dedicated engineering lab into the ‘excess’ space, increasing our capabilities by almost 33% for all engineering matters. We were able to shift our Fermion Transceiver back into the secondary hull where it was originally designed to be, and the resulting space allowed us to fit a secondary shield generator for a 20% boost to our shield grid capacity. I have no doubt that this modification will come in handy sooner rather than later. I don’t think there’s a captain in the fleet that’s ever complained about having too much shielding. I’ve recommended several members of my engineering crew for awards; they’ve earned them.


Stardate 92392.44

We have just received a Priority One communique from the Admiralty requesting we set course at best possible speed for the Tau Dewa Gateway. Starfleet and our Klingon and Romulan allies have sent a sizable expeditionary force into the Delta Quadrant via the Jenolan Dyson Sphere. I’ve ordered Cdr. Yalal to run extensive combat and damage control drills to prepare the crew for whatever we may encounter. I admit, growing up back on Trill I was fascinated with reading about the U.S.S. Voyager’s adventures/misadventures in the Delta Quadrant. All of the unique species, cultures, and phenomena that single ship encountered was the stuff of childhood dreams as growing up. The possibility of performing similar duties should the opportunity arise was a huge factor in my decision to join Starfleet. Once I joined with the Elea symbiont I gained the memories of the news reports on Voyager from the time, which helped to fill out my childhood with extra information. To say I’m looking forward to the opportunity to visit the places from my childhood stories would be quite the understatement.

U.S.S. Righetti arrives in the Jenolan Dyson Sphere via the Tau Dewa Gateway to join the Alliance Expeditionary Force.


Stardate 92405.21

Today we were assigned a new officer, Ensign R’rarj, a Caitian Intelligence officer who has substantial information and a fair amount of experience working with a variety of Delta Quadrant species. He has already proven himself to be a valuable asset on several away missions as a liaison with the Benthans and Talaxians. Hopefully he proves to be as valuable with some of the less… amicable species. We’ve been in the Delta Quadrant for about a week at this point and we have been extremely busy. Our first two days were attending briefings and updating our databases. After that we have been putting out brush fires while the bulk of the Alliance Fleet shores up the defenses around the Jenolan Sphere. We investigated a malfunctioning relay that was beaming distorted messages throughout the system. Unsurprisingly enough, that turned out to be a Hirogen trap. We have had enough experience with the Hirogen that we were able to defeat them but Ensign R’rarj was able to provide valuable insight that allowed us to disable the vessels rather than destroy them. Our away team was able to re-write the coding within the trap message subtlety enough that if the Hirogen detect it at all, I’m not sure they’ll be able to correct it. Trap disarmed.

U.S.S. Righetti investigates a malfunctioning subspace relay.


Stardate 92405.75

For the past several days Starfleet has been receiving rumors of a mysterious enemy  striking at a variety of potential allies and then melting away into subspace. The U.S.S. Quasar, an older Nova class ship, disappeared during the course of a routine diplomatic mission to New Talax. The Talaxians reported that the crew of the Quasar had met with them and departed on schedule but they never made their rendezvous at the Jenolan Sphere. Subsequent investigations revealed the shattered hulk of the Quasar, lost with all hands. She seemed to have sustained significant damage from weapons with heavy tricobalt and polaron signatures. I’ve instructed Lt. Cdr Beetoer to work with who she needed to in order to develop countermeasures the the known properties of those weapon types.


Stardate 92405.90

Well Lt. Cdr Beetoer did not have much time to work the problem. We responded to a distress call over the Turei homeworld and were engaged by a hostile fleet of unknown ships. For such small vessels they packed a massive punch and were so maneuverable Lt. Sek had trouble maintaining weapons locks during the fight. The additional capabilities of the Righetti were on full display during this fight. Several of our systems suffered damage but we were able to persevere and defeated the enemy ships. We managed to destroy several vessels but many more escaped into what appeared to be subspace tunnels. The Turei called it ‘underspace’ and the computer eventually matched the signatures with historical sensor scans from Voyager’s encounter with the Turei. While we were conducting this analysis and finishing repairs, Ensign R’rarj was able to decrypt intercepted transmissions between the enemy ships. It would seem the attackers were the Vaadwaur. Starfleet has recalled us for a full debriefing. We’re not sure how the Vaadwaur managed to go from nearly extinct with 900 year-old techonology to this massive threat equipped with ships equal to the best in Starfleet in a mere 30 years. This is highly disturbing. I have a feeling this is far from our last encounter with the Vaadwaur.

U.S.S. Righetti engages Vaadwaur ships

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Phoenix Askani

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Apr 292014

Captain’s Log

Stardate 91925.03


It has been a long several months. The crew of the Askani and I have been bouncing across the quadrant, across the galaxy even. We have conducted numerous combat sorties in the Solonae Dyson Sphere to stop the Voth excursions. The Voth scientist Nelen Exil was forced to flee his people and has become our Chief Science Officer aboard the Askani. During the Terran invasion we were part of the regular rotation conducting Combat Space Patrols around the station. With the current threat posed by the combination of Borg, Undine, and Iconians, the crew was exhausted and morale was starting to suffer. Holodeck usage began to steadily climb and I’ve had to deal with far more discipline issues in the past few months, ranging from minor issues like personnel showing up late for duty shifts to actual fistfights breaking out in the mess hall. Clearly even a professional and reliable crew like this one is not immune to the stresses of wartime and I decided that we needed to let off some collective steam. Our next mission gave us the perfect opportunity, towing the damaged USS Daddario back to McKinley Station after she was forced to eject a malfunctioning warp core. We took a few days aboard the station to conduct minor repairs and grant some limited shore leave. Of course I had to take a few moments to appreciate the Askani’s sleek lines. I couldn’t imagine captaining a better ship.

I did catch wind of a fair amount of grumbling from the crew due to the limited nature of the shore leave that I granted, only offering a maximum of 4 days apiece. I let it slide as I already had determined the ship’s next mission and kept it under wraps from everyone except Cmd. Yalal and Lt. Toezza, my First Officer and senior helmsman respectively. I ordered all but our navigational sensors powered down, we were in highly secure area. The crew was understandably confused but they trusted me, which was rewarding. After two days of running almost blind, we put into orbit…

over Risa. After I announced our mission over the ship wide intercom, I swear I heard the cheers from Engineering all the way on the Bridge. We were putting in for two solid weeks of shore leave on the Alpha Quadrant’s #1 vacation destination. I ordered a skeleton crew be maintained, and department heads came up with a shore leave schedule that minimized personnel on-board. While I did ensure ship security was sufficiently covered (after all, how many times has something gone wrong when the majority of a starship’s crew is off the ship), most sections were not needed and we began aggressively relaxing, myself included.

I did discover I’m pretty good at an old Terran beach game “Ultimate Frisbee”. Poor Lt. Beetoer sprained her knee playing but overall the crew enjoyed it. Others took floater trips around islands, some practiced Mok’Bara with a group of Klingon officers, and still others indulged in private trysts, the vaunted liberal Risian libido taking it’s toll. Hopefully they’re not too tired to work once our time here is over. It’s been a relaxing, freeing experience. If the Askani were any other ship I’m not sure I’d want to go back.

Time to get back to relaxing.

Computer, end recording and save file

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Ksenia Solo

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Apr 252014

Captain’s Log

Stardate 91891.71


We have completed our shakedown cruise three days earlier than planned. I am declaring U.S.S. Ksenia Solo fully mission capable. She is extremely responsive, and has performed every test in the shakedown manual at a minimum of 5% above the standard baseline. I have recommended to Admirals Norman, Lawford, and Will that the shipbuilding contingent at the 101st Starbase be given a formal commendation for their performance in building Ksenia Solo so far above requirements and even above expectations.

Our weapons performance was nearly off the chart, topping the best that we ever got out either USS Daddario or USS Gunfighter, two very formidable vessels, by over 30%. We are, to quote an ancient Earth cliche, “a lean, mean, fighting machine.” The majority of our crew has reported aboard at this time and we will be stopping by Earth to pick up the remainder. While there will be some familiar faces outside of my bridge crew, I expect the majority of the crew to be unfamiliar. Guess I’ll have to make another first impression on the ship.

Tensions with the Undine have skyrocketed while we’ve been out conducting tests so my staff and I have begun researching their history more in-depth and refreshing ourselves with their tactical tendencies.

Computer- End Recording




Stardate 91892.50


It is with a heavy heart I must report the deaths of Lt. Commander Stacie Wampler, my Chief of Operations, Ensign Kurt Freyermuth, Crewman Mohammed Cahela, and Crewman Delza Islob from our ship’s tactical assault team. They were killed during our rescue mission to Kessik IV in the Gamma Orionis sector. Our forces had lost contact with a research team on a planet under siege by the Borg and we were ordered to investigate.

The planet had been assimilated by a Borg nano-virus and we were attempting to rescue the small contingent of Starfleet researchers. We were salvaging data from Dr. Eric Cooper’s mainframe, deep in the heart of an assimilated area of what used to be his lab. We had completed the data download and were beginning our fighting withdraw back to the force fields at the lab entrance. The download must have tagged us has hostile threats as our path getting to the data console was relatively easy, but our retrograde was being met with heavy resistance. I ordered more security personnel to beam down in order to hold our critical left flank against a growing number of Borg. Ensign Freyermuth and his team were unable to rotate their weapon frequencies fast enough and the Borg adapted to them. Crewman Cahela was killed outright, followed shortly by Ensign Freyermuth who was trying to save his teammate. My data retrieval team passed their checkpoint and I ordered them to fall back with us, but the order came too late. Islob was wounded and moving slowly, falling behind the rest of us as more and more Borg flooded into the area. She was probably 50 meters behind us when Stacie Wampler turned back to retrieve her. She had just made it to Crewman Islob’s position when a large group of approximately 20 Borg beamed in between our two groups, cutting them off.

Ens. Kurt Freyermuth Crewman Mohammad Cahela  Crewman Dezla Islob

Transporters were unusable due to a localized damping field. 20 Borg stood between the two of them and the 4 of us in my group. We could not rotate our frequencies fast enough to counter all of the drones attacking us and we were forced to hand-to-hand combat using the bladed weapons most of us carried. Three Borg plunged the bone saws on their prostheses into Crewman Islob’s back and she gave the most blood-curdling scream. Stacie kept trying to drag her away from the drones while fighting them off but was unable to do either effectively. Islob was gone and Wampler was unable to rotate her rifle’s settings effectively while still trying to save the body. My team had almost fought our way back to Stacie’s location when the unthinkable happened. Three Borg simultaneously pierced her with injection tubules which we could have counteracted, but a fourth drone stabbed her through the neck and she was gone. The number of drones was rapidly approaching an overwhelming number and the four of us that remained were forced to simply run. We made it back to the lab entrance with the data that Dr. Cooper needed to counteract the Borg nano-virus, but our hearts were heavy and we were all still in shock

Losing one of my senior officers and my friend in such a violent fashion while we were so close to reaching her, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to witness. Worse even than losing so many crew members on the Gunfighter all those months ago, though not by much. Memorial services were held two hours ago. I did not have a chance to meet the security team prior to being assigned this mission, as most of our crew is very new but they all had friends who spoke fondly of them. I have endured the loss of crew members before, and it is as hateful a thing as I had experienced until losing one of my senior officers, someone I’d served with, counseled, been advised by, and befriended. To this point, despite everything we’ve gone through against the Borg, Klingons, Voth, and everyone else, we had never had a casualty amongst the command staff. We’ve had people leave, but it’s always under happier circumstances, new assignment, a command position. It’s quite devastating but I have to stay strong for the crew’s sake, as well as for the sake of my other senior officers. Starfleet Personnel Division has notified that we will be receiving an Orion exchange officer as a replacement Operations officer, a Lieutenant Danzi Lire but I don’t envy her having to step into a situation like this. I pray that we will get the chance to deal with this tragedy between missions, but I’m not holding my breath. Our counseling staff will be quite busy for the foreseeable future. There are many matters still to attend to, such as notifying next of kin, and packing up personal belongings for shipment home. Rest in Peace my friend.

Lt. Commander Stacie Wampler (2378-2410)

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Ksenia Solo

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Apr 202014

Captain’s Log

Stardate 91882.02

Commands will come and commands will go.

This Captain’s Log is not coming from the bridge of the USS Gunfighter. It’s not even coming from the bridge of the USS Daddario. This entry is being recorded from the bridge of 101st Fleet’s newest ship, the USS Ksenia Solo, an Oslo class cruiser. It’s a long story but as we’re on our initial shakedown cruise, I have a few free moments, I will ensure the tale is recorded for posterity’s sake.

The several months ago the USS Gunfighter was involved in a confrontation with a Crystalline Entity and suffered critical damage. We were part of a small strike force tasked with intercepting the Entity and slowing it down while the primary fleet formed up near Argelius. Virtually every system needed complete a rebuild or replacement. 40% of my crew was killed when six plasma coolant manifolds ruptured and the deadly coolant flooded Deck 3. With the damage to the power systems and the ship as a whole, emergency force fields did not deploy as they were supposed to so the coolant propagated through the Gunfighter’s largest deck. Most ships in the armada were completely destroyed and if not for Lt. Bolls’s quick thinking, utilizing the wreckage from one of the nearby ships to shield us from the Entity, we may well have shared their fate. Fortunately the Entity passed through and was subsequently intercepted and destroyed, and to paraphrase Admiral Riker “Defiants are tough little ships.” The critical nature of the damage ensured that we would be laid up in dry dock for quite some time. Chief Engineer Jul’hessa optimistically predicted we would be there for at least 4 months. This was not good news, but given the situation it was still a godsend that we were repairable at all. While most of the crew would be temporarily reassigned, staying on the 101st Fleet station and assisting with repairs, most of my bridge crew and I were ordered to take command of one of the Fleet’s reserve component ships. I specify ‘most’ of my senior officers as my Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Cdr Larae Probert would be staying on to assume command of the USS Gunfighter through the repair phase and onward. I can’t claim to have been overjoyed to leave Gunfighter, but if I had to go at least I knew she was in a pair of great, and steady, hands.

Three days after the change of command ceremony on board the 101st station (Gunfighter was still inhabitable), my officers and I arrived at Starbase 39-Sierra to assume command of an older Akira-class cruiser, USS Daddario. She had been patrolling the edges of Starfleet territory along what used to be the Neutral Zone. I served on her many years ago as a young(er) tactical lieutenant and honestly the nostalgia pleased me. I knew that even though she wasn’t the youngest lady in the fleet, she was quite capable of handling herself. Even though she was about four times the size of Gunfighter she gave up almost no maneuverability and only a bit of speed while gaining a significant boost to her shields and hull strength. In switching from a directed-energy weapon-only platform to Daddario’s formidable mix of torpedoes and cannons, Ensign Elisa Flores earned a promotion to Lieutenant by demonstrating a natural expertise in utilizing projectile weapons. This time Daddario did not have her standard Akira nacelles, rather she was participating in an experiment where she was sporting the same nacelle style as Oslo and Nova class vessels. While there were only the most minimal gains, and a similar number of minor losses in overall performance, Starfleet was checking to see if it would be worthwhile to make a complete design change to simplify their shipbuilding logistics, only needing one type of nacelle for three different ship classes. The test is still ongoing but last I knew results were still inconclusive. As Lt. Cdr Probert had remained on the Fleet station, we were assigned a new medical officer Lt. Cdr Nessyl sh’Thiph from Andoria. She had previously served at Starbase 42 in orbit around Casmus III, and aboard the USS Norfolk, a Nova-class ship. While we couldn’t claim medical facilities as nice as a full starbase, USS Daddario was considerably larger and better equipped than the Norfolk.

Shortly after I assumed command of USS Daddario the Federation was faced with a new threat, this time emanating from the Mirror Universe. The Mirror scientists had found a way to generate multiple dimensional risks simultaneously to facilitate an invasion of our universe. They were focused on Vauthil Station and directed the vast majority of their incursions occurring in close proximity to that system. Some of our scientists theorized that the Mirror incursions occurred there because that’s where the rift generating technology was located, while others believed the technology was integral to every ship and they chose to focus there for a strategic purpose rather than simply a tactical one. Starfleet ordered a rotating 24-hour Combat Space Patrol of at least 5 vessels in orbit around Vauthil at all times. We participated in numerous patrols alongside both Admiral Ieon and his Queen Mary, Captain Confuto’s USS Riviera, and Captain Anderson’s USS Biliskner. Multiple other 101st Fleet vessels participated but the majority of our patrols coincided with the scheduled patrols of those three vessels as well. Many Captains were beginning to grumble about the apparent lack of effort to find a way to permanently end the invasion threat posed by the Mirror Universe, and that while the Mirror fleet was decisively losing the engagements we were still slowly being attritted.

To that end, we were contacted by Starfleet Intelligence. We lacked enough information on how the Terrans were able to cross over with entire fleets as easily as they had, and without more information we had been unable to develop a permanent solution. We were one of several ships SI contacted and tasked with covertly entering one of the subspace rifts during the next invasion wave. While I had my concerns, USS Daddario had proven herself many times over even in the short few months we had crewed her, and that gave me the confidence to accept the mission. Approximately 18 hours after talking to SI, another Terran force emerged from their subspace rifts. We happened to be part of the combat patrol at that time and engaged the Terran ships. It still causes me a moment of hesitation before firing on the Terrans since they use the same ship designs we do and I want to take that extra moment to confirm the target ID.

It took about an hour but we were able to stymie the flow of Terran cruisers through the various rifts. I ordered Lt. Bolls to take us into the nearest subspace rift and communicated our intentions to the USS Congo, a Galaxy class explorer serving as the patrol commander, leaving out the part concerning Starfleet Intelligence. It was a very bumpy ride through the rift and we suffered some minor systems damage that was quickly repaired. It shed some light on why it was relatively easy for the patrol fleet to dispatch: they were coming through with potentially critical levels of damage already. It was their sheer numbers that make their invasion force so formidable, not the ships themselves, despite being the same general designs we used ourselves. We breeched the MU in the Reytan System and slowly proceeded to the Toron System in the Beta Ursae sector. The main computer suffered some sort of corruption from passing through the subspace rift and system failures were cropping up all over the ship. Our impulse engine control systems had developed a cascading failure that Jul’hessa and her team struggled to stay in front of. Replicators basically created whatever they felt like rather than what the crew ordered. Walking through a door on the ship became a painful game of chance on whether or not it would open, and whether or not it would STAY open long enough for you to completely make it through the doorway. Quite frustrating, but our weapons and warp drive were still fully functional, and the impulse error was projected to be corrected prior to our arrival. We approached the system and utilized natural phenomena to mask our approach. Scans revealed a station in orbit over the 3rd planet from the sun as the source of the subspace rifts. During the third hour of scanning we were forced to go dark in order to mask our energy signature as another wave of Terran ships began converging on the system. While the fighter in me wanted to engage in order to protect the other ships in the combat patrol, we wouldn’t stand a chance against that many Terran ships. We gathered as much data as we could about the operation of the station and sent in a strike team using one of our Delta Flyer shuttles. Commander Nesalia downloaded as much data as she could from the central computer system while the rest of the team planted charges while attempting to avoid detection. Once the charges were planted Lieutenants Exil and Wampler reconfigured the array to emit one more subspace pulse to get us home, but they were interrupted by station security before the inputs were complete and a running gunfight developed.

During exfil, Nesalia reported that they were completely cut off from the docking bay and two crewmen had been shot. I made the decision to take Daddario out of the nebula and moved her within transporter range. We were able to get the team back on board but unable to recover the Flyer. Fortunately we had considered this situation beforehand and rigged the photon torpedoes on the shuttle to detonate without a coded transmission ever 15 minutes. Daddario moved out of range and triggered the subspace pulse as the torpedoes detonated. The rift formed but Lt. Exil reported that it was highly unstable and had an unusual chroniton signature. With my only options being to venture into the unstable rift or be trapped in the MU for the foreseeable future, we took the road less traveled and went in.

We emerged from the rift around Vauthil Station but when the main computer reconnected with the Starfleet system and learned that it had not been 4 days since departing, as we thought it had been, but it had been nearly a month since we left our universe. Apparently the temporal aspect of the rift meant our passage through this time around was measured in weeks rather than minutes. We were immediately ordered to report to McKinley Station over Earth to debrief the Admiralty but the second trip through the rift compounded and exacerbated our existing computer issues to a dangerous degree. Our anti-matter containment field began to show some unsettling fluctuations and I made the decision to eject our warp core rather than continue to endanger the ship. Two of our Delta shuttles towed it to a safe distance and detonated the core with photon torpedoes to prevent a foreign power from picking it up and prevent endangering any recovery team that might try to repair it in its unstable state. Our impulse reactors supplied sufficient power to run most of the ship’s systems so we were not in a critical situation but we did require a tow back to McKinley. Captain Lujayne Elea’s USS Phoenix Askani responded to our distress calls and was able to tow us back home, though the trip took the better part of a week. Cascading failures through the main computer further debilitated our ability to conduct operations. My engineering staff was flummoxed on how to resolve the issues. They would solve one problem and three more would develop, they solved one of those three and the original problem cropped back up with several friends.

Upon arrival at McKinley the crew was offloaded and a specialized team of Starfleet engineers tackled the situation, instituting a complete wipe of the computer core and reinstalling new operating systems and blank cores. While our personal data was saved and backed up, much of our mission data was lost, including the download that Cdr Nesalia performed while on the Mirror raid which prevented proper analysis. Maybe it was for the best, Starfleet doesn’t need to be dabbling in ventures to the Mirror Universe in my opinion. Word filtered down from Admiral Quinn that my command crew and I would be receiving another reassignment due to USS Daddario’s projected work order completion date still being several months off. The continuous conflict with the Borg, Voth, and everyone else had depleted the existing supply of backup warp cores, not that there were ever too many just sitting around anyways. A new core was being built at Utopia Planetia but was still several weeks from completion. Coupled with the computer issues preventing the core from being installed, the USS Daddario was not going anywhere any time soon. I was temporarily assigned to the starship design yards aboard McKinley and actually participated in the design process for the ship I was rumored to be in contention for command of, an Oslo class cruiser being constructed at the 101st Fleet shipyards. At the time she was slated to be another Akira class ship but our team decided to remake her as an Oslo as they shared many of the same components and general design structures, but Oslos are slightly more adept at non-combat missions than her Akira classmate. We determined that we could potentially boost the integrity of the new ship’s warp field integrity by up to 4.5% by substituting the nacelle design from an Akira class onto the pylon design of a Zephyr class cruiser which would shorten the ship’s overall length and provide a more compact ship with increased maneuverability.

On Stardate 91871.41 I recieved orders requesting me to take command of the USS Ksenia Solo, an Oslo class cruiser that was in the final stages of construction at the 101st Fleet shipyards in the Eta Eridani sector. I believe I have some passing familiarity with the vessel. Earlier today we launched from the shipyards for our initial shakedown cruise. While she has had a few bugs we need to work out, in my experience she’s had far below the standard number of eccentricities a new ship tends to have. I give all the credit in the world to the shipbuilders at the 101st shipyards, they are true masters of their craft. Our official commissioning ceremony is forthcoming and my bridge crew is slowly trickling in as they completed their temporary assignments. Though the past few months have been rather trying, the future looks bright. I’m sure the Ksenia Solo will make a very comfortable new home for us as we face whatever challenges confront the Federation.

– Computer end recording and save entry.

Captain’s Log, U.S.S. Phoenix Askani

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Jan 202014

U.S.S. Phoenix Askani [NCC-973757] Captain: FCmd. Lujayne Elea

Stardate 91657.05 – Fleet Captain Lujayne Elea recording

The U.S.S Phoenix Askani is currently en route at maximum slipstream speeds to the 101st Fleet Spire in the new Delta Quadrant Dyson Sphere. Our ETA is approximately 45 minutes. We have been requested to rendezvous with Vice Admiral Ieon Winter’s U.S.S. Queen Mary and a small strike force he is forming to take down another Voth fortress ship that is on approach to the Allied side of the sphere.

Askani has just completed what was initially intended to be a joint patrol of the Iota Pavonis sector with the Romulan warbird Aj’rmr. I specify ‘intended’ because Aj’rmr developed issues with her singularity core as the patrol was about to get underway. At the request of both Starfleet and the Romulan government, we continued with the patrol. I admit to being very deeply moved as we passed the remnants of the planet Romulus. My first host Sharen lived on the planet for nearly a standard year while he served as deputy ambassador for the Trill embassy. I fondly recall the stoic dignity their capital Ki Baratan possessed, under the hustle and bustle of government dealings. But that is all gone now, lost to time.

Four days into the patrol we were approaching the end our of flight path. As we closed with the Breshar system, my 2nd Officer and Gamma Shift supervisor, Commander Emaale Beetoer detected some unusual energy readings indicative of tetryon-based weapons and high-frequency sub-neucleonic beams having recently been used in the area. In other words: Hirogen hunters were around. I’m as much a fan of a full night’s sleep as anybody (find me a captain who isn’t), but nobody sleeps well with the thought of Hirogen around. I immediately ordered Yellow Alert and altered course to investigate. We dropped out of warp adjacent to a moderately sized debris field. Subsequent scans revealed that it was the remains of a Romulan civilian transport that had departed from Fvillhaih III a week prior en route to Breshar V. Communication with authorities there revealed the transport was 18 hours overdue. The manifest listed 45 crew and 438 passengers. Even with Askani‘s impressive sensor suite we were unable to locate any life signs.

As we finished our scans Ensign Sek reported what appeared to be an energy masking field closing on our location. If not for the quantum sensors integrated into our slipstream drive system we might not have seen it. As it was I immediately ordered Red Alert and deployed our Scorpion craft to provide additional defense vectors. Apparently seeing their stalk had failed a pack of Hirogen frigates and hunting craft dropped the masking field and closed quickly on us. It took almost 5 hours to finish clearing the force but when it was over we had successfully destroyed and disabled 18 Hirogen vessels. We were forced to repel two separate boarding parties when shields were battered down but even then my crew performed admirably. Lieutenant Toezza Dtuza’s security teams successfully repelled all invaders. It was not bloodless and several of my crew received grievous injury, but we did manage to avoid any fatalities. Commander Adelia Cyphert’s medical staff performed no small amount of miracles in keeping us all alive, reattaching limbs as necessary, staunching severed arteries, and repairing damaged organs. Personally it was a relief to see my holodeck training with my Lirpa paid off immeasurably. Thankfully technology has made significant strides in the 28 years since Enterprise-E and Aventine were forced to repel Hirogen boarding parties. We were able to defeat their dampening fields which caused so many problems during the previous battle. Our casualties are a reminder that even without technological tricks, Hirogen are still formidable opponents. Damage control teams quickly got all key systems up in short order but Lt. Cdr Fyrsuk was not able to get our long-range sensors fully repaired and attuned until just a few minutes ago (detailed combat report submitted as attachment #IP2094853PA).

My intent had been to maintain position in system and conduct a sweep for any more Hirogen vessels that may be lurking nearby. Prior to the engagement Ensign Sek thought he might have detected 2-3 other masking field signatures at the very edges of our scanning ability, but we were forced to defend ourselves before we could confirm. Our request for reinforcements was answered in the form of 3x D’Deridex and 7x Mogai class warbirds led by a singularly tight-lipped Admiral Suran. Commander Yalal thought she may have detected the faint neutrino signature of a cloaked Scimitar class vessel as well. Admiral Suran thanked us for our assistance to the Romulan state and said he would be putting us in for a commendation (attachment #IP2094856PA). He then politely but firmly asked us to leave as they had ‘business to take care of’ with the disabled Hirogen vessels. Our last tactical picture before moving out of short-range sensor range showed the Romulan vessels fanning out in a sweep formation. My recommendation to 101st and Starfleet Commands was to pursue this through diplomatic channels for further information (attachment #IP2094860PA).

As a result of the this event I have submitted commendations for Ensign Sek, Senior Chief Zeestou, Lieutenant Raastz, and Lieutenant Thoris for performance beyond the call of duty (attachment #IP2094861PA, IP2094862PA, IP2094863PA, IP2094864PA).

Commander Yalal has just informed me that we will be assuming orbit around the Fleet Spire in the next 10 minutes. I am concerned with the developments in the Dyson Sphere. Our Allied forces are stretched thin trying to simultaneously hold off the Voth while unlocking the mysteries of the sphere. My continued contact with the Voth scientist Nelen Exil has yielded some disturbing news about Voth science efforts with the Omega molecules. I only hope we can find a peace between our two peoples. But that’s a concern for a later day. Time to get prepared for Admiral Ieon’s briefing. Computer, end recording and save file…

Askani 4


Captains Log, U.S.S. Gunfighter, Stardate 86944.20

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Dec 112013

Computer begin dictation: Fleet Commander Kayliee C. Acicle, U.S.S. Gunfighter, commanding

It has been a while since the last chance I had to update the Gunfighter’s Captain Log, and it has been both a very trying and very rewarding time. As of Stardate 86927.41 Starfleet Command has ordered U.S.S. Gunfighter reassigned to 101st Fleet. Our previous fleet was ordered disbanded due to attrition from continue conflict with the Borg and various Alpha Quadrant powers. Seven starships from our fleet were lost over the past few months and the Gunfighter herself took a fair beating on more than one occasion, though there’s no doubt we were definitely more the bully than the victim against those cubes. Still a starship can only take so much.

On Stardate 86933.25 orders came down through 101st’s chain of command that U.S.S. Gunfighter NCC-95726-D was hereby ordered to Antares Fleet Yard for de-commisioning procedures. She was an excellent ship and I was proud to command her through her heyday, but she was still an early-model Defiant with all the problems that entails. Our repeated combat situations against the Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians, and all the other scrappers, not to mention the Borg, had exacerbated previously existing flaws. Phaser mounts needed maintenance twice as often as the manuals said they would, just to keep our guns pointed in the right direction, accuracy be damned. Warp plasma manifolds often ruptured in combat due to the overcharged plasma coursing through them. Maintenance personnel were almost permanently assigned to sick bay just to keep the bio beds operational. Our engineering staff regularly worked miracles to keep us operational, but one thing was clear: we needed to retrofit or we would perish in a blaze of glory sooner or later. Seeing as we don’t have any Klingons in the crew the latter was not an appealing option.

While sad to see NCC-95726-D hit mothballs, I was ecstatic to learn that NCC-95726-E had just rolled off the assembly line at Antares, which was why we had been ordered to return there for the de-commisioning ceremony. A brand new Defiant Class starship, all previous design flaws ironed out, weaknesses eliminated, strengths enhanced. Of course a few words to the right admiral ensured we were able to retain the prestigious U.S.S. Gunfighter name for our newest vessel. Given both our record, and the fact that -E did not have a crew assigned yet, we were able to ensure that the bridge crew and senior officers properly transferred. On Stardate 86936.58 NCC-95726-E U.S.S. Gunfighter launched from 101st Fleet shipyards.

We immediately docked at the fleet star base and set course for starbase Deep Space 9 to pick up some officers and crew that were on shore leave. The time enroute from the Eta Eridani sector allowed us to complete several shakedown runs including combat drills, medical training, and emergency procedure testing.

My childhood friend and former Chief Engineer, Commander Nesalia of Trill, is taking a new role as my First Officer. Her symbiont’s 4 lifetimes of experience should be invaluable in any number of situations and I will value her advice. Taking up the mantle of Chief Engineer and Second Officer on-board the Gunfighter is Lt. Cmd Jolin Jul’hessa of Bajor. She served as my Operations Chief aboard one of my previous commands, the heavy cruiser U.S.S. Apache, and is a very knowledgeable engineer. She took to the role of Chief Engineer like a peppermint epohh to the snow. My Science Officer moving with me from the Gunfighter-D to -E is Lt. Loninea, also of Trill but she chose not to enter the symbiont training regimen. While Defiant Class vessels are not known for their science labs and abilities, Loninea’s ingenuity and problem solving abilities allows her to carry out a wider range of missions than the Defiant Class designers could have ever dreamt of. One of my younger senior officers is my newest Operations Chief, Lt. Cmd Stacie Wampler. Her experiences growing up on Cestus III alongside the Gorn colony there may be very helpful given the varying levels of hostility between the Federation and Klingon Empire. U.S.S. Gunfighter’s new tactical officer is Lt. Elisa Flores, joining us fresh off of a teaching assignment out of Starfleet Academy in her hometown of San Francisco, Earth.  While she has logged the fewest light years out of any of our senior staff, her enthusiasm and creativity make her an invaluable asset. Our Chief of Security is Jem’Hadar Fifth Virak’ikat, formerly of The Dominion, now a loyal member of my crew who has saved innumerable lives aboard the Gunfighter, as well as an experienced leader. While it is not standard procedure, my Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Larea Probert, also serves as the ship’s Third Officer and holds the rank of Starfleet Commander. She is a very capable doctor and officer, who maximizes the ability of the Gunfighter’s size-limited medical facilities. In all, a Captain could not be prouder of the crew she serves with.

Our current assignment with 101st fleet will undoubtedly yield many adventures and has already borne fruit. U.S.S. Gunfighter has conducted multiple combat sorties with numerous ships including the U.S.S. Queen Mary, U.S.S Cerberus, U.S.S. Forward Unto Dawn, and U.S.S. Reisen. They have all been resounding successes. I look forward to more in the future.

: Computer save entry and close log

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