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Aaron S. Lawford

Season 13 Balance Pass – Tribble Report – Major items

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Apr 242017

Greetings everyone, this is Fleet Admiral Aaron Lawford reporting live from the tribble test server for the Equator Alliance news network (EANN). I have been discussing and posting tip bits of upcoming changes for Season 13, scheduled for launch on April 25th 2017. Or, as Picard (and most likely the majority of the playerbase would say….

What the....

One of the major points of this new season, has been the space re-balance for alot of consoles, captain abilities and BOFF abilities. These changes are numerous and would take me days to explain every single one in detail 🙂 As a result, in this report I am going to focus on some of the more major changes and exactly what they mean. These discussions will also include comparisons screenshots of holodeck to tribble.

So, without further ado, lets get to it say we….


Attack Pattern Alpha

Attack Pattern Alpha, is a tactical captain ability that boosts All Damage, Critical Chance, Critical Severity and Flight Turn rate for a period of time. This captain ability has a base 2 minute cooldown, and a 30 second uptime (usage) when selected.

Attack Pattern Alpha (henceforth, referrded as APA) as had a relatively small change for the upcoming season 13. The two things that has changed, is on tribble server, APA boost now only lasts 20 seconds, but has a 90 second cooldown.

Attack Pattern Alpha – Holodeck to Tribble Comparsion. Details taking using Lenra, my rommie klink aligned captain serving with the Imperial Ausmonauts

Relatively speaking, this is a pretty small change. The boost now only lasts 20 seconds, compared to 30 seconds that captains currently enjoy on holodeck prior to April 25th.However, another change is that APA’s cooldown is now 90 seconds, compared to the current 120 seconds on holodeck.


I personally haven’t really heard much about this change from the community, and myself actually forgot about this change for a short period. If there are community reactions, then either they are not too big, or, the reaction may have been drowned out compared to other higher profile change, such as our next topic – GO DOWN FIGHTING.


Go Down Fighting, is a Tactical Captain ability. It only becomes available for use when your ships hull is at or below 50% to be able to be activated (A captain trait, Lats ditch effortt, can change this requirement). It provides a All damage boost and All damage resistance boost for a period of 60 seconds. GDF has a base cooldown of 2 minutes when used.

Never have I seen one of the most debated changes in Star Trek Online’s history. Go Down fighting has had an interesting history through STO game time of 7 years. Changing each way over the years, it has become a bit of a dividing sort of ability for us testers, especially considering its somewhat weird interactions.

OK, enough talking (or typing i guess) time to post the picture and describe the current changes that will hit holodeck for you folks.

Go Down Fighting Holodeck > Tribble Comparison. Taken from Captain Lenra, my Rommie Klink aligned toon serving with the Imperial Ausmonauts

Currently, Go Down fighting (henceforth, referred to as GDF) provides a large damage and damage resistance boost the lower your hull is. Also, this boost is “locked in”. If you use it at 10% hull, you get the % damage boost increase if you were at 10% hull, even if you heal yourself back up to 50 – 60% hull for example.

However, the patch coming into tribble, changes all of this. GDF’s time period has gown down from 60 seconds, to 15 seconds when activated. Also, the cooldown period for the ability has been lowered to 60 seconds.

Another change is that the boost you receive from GDF now dynamically scales. If you activate the boost at 10% hull, you get the damage boost of 10% hull. However, if you heal yourself to 40% hull, or 50% hull, GDF damage boost reduces to match your current hull level. This was originally how GDF did its damage boost when the game first started, and was changed back in the Legacy of Romulus expansion days.

However, I can provide more information for exact details. Please see below for a copy of a post that Spartan made describing exactly what this changes mean.

SPARTAN Post – https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/startrekonline/#/discussion/1230472/tribble-maintenance-and-release-notes-april-18-2017/p1
On the live servers, the damage buff is directly proportional to missing health; Go Down Fighting 3 activated at 50% health gives a buff of 66.4% Bonus All Damage, or 107.9% if activated at 0% health.

Prior to this patch, Go Down Fighting’s damage buff was proportional to missing health squared; Go Down Fighting 3 activated at 50% health gave a buff of 37.5% Bonus All Damage, and gave a buff of 150% if activated at 0%.

As of this patch, Go Down Fighting 3’s damage buff is once again linear – it gives you 50% Bonus All Damage while it is active and you are at 50% health or higher, and 100% Bonus All Damage if it is active and you are at 0% health. Because 50% is more than 37.5%, it is a higher buff than the previous state at 50% hull, and because 100% is less than 150%, the buff is lower at 0% hull. The live server patchnotes will only be relative to the live state, and will not have this extra state to compare against; 50% is less than 66.4%, and 100% is less than 107.9%; so the patchnotes will not have to do multi-point comparison.


The community reaction on this has been very loud. Originally, there had been changes to GDF so it couldn’t be used with the Temporal Specialisation Tier 4 passives – Continuity (http://sto.gamepedia.com/Captain_Specialization/Temporal_Operative_skills

A change a few weeks ago, reinstated the ability for GDF to be used with the temporal specialization. The reaction to that was massive, us tribble testers basically slammed Borticus for one of the most stupid decisions every made, enough so we were told to basically calm down.

The decision was so stupid, even I was calling for Borticus to resign (Alot of you know how big it is for me to have this kind of reaction). However, a patch about one week later (which is the current one I have described) has found a nice balance point between the two.

The testers opinions, are that GDF should be a last ditch effort, when you have a high probability of dying, and that you need a last minute boost to try and save your arse. However, currently on holodeck alot of tactical captains were using it, along with temporal specialization, to get massive damage boosts, with no downsides for using it.


Yoda disapproves

Ok, OK Yoda, I will get to the point. GDF changes are going to be very interesting come live date in a few days. I am honesty expecting a big reaction from this from the greater community. One point of worry for one alliance captain, is indeed a valid concern.

“Thinking about it more, I’m actually really dreading the changes to GDF. Back when it used to be like that, I’d get yelled at for ruining someone’s GDF. If they yelled at me, I stopped healing them and then they yelled at me for not healing them. Sorry, but I don’t have time to sit there and watch your buffs”.

For alot of you who weren’t around, alot of us healers and tank flyers would get raged at if we tried to heal a tactical captain when they were aiming for GDF. Then, we would get yelled at for not healing them when they died. Bascially for healers and tank flyers, come 25th April, we might very well again be put into our own hell version of “No Win scenario” with tactical captains.


One of the most interesting series of changes has been to Science captain and science BOFF abilities. These changes have been flowing back and forth for ages, with tweaks, removals, additions, re-addition and all sorts of changes.

Feedback Pulse

Feedback pulse is a science BOFF ability from Lt Commander upwards. It reflects energe damage fired at the caster back to the point of origin, usually with a boost coupled to it. Due to some issues, I was only able to get a screenshot of the tribble data for FBP (Feedback Pulse).

Tribble data on Feedback pulse. Screenshot taken using Captain Karli, my science captain in service to the Ausmonaut fleet

One of the major changes to feedback pulse, is the following,

Feedback Pulse:
The damage reflection can no longer critically hit
The percentage of reflected no longer scales with damage bonuses
The percentage reflected is now capped at 50%, 75%, or 100% based on rank
The default reflection amount is now significantly lower at each rank

Also, another change made to feedback pulse is it reflects that damage type back at the attacker. So, if an attacker invests or has invested some points in damage resistance, the feedback pulse damage will take the damage resistance into account before applying its final damage amount.

This can definitely be seen as a major reduction in feedback pulses ability. But, with some of the boosting that some elite PvE players were doing using this ability, tied with others (plasma consoles) FBP was getting some incredibly high numbers in damage parsers. This change can definitely been seen as really reducing FBP capabilities in PvE and PvP (which I am sure that will make some vapers happy).


The community has been very supportive of this move for PvE side of things. With many elites even agreeing that they were exploiting FBP with other consoles to get their high damage parse numbers. I am also sure, that vapers are going to be jumping for joy with these changes, as they were usually the most loud in whining about FBP.

However, hold your horses vapers. Yes, indeed, these changes make FBP a whole lot less useful in PvP, but lets remember one thing. FBP will still hit like a truck, as it is still using your own build against you. With a ship built to vape big cruisers with 100k hull and high resistances, is still going to fall pray to FBP.

It wont happen as often, but it will still happen. Just dont get too comforable, because science ships have some new tricks up their sleeve 🙂


Target X Subsystems is a relatively little used ability for science vessels. The ability allows you to upgrade your next beam attack to have a chance to reduce a targets subsystem power, as well as have a chance to knock the subsystem offline. It was little used, as with immunities, having to slot a beam array on the ship, as well as player resistances had turned this ability into a “why even bother”.

However, salvation is on the way 🙂

Holodeck > Tribble comparsion. Screenshot taken using Captain Karli, my science captain with the ausmonauts using a T6 Vesta class starship

The new changes on tribble greatly increase “Target X Subsystems” ability to be useful. While its subsystem time has been reduced, the ability itself has been upgraded to be able to use ALL ENERGY WEAPONS. That’s right, cannons, turrets can now use target x subsystem. Also, the energy drain has a capability to slowly stack over time.


Little has been said about this change. However, from the comments I have seen, it has been all positive. Alot of captains are agreeing this change does indeed seem squared at trying to improve this science ship ability. How useful it is actually going to be, I will say fairly minimum. However, it will be interesting to see if anyone can make a build around this ability. We shall soon see.


Subnuc, is a science captains ability. It has the capability to remove all BUFFs a target has on itself, as well as increase the recharge time of the targets captain and ship abilities. This ability for the longest time has been a cornerstone of a science captain, with the ability to really cripple a target. With the tribble changes, it has become a even more dangerous ability.

Holodeck to Tribble Comparison. Shot taken using Captain Karli, my science captain in service with the Ausmonaut Fleet.

As you can see, one of the major changes to subnuc beam has been an additional of a reduction in all damage to whoever gets hit with the beam. This damage reduction is quite large at 75%. This change in this ability will make it definitely more useful against NPCs, especially the “boss” versions in several elite queues.

In PvP, this change will definitely throw a curve ball for target captains. Now, not only do they need to deal with their buffs being stripped, they could also have to deal with their outgoing damage being reduced. How effective this will be is unknown, but it is definitely something else to think about in the heat of battle.


Community reaction has been mixed on this change. It has definitely being appreciated by science captains, looking for some more functionality over an ability they were increasing not using, or not being able to be used in PvE, PvP.

Tactical captains, have been just as mixed. Some are welcoming the change, while others are quite angry. The larger community reaction will be unknown, until some more queues and PvP matches are held after April 25th. After that stage, I am sure we will get more of a feel for this particular change.


Scattering field, is a Science Captain’s ability. It provides a immunity to teleport, as well as a energe damage resistance boost for 30 seconds. It has a relatively long cooldown of 3 minutes. The changes on tribble, have definitely increased the abilities usefulness in PvE and PvP.

Holodeck to Tribble Comparison. Screenshot taken using Captain Karli, my science captain in service with the Ausmonauts.

As you can see, Scattering field received a boost to its damage resistance increase. However, another big change on that part, has been the change from “ENERGY DAMAGE RESISTANCE” to “All Damage resistance”. Scattering field will now provide a very decent boost for science captains in a pinch.

However, the biggest change has been the damage bonus increase. This change was rather unexpected, but has been well welcomed by the community. This damage boost can also affect your teammates if they are within a 3km radius during scattering fields use. From all accounts, this boost type is Category 2. Which would make it a significant boost to any tactical captain flying nearby :).


The communities reaction on this change has been positive. Alot of people are applauding the change in the damage resistance boost. Giving Science captains a bit more chance to survive, especially with how the game has developed over the past few years with damage source types (physical, electrical etc).

Naturally, the community is also applauding the damage boost (But honesty, when did a STOP player ever say its a bad idea to add a damage boost into the game :)).

Personally, I see nothing but good changes for science captains. It will be interesting to see how it affects PvE and PvP.


Engineering Captains. Alot of Engineering captains, including myself, had been feeling left out in the cold compared to the other two captain types. Alot of what made engineering captains “us” had been either giving to the other two, placed into lock boxes, consoles that did the job better than our captain abilities.

Basically, a lot of us had been feeling like being not wanted, even being a burden on our team.

However, with several changes in game design, reductions in what tactical captains could get away with, along with several BUFFs, i believe engineer captains might just be finding their groove and place in the game again.


EPS Power transfer is a engineering captain ability. It provides a boost to power level settings and power levels. Along with a increase in the power transfer rate. For a while when the game began, this made Engineering Captains the kings of power generation capabilities. However, with multiple additions and changes over the years, it had become some what deappreciated.

However, some changes coming, are definitely going to brighten alot of engineering captains day.

Holodeck to Tribble Comparison. Screenshot taken using Admiral Aaron, my engineering captain in command of the 101st fleet

While the power level increase has been more normalized, the biggest change has been the increase to maximum power levels. Come April 25th, engineer captains will be able to increase their ships maximum power levels from 125/130 up to 150/155.

There is a similar Intel BOFF ability that can do this as well, Override System safeties, which all captains with a ship that has a Lt Commander Intel seat can access. However, the biggest bonus of EPS Power transfer is that it can stack with OSS. A engineer captain, using OSS and EPS power transfer, can now boost their ships maximum power level upwards to 200.

This is a massive potential advantage for engineer captains. As it makes them the sole captain type to be able to reach these heights of power capability. Exactly what this means in terms of builds, is unknown. However, it does make engineer captains very valuable, as since EPS can be cast on other players, it makes them a dangerous opponent especially if left to their own devices.


What can I say, us engineer captains are jumping for joy a these changes. With that addition to EPS, it has again made us kings of power generation, which what was originally intended to be what was one of the defining qualities of a engineer captain.

It will be interesting to see if there is any negative feedback to this change, and if there is, exactly what would be negative?


Miracle worker is a engineer captain ability. It allows engineer captains to give their ships a large hull and shield regen heal. This ability occurs instantly, and has a base 4 minute cooldown.

Miracle worker, back in the day, was a very good captain ability. It allow engineer captains to have alot more survivability in any ship they flew, compared to Science and Tactical captains. However, overtime, what made Miracle worker unique was added to ship traits, consoles, and other abilities. What was worse, was that these consoles and abilities usually had similar healing potential, with alot smaller cooldowns.

Overtime, while miracle worker was still useful, it was simply outclassed by other abilities that science and tactical captains could use, or get them hands on. Basically, miracle worker had become obsolete. That, however has changed with the the space balance pass.

Holodeck to Tribble comparison. Screenshot taken using Admiral Aaron, my engineer captain in charge of the 101st fleet.

Miracle worker has been buffed by a large margin. It’s hull healing has been increased by many times over, as shown in the above picture. Another change has been an addition of a secondary shield boost when using miracle worker.

Secondly shield is exactly what it sounds like. It is a secondary shield that takes any hits meant for shields before your primary shields take damage. While only lasting for 15 seconds, it can be a very good boost when a engineer captain is under attack by many opponents or an especially dangerous one.

This change will definitely benefit Engineer captains. As since Delta Rising, ships hull hit points had increased dramatically and were still increasing, while miracle workers heal had been left in the stone age of prior to Delta Rising. Come April 25th, this long standing oversight will now be addressed.


Engineer captains have been jumping with joy, myself included. Miracle workers low hull heal compared to the current game state, had been a major pain for us for many years. The secondary shield addition is a very welcome one, especially considering the prevalence of more and more shield bypassing player abilities and weapons.

While secondary shields wont affect this capability much, having additional shields in a crisis situation against a enemy who may not have shield bypassing capabilities, is indeed well welcome.


Some consoles (ship consoles) have also been changed or amended with the upcoming changes. Alot of these changes have really divided the community, and produced some of the biggest rage moments I have seen in the community so far.

“Note” I will not be addressing the plasma consoles from the embassy. While they are the biggest change, I had trouble getting accurate and confirmed information. Whenever this is a glitch in my settings on tribble, or something else is unknown. As a result, with me being unable to confirm results, I decided to not include something i couldn’t quantify.


The RIF console, is a console that comes with the Sasmar class shipo. This ship was a 4th anniversary reward ship many years ago. Also, it is a ship and console that can be picked up by the phoenix lockbox that sporadically shows up.

This console provides a passive % hull healing increase when slotted. It also is a clickable console that provides a instant hull hit points hull heal, then a 20 second addition hull heals based on the damage you do. The console has a 2 minute base cooldown. This console has been a big dividing point for the community, even more so with the changes coming April 25th.

Holodeck to Tribble comparison. Screenshot taken by my engineer Captain – Admiral Lawford, in command of the 101st fleet

As you can see, the consoles instance hull heal has been reduced by roughly 30%. Whats more, is that its secondary effect has been reduced in the amount of time and procs it can occur. Going to a 10 second timeframe and 5 procs per second max (compared to 20 seconds, and 10 procs on holodeck).

This is a big change. It still makes the RIF console a very good console, but no where near as effective as it is currently.


This change has divided the community. Alot of players, including myself, have welcomed the changed as we believed the console was far too overpowered for its own good. On the opposite side, there have been players who have been raging beyond belief at this change (Some, even to the point saying there tank ships is ruined, and you cannot tank without the console).

Let me expand on that last point. Alot of you know, I have a massive dislike of this console. While I had no problems with the instant heal, or the % boost, by biggest bugbear was its secondary effect. The console giving heals based on your outgoing damage, several times per second. Also, these heals weren’t small, over a 10 second period, a tactical captain or high DPSer could get upwoods of 100k hull points within 10 seconds.

Simply, the console was in my opinion, OP as fuck. However, whenever i tried to mention this in Reddit or in some chat channels, I would get downvoted to hell, or i would receive some very nasty PM messages.

So to say I am happy about this change, would be a understatement. I can see the massive firestorm of rage come April 25th, from alot of captains who relied on this console alone to keep themselves alive, and to get massive DPS numbers.

But, in order to by objective, I need to be honest with my audience. I honesty don’t mind if there is massive rage. This console has needed a serious re-balance for years, and to see it finally happening, brings me alot of joy, as well as some personal pride. Because in my opinion, if the devs are doing these changes, they agree with my assessment of the console.

After years of being targeted for my views on this console, it is nice to have a victory once in a while 🙂


Plasmonic leech is a console all players can get from a lockbox, or for the klingons from one of their C Store ships. This console currently drains power levels from a target, and gives the power to the player. This console can be boosted using the DrainX skill points, getting to a stage where players could get massive power boosts to all their systems at once.

However, the tribble changes will dramatically change how the leech works, and alot of players are unhappy about it.

Holodeck > Tribble comparison. Screenshot taken using Captain Nolla, my science captain under the 102nd fleet

As you can see, there have been massive changes to the leech. While you can still drain a target’s power levels, it no longer boosts your own power levels for the same amount. Also, there is a stack limit to the power drain, while before, it had no stack limit.

Additionally, the leech’s power boost to yourself is no longer affected by the drainX skill points. Basically, the maximum amount of power you can now receive in each subsystem is +7.5. This still makes the leech console one of the best power consoles in the game, as it boosts all subsystems, not just one.

The communities reaction, well……


The community reaction has been massive, as well as divided. You can tell easily how divided this change is by checking this thread on the official forums.


Alot of players are applauding the change, as they believed the console gave far too much, in comparison to its cost. However, a very vocal section of the community has been screaming bloody murder over this change. Demanding they want their money/funds back for what they did to get the console.

Now this reaction has definitely super charged the community. Its going to be even more interesting when the larger player base “feels” this affect come April 25th. Myself, personally I am happy for the change, as the power boost he leech could give was far too much for relatively little effort.

Personally, the way Cryptic have changed the power boost, is a nice middle ground for this sort of console, which has been so ingrained into the “meta” for many years.


One of the biggest changes, coming April 25th, is the change to player immunity’s. Immunity’s are basically a sort of buff or resistance to disable attacks. If you are hit with a disable attack, and manage to escape it, you can a time period where you are immune to that sort of attack again.

Alot of BOFF abilities also have immunity’s that could be used or case before being hit with disables or other type of debuffs. Originally, there were massive gaps when you were still vulnerable to attack. But over the years, the building up of player immunity’s, abilities and gear made it next to impossible to disable anyone, or even have any more of window to disable someone.

The changes coming in season 13, change all of that. This is a section of patch notes that deal with the changes.

All “Hot Restart” powers that automatically remove a subsystem offline no longer attempt to cleanse uncleansable effects, and have a 60 second lockout on a per-subsystem basis
All holds now give their target hold resistance for a short duration when they end.
All disables now give their target hold resistance for a short duration when they end.
All player damage immunities now place a 15 second lockout on you during which you cannot activate or otherwise be affected by any more damage immunities
All player damage immunities are now buffs that can be removed by buff removing abilities


Lockout cooldown

As you can see here, this is a massive change. More so for PvP players who relied on stacking immunities. With a lockout in place for using immunities, as well as the immunity BUFFs being able to be removed, it is going to be a big game changer.


The community reaction has been mixed. Alot of players are furious about the immunity changes. However, alot of players are glad as it is fixing a long standing issue with PvP, and some real dick players who kept stacking immunities for no real downside. The fact that the BUFFs can also be removed, is definitely going to open up a new tactical and strategic play styles in PvP.

Exactly how the larger community is going to react, I am fairly certain alot of them are going to be extremely unhappy. As a general rule, alot of players dont like challenges, or not being able to simply blow through with no real hassle. These changes, has the potential to affect that status quo, and as you all know, alot of players dont like it when their status quo is reduced, or removal completely.


Overall, the changes I have described seem to have targeted alot, if not all the “meta” that player base at large used to breeze through STFs, and the game in general. I can only guess at the massive amount of rage that will occur when this goes live. But I haven’t been involved in a game rebalance where this hasn’t happened, so it is situation normal, all fucked up on that area 🙂

As for Captains, I believe that both Science and Engineer captains have received alot of boosts and changes to increase their worth in the game. With alot of ability and console changes, I feel Science Captains and Engineer captains will close some of the gap between themselves and tacs.

Tactical captains, well, what can I say but this. You got reduced/nerfed, and you got nerfed hard. I cannot believe I am seeing the day when tactical captain abilities, and tactical captains in general would get broad and sweeping reductions and changes. It has always seemed that Cryptic were afraid to change this group of players.

Well, that period seems to be over, and Cryptic have gone for the throat. While, strictly speaking this changes are minor to medium in scale, added on to all the other changes, Tactical captains are going to see massive performance decreases. How do I feel about this, considering I have two tactical captains myself?

Well, I am both glad and concerned. Glad that tactical captains seem to be finally be not so untouchable anymore. I am also concerned at how the tactical captain player base is going to react. Considering they have been on cloud nine for many a year. How does one predict how this group will react, when they get smacked in the face hard?


I hope you enjoyed this little bit of information and discussion regarding the upcoming space balance changes. As I have said before, there are countless more changes than I have mentioned, or could even write about. Such as temporal specialization change interactions, and other BOFF abilites.

My best advice to everyone, is to have a open mind come April 25th. There will be countless changes, additions, BUFFs, reductions and unknown interactions with your ship and crew.

This is reporter Foxman86, for the Equator Alliance News Network, signing off.

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101st/102nd Fleets – State of the Fleet – March 2017

 Comments Off on 101st/102nd Fleets – State of the Fleet – March 2017
Mar 282017

“loud banging in background”

Morning folks, and welcome to the State of the Fleet Address, March 2017, for the 101st and 102nd fleets. Apologises for the delay in this one, been really busy the last week and a half. Oh, also ignore the construction going on. Cryptic are just undergoing a massive space rebalance for the game, so there are construction and deconstruction going on everywhere.

Random construction foreman walks up “Sir, I need you to sign here”.

Admiral Aaron takes clipboard “Wait, authorization to remove automated Beam Fire at Will targeting?, Sure, I sign it, but whats the problem?”

“One of your senior crewman are taking the removal, a bit too hard. So we just wanted authorisation to calm her down”


Admiral Aaron looks over to his tactical station. A female andorian, Commander Tarah, is seen digging her fingernails into the console, with two builders desperately trying to release her “Noooooo, you can take away my art. Anything but my art”.


Alright, we that, lets get started with this months post.


There has been some posts on the 101st and 102nd fleet Facebook pages this month. As usual, if you have anything to share regarding your ship, crew or game, please share it. We would love to hear your stories.

First, a very funny Cartoon provided by Captain Chris on the 102nd fleet. I have to admit, I am still laughing about this one.

Seeing All

After a long month of voting, the 102nd Fleet has chosen its flagship. The USS Queen Mary NCC 1706-A, Kelvin Class ship.

Queen Mary

Also, Ieon Productions have produced one of their videos. This time for one of the XBox players, Admiral Karl’s USS Abaddon.


Ieon Productions

Ieon Productions (Reaper86 Films) has been very busy the last month, producing many quality videos for Star Trek Online. Again, our thanks go to Admiral Ieon for his tireless video producing. I enjoy seeing every new video he comes up with.

First up, The USS Queen Mary’s crew takes on the Kobayashi Maru test.

Second, is a launch video for Admiral Will’s USS Beowulf, one of the flagships of the 101st Fleet.

Again, thanks go to Admiral Ieon for his productions. They are all very enjoyable videos, and i enjoy seeing them.

Senior Foreman interupts again “Sir, I also need you to sign this”

Admiral Aaron sighs “Sure what now” Looks down at clipboard “Authorization to remove plasma generating power leech console?, There is so such console on my ship”

Foreman looks surprised “Oh, sorry, amount of ships I have done in the past week that had that console, just became routine for me”


Take Off

Well, what can I say about Cryptic this month. In a broad sense, not really much. Cryptic have been hard at work with smaller events, as well as the breach even that just finished last week.

However, the biggest news, that is really driving the community, is the space balance changes which are currently on tribble for testing. Please see the original blog post that had general information regarding the test.


For the last two weeks, there has been multiple tribble patch notes, with massive list of changes. The changes alone are too big to get into. However, I will detail some of the major ones that are splitting community opinion.

* Plasmonic leechs power boost has been reduced. Also, it is now at a fixed rate regardless of how much DrainX skill you have. You can still drain alot of your enemies power, but it no longer gets transferred to your ship.

* Plasma embassy consoles have been hit hard, very hard. These consoles now apply plasma damage per cycle, instead of per shot. Also, there damage boost has been reduced by 75%.

* Beam Fire at Will now has a damage reduction and accuracy reduction based on the skill you have. For example, BFAW 1 has a 40% less accuracy, and damage boost compared to holodeck numbers at this time.

* If you have invincibility or continuity, it now locks out usage of the Tactical captain ability of Go Down Fighting.

* Other numerous changes

To sum it all up, the meta alot of players have been enjoying where they could build a massive DPS ship with no downsides very easy, has basically been destroyed.

Spartan, true to his word, has been taking feedback, and changing things where he can. In my opinion, it looks like this will encourage more build choices and variants compared to what we have now. There has been no information on exactly when these changes will hit holodeck.

However, I would personally expect to see these changes go live in middle of April. I would like to remind everyone, if you have feedback, please give me back logically and not screaming or shouting at the devs.

The areas you can give feedback is on the official forums, as well as the reddit sto page for the game. Both areas the devs frequent alot, so there is a good chance they will see your feedback there.

Senior Foreman interrupts again “Sign this please sir”

Admiral Aaron sighs “What now?” looks at clipboard “Authorization to generate more power with EPS induction matrix?, How much power are we talking about here?”

Senior foreman thinks for a moment “Hmmm, about plus twenty five for each sub-system”

Aaron looks shocked for a moment, and a bit scared “You havent told my chief engineer about this have you?”

Senior Foreman looks surprised “Oh course I did, need to instruct every area of potential works. Why wouldn’t I inform them?”

Giggling laugh comes from the side of two man, and Zuikaku’s chief engineer is smiling a evil smile.

“More power, even more power! Now I can do even more incredible things. Hahhhh, HAHAHAHHAHAHAH” laugh starts taking on a evil tone.

Senior Foreman, with a shocked scared look on his face “Are you scared as I am right about now sir”

Aaron looks at the foreman “Oh you have no idea”



The biggest news, which was posted just this morning, is the return of Firs Contact day celebrations.


While this event had been on the calendar for a while, everyone (including myself) was expecting the same Visit flagships of your faction small mission. What we got however, looks to me even more exciting and cool.

For this event (which runs from Thursday 39th March – Thursday April 6th) players visit Bozeman, Montana. There, you engage in a mind game to build your own replica Phoenix.

You search the area for parts, and after a few minutes, you return to the launch area to build your unfinished ships. The ships are launched, and the player with the highest altitude is declared the winner.

Honesty, I can wait to try this out. While no rewards are listed (if there are any) it looks like a new unique event, and a load of fun to boot.


Next months State of the Fleet is on April 15th 2017 (I promise :)). Again, if anyone has any feedback regarding these posts, or wishes for additional content, please let me know. As always, this blog posts are for you, so anything that can further enhance them, I will definitely be looking at.

Happy warp speed, and I will see you ingame.

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101st/102nd Fleets – State of the Fleet – February 2017

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Feb 182017

50 aliens

Good day to you fine captains. Welcome to this months “State of the Fleet” for February 2017. This is your one stop shop for news pertaining to the 101st & 102nd fleets. As well as Facebook group news, news directly from Cryptic. As well as Equator Alliance news.

So set your subspace frequencies to “Do not disturb” and lets get on with exploring the great unknown of this month’s blog post.


First off, we have a promotional image provided by none other than Admiral Ieon of the 102nd Fleet. This screenshot shows Admirals Lawford and Roxana (Ieon) staring one another down before the big fight. The shot was taken from USS Zuikaku’s bridge.

Fight, Fight, Fight

On Another post, we have Captain Lujayne showing off one of her Vesta class ships. This shot was taken roughly one month before the release of the T6 Vestas. Still, it is a good screenshot to look at.

Vesta T5

Another shot we have is from the 102nd Fleet’s facebook page. This show shows the USS Queen Mary, and the USS Aetherios Omega at Deep Space 102.

Kelvin ships ahoy

Remember folks, everyone is welcome to join the 101st and 10n2 fleet facebook pages if you are a member of our fleet. These pages are for everyone to share their screenshots, stories, and other fun things Star Trek Online, and Star Trek related.


Reaper86 Productions has been hard at work the last few months. Producing some high quality videos to showcase the 102nd & 101st fleets. Again, I am sure every member of the 101st & 10nd fleets appreciate Ieon’s hard work and dedication.

First off, is the video show casting the USS Queen Mary on a rescue mission. It is a very good blend of camera work, storyline, and music that really brings together this 7 minute video. Check it out below.

Reaper86 productions, in association with Foxman86 movies, also producted the brillant video show casting the USS Queen Mary’s & USS Zuikaku’s epic PvP fight. Another of good camera work in this video.

Not to be outdone, Captain Carter has also producded a video based off the Featured Episode Surface Tension. You can check it out below.

102nd Fleet needs you!!!!

As Admiral Ieon continues, with his senior command staff to expand the 102nd fleet, he needs your help. Admiral Ieon is looking to continue to promoting the 102nd Fleet on Facebook and Youtube. If you have ideas on how Admiral Ieon might be able to do this, please contact him ingame or through Facebook.

Also, if you feel you can assist with promotion the 102nd fleet. Please also let Admiral Ieon know. He needs every bodied Starfleet officer he can get.

Admiral Ieon is also looking to expand the 102nd Fleet onto the Playstation version of Star Trek Online. If you are a playstation player who has Star Trek online, please let Admiral Ieon know. This will help him gauge how many people might be willing to be willing.

101st Fleet – Fleet Holdings Report

As I write this, the 101st Fleet is nearing completion of the K-13 space station we started several months ago. We are 4 days away now from upgrading the station to complete Tier 3. 101st Fleet senior command would like to thank everyone who contributed to the fleet holding. As always, your hard work, dedication, and teamwork has paid off. Well done.

102nd Fleet holdings

The 102nd fleet continues to build its fleet holdings slowly. At this time, the starbase is at tier 3 shipyard and space station. Other fleet holdings are a mix between tier 2 and 1. Please, if you have a 102nd fleet toon, contribute what you can when you can. The more we build the base up, the more reserve 102nd fleet will have to access fleet items without having to swap instances.

Cryptic Game news


Usually, I would post several smaller items about what Cryptic has been doing the last month. However, this time, I will only be focusing on one news article. Specifically, a change that was just announced this morning.

A major game rebalance effort. Please see the full text from one of the devs below.

Star Trek Online has been live for just over seven years at this point, during which time we have been adding and updating new content to play, new systems to interact with, and new mechanics to utilize. Now, we are excited to announce that one major project going on is a re-balancing of a great number of the abilities and items that players use in combat.

Given the opportunity to make such drastic changes to Star Trek Online’s experience, it was important to setup some guiding principles to ensure that the game, as much as possible, only gets better.

The goals boil down to these:

Increase the fun – Games are about having fun, and players should not be made to feel that their fun is “wrong.”
Player investment retains value – While things need to be adjusted, a setup that was optimized before should still be useful and effective afterwards.
Choices should be meaningful – Anywhere the game gives you a choice, there should be no choice that you always take nor one you never take.

One of the great strengths of Star Trek Online’s combat system is how expansive it is, and the freedom it gives players to choose the combinations of items and abilities that gives them the playstyle that they want. The vast number of choices already in-game means that as we re-visit the utility and strength of various options, players will have the opportunity to re-discover a lot of abilities and items they may have cast aside, and some things that you already use should become a lot more fun and enjoyable to use.

The immediate changes being made are to ground combat, with a bigger set of space changes coming to Tribble in the near future. As a preview, some of the changes coming to ground include:

A stealth module re-design to improve its general usefulness and unique feel. In its re-designed state, when you activate stealth module, you become cloaked; after a short duration, you can attack, gaining a damage buff while attacking from behind that lasts the duration the stealth buff would have, but ending the stealth early.
Your captain now uses a combadge to communicate – many of the Command kit modules that used to just affect an area near you now affect your entire team, no matter how far!
Tactical Initiative has also received a few changes – it now lasts longer, but cannot have its cooldown reduced, and only affects the caster’s kit modules. Those changes are intended to make it so that the Tactical Initiative remains valuable to use while active, but changes the amount of performance spike that non-tactical captains get due to tactical captains, and ensures that non-kit abilities designed around a long cooldown retain that balance point.
Security Escorts should now be more useful while in combat– they now move faster to keep up with you better, and hit harder while out, but in return players are limited to one pair at a time.

This is just a short list of some of the changes being made to ground – a Tribble patch shortly will have the full list and details. Keep your eyes peeled for that patch, and a blog talking about some of the bigger changes to space balance that will be coming soon!

John “CrypticSpartan” Leavens

Associate Systems Designer

Star Trek Online

The first changes have already hit the tribble test server. As a new patch was uploaded just a few hours ago. There are a massive amount of changes, so I will simply post the link to the tribble patch notes.


Please be aware, this is a 2.5GB patch. This is also the first part of many changes coming to Star Trek Online.


I usually do not do this, however, as my capacity as 101st Fleet admiral, I feel it is my duty in this instance to offer advice. If anyone has been thinking of making a major build change, or go on a spending spree to “EPIC” out their gear, I would recommend waiting.

At this time, we have no idea how space is going to be effected. I would feel awful if someone spent alot of ingame currency for a item, only for it to be majorly changed a few weeks or even days later.

Again, this is only a recommendation, as I have no desire to tell people how to run their ships and crew. But I would also like to see that everyone continue to enjoy this game. I will be keeping AN EXTREMELY CLOSE eye on tribble the next few weeks. Any major changes I see, will be communicated with.

I will also be posting on Facebook evey major tribble patch with these fixes or changes. To ensure everyone is heavily informed.


Equator alliance chat has been pretty quiet of late. I have to say, I am also responsible for this, as I haven’t been posting in there often enough. Equator alliance has a chat channel ingame called “EQUATOR”.

This chat channel is primary for alliance members, and other captains to communicate with. To say hello every once in a while, ask for teammates for STF runs, as well asking for build advice, or invites to each others fleet holdings.

Please use this channel where possible, even if it is just to say hello. Lets keep come great communication going so we can continue to show the alliance what a friendly helpful bunch we are.

If anyone is having trouble getting into the channel, please send me a message ingame, or talk to me directly.



Next months State of the Fleet is on March 18th 2017. Again, if anyone has any feedback regarding these posts, or wishes for additional content, please let me know. As always, this blog posts are for you, so anything that can further enhance them, I will definitely be looking at.

Happy warp speed, and I will see you ingame.

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101st/102nd Fleets – State of the Fleet – November 2016

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Nov 192016


Welcome everyone to this months “State of the Fleet” for the 101st and 102nd Fleets. It has been an interesting month, with a release of a new featured episode, lighting updates, fleet holding and new ships. It has been a steady few weeks as well for our respective fleets.

So without further ado, lets engage our warp engines, and get right into it.


Facebook has been steady the last few weeks. With several discussions and pictures sent to the page by our members. One of them, is from our own Captain Olivia of the 101st fleet, who has just been issued with a new ship.

The pointy bits

Also, the release of the T6 Soverign – Archon class, has given one Fleet Admiral the opportunity to be very photoshoppie 🙂

T6 Archon

the 102nd Fleet hasn’t been idle either, with Fleet Admiral Ieon posting his own shots of one of his flagships.

the lens flare!!!!!!!

Also, one of our captains has shown us a very interesting design for his armour.

Iron Man

Remember, you can join the 101st fleet and 102nd fleet facebook pages by searching for our names on Facebook. Also, Facebook pages are open to everyone to post their captains, ships, experiences and stories. So please feel free to post and contribute. We would love to hear from you.

101st Fleet

With a new fleet holding, the 101st fleet has sprung into action to help build one of our new fleet bases. The Station K-13. Currently at the time of this writing, we are only one day away from the Tier 1 project from completing. This will give us access to the interior of the station.

As we get further into the holding, senior fleet command will make any necessary decisions based on resource limitation for buying new items. This will be looked at in regards to how much stock/demand we have. We will keep you informed.

102nd Fleet

the 102nd Fleet is currently about half way through the first tier projects to unlock the tier one upgrades. As usual, if you need projects slotted, please contact admiral Ieon, or any senior officer.

Ships of the Line 2016

Thats right folks, it is that time of the year again. Admiral Ieon’s “Ships of the Line” for 2016. This yearly ending even allows our fleet members to send in screenshots of their ships and toon names to be made into a fleet youtube video.

Admiral Ieon has requested if you can message him ingame at @Reaper.86 or on our respective 101st or 102nd Fleet pages. In order to give proper details, please send the following information.

Toon name and handle: (eg player90@iwrotethis)
Toon Career: Tactical/Science/Engineering
Faction: (TOS, Klingon, Romulan, Federation)
Ship Name: (eg USS Onion)
Ship Registry: (eg NCC-99001)
Fleet: 101st/102nd Fleet
Fleet Rank (Ensign, Captain, Commander etc)
Screenshot of your ship, or a link to a website (eg imgur) that contains the screenshot of your ship)

Admiral Ieon has requested if all information be sent to him before December 20th, which is the cut off date.

So send us your screenshots and information. We would love to see what new ships have joined in the past year, and what else has happened to the pre-existing.

I look forward to seeing for ships and crews.

Cryptic Game News

The boggie man

With the release of the new lighting system, featured episode and fleet holding, cryptic have had a quieter period this month. With there focus being on the console side of the game and bringing Admirality, DOFFS and fleet holdings to consoles.

Currently the Crystal Entity event is running, and will be finishing in under a weeks time. With Q’s winter wonderland starting 1st December 2016, we are now headed into the holiday season.

T6 Archon Class

T6 Archon

Come on, you lot should have known I wouldn’t complete a “SOTF” without putting a notice about a T6 sovereign being released would you? 🙂

Any, the release of the T6 sovereign came with a model revamp several weeks ago. Now, they have released the T6 version to the C-store, Archon Class.

Ship Details

Tier: 6
Availability: C-Store
Faction: Starfleet
Rank Requirement: Vice Admiral (Level 50)
Hull Strength: 44,850 at level 50 and 52,000 at level 60
Shield Modifier: 1
Fore Weapons: 4
Aft Weapons: 4
Device Slots: 4
Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Ensign Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Engineering, 1 Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal/Intel
Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 2 Science
Base Turn Rate: 7 degrees/second
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
Friction/Traction: 40
+10 to Weapons, +5 to Shields, +5 to Auxiliary
Console – Universal – Incremental Phase Cloaking Device
Starship Ability Package (Cruiser)
Absorptive Plating (+Kinetic and Physical Damage Resistance)
Rapid Repairs (+Regeneration)
Enhanced Plating (+Energy and Radiation Damage Resistance)
Armored Hull (+Max Hull Hit Points)
Specialist Knowledge (Starship Trait)
Cruiser Command Array
Command – Strategic Maneuvering
Command – Shield Frequency Modulation
Command – Weapon System Efficiency
Command – Attract Fire

T6 Archon 2

Full details and explanation regarding the unique console can be found here.



Next months (and the final for the year_ “State of the Fleet” will be posted on December 17th. As always, if you have suggestions or comments for this article, please let me know.

I have been told that apparently Q is going to grace us with his presence next month. I kind of hope he is still not holding a grudge from the snowball incident several years ago.

I hope to see you out there in sector space captains. Happy Warp Speed.

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101st/102nd Fleet – State of the Fleet – October 2016

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Oct 162016


Morning Everyone, and welcome to another Gamma shift. Our mission today, to present to the Federation the next 101st/102nd Fleet “State of the Fleet” monthly address for October 2016.

So, without further ado. Lets put on our uniforms, make a very weird vulcan tea mix, and go to our posts 🙂


Our Respective Facebook pages were very busy again as usual. It is great to see so many good pictures and videos being presented by our members.

First off, Admiral Ieon says he has a present for USS Zuikaku. I wonder what it is.

Torpedos away

Ieon also made up a nice patch for the 101st fleet. Show casting our starbase. Thank you again Ieon.

101st Fleet Starbase

Ieon also made a patch for the 102nd Fleet starbase as well.

102nd Fleet Starbase

101st and 102nd Fleet ships meet together in sector space.

101st & 102nd Fleets

Remember, you can join the 101st fleet and 102nd fleet facebook pages by searching for our names on Facebook. Also, Facebook pages are open to everyone to post their captains, ships, experiences and stories. So please feel free to post and contribute. We would love to hear from you.


Thats a big Gorn you have there

Star Trek Online – Artifacts


Star Trek Online – Agents of Yesterday, continues its journey on October 25th 2016. When the next major patch brings a new fleet holding, new lighting improvements to Holodeck, and a new featured episode called “Artifacts” which continues the storyline.

You can read a brief description on the new major patch on the below link.


Fleet Station K-13 Fleet Holding


Come October 25th, as related above, fleets will be getting a new fleet holding. This holding is called K-13 and is based on the Federation station that disappeared in 2270.

This station includes new Fleet Engineering consoles, BOFFS, ground and space weaponary.

I have looked at this new station on tribble, and the map it is on is beautiful. There you interact with objects in the map holding the starbase. Destroy a few asteroids, meet some new species etc.

If you would like a brief overview of what is coming, please check this below link.


Lootcriiter, also has a dedicated blog explaining everything you can get in this new station. Please also check out the below link.


Infinity Lock Box – New Ships

Lock box 33

Cryptic have added some new additions to the Infinity lockbox. This includes some new ships that have been added to the lock box itself, as well as the lobi store.

Cardassian Keldon Cruiser [T6]
Jem’Hadar Dreadnought Carrier [T6]
Jem’Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier [T6]

The details of these ships, as well as there stats, can be found in the following link.



Next months “State of the Fleet” will be posted on November 19th 2016. As always, if you have suggestions or comments for this article, please let me know.

I hope to see you out there in sector space captains. Happy Warp Speed.

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101st/102nd Fleet – State of the Fleet – September 2016

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Sep 172016


Welcome PC, PS4 and XBOX One Captains. It gives me great pleasure to bring you this months “State of the Fleet” for September 2016. This is the first edition of “SOTF” to cover multiple consoles and fleets spread over those consoles. So let’s engage our console universal translators and get into exploring the great unknown of this months blog.


With the launch of Star Trek Online onto consoles, our respective facebook pages have started to be populated with images from the console side of the game. This is especially true of the 102nd Fleet, who launched themselves onto the XBOX one version of the game.

We also had the 50th anniversary of Star Trek online that has just passed us by.

Captain Karl showed us his new MVAM Escort ship.


Admiral Ieon has a new Soverign class ship. I suspect he has been taking hints from myself regarding names 🙂

USS Yamaoto

The 102nd Fleet also celebrated the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. With a nice image produced by Admiral Ieon.

50th Star Trek

Another image posted by myself from the tribble test server. Where currently the new lighting changes to the PC version of STO are currently under going testing.

Tribble test 1 2 3

Remember, you can join the 101st fleet and 102nd fleet facebook pages by searching for our names on Facebook. Also, Facebook pages are open to everyone to post their captains, ships, experiences and stories. So please feel free to post and contribute. We would love to hear from you.

102nd Fleet Launches – XBOX ONE

102nd Fleet XBOX one

Admiral Ieon, ever expanding the 101st and 102nd fleets, has now expanded the 102nd fleets horizon again. He has commissioned the launch of the 102nd fleet on XBOX one. Assisting him with his flag officer duties are Admirals Gizzmo and introducing Admiral Karl.

101st Fleet Senior Command wishes Admiral Ieon all the success in the world. You have already brought so much to our fleets already on the PC side. We can only imagine what you will accomplish on the XBOX version.

Anyone wishing for an invite. Please ever search for the 102nd Fleet on the XBOX version of the game, or contact Admiral Ieon on Facebook.

Godspeed 102nd.

Cryptic Game News

Story One

There has been some news from Cryptic this month. The biggest news from the release of Star Trek Online onto PS4 and XBOX One.

Console Release

At the beginning of this month, as related before, Cryptic released Star Trek Online to consoles. This move had been announced earlier this year, and was released on the week of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

This allows console players to experience Star Trek Online for themselves. There are a number of differences between the PC version and the console version. Some features which are coming to console, but not yet released, are below.

Guild Housing and Progression, represented in the Fleet Holdings System.
Crafting, through the Research and Development System.
The Admiralty System, in where you direct the actions of an entire fleet to earn items.
The Duty Officer System, which allows you to direct the actions of your crew to earn items and improve your space and ground operations.
The Agents of Yesterday Expansion, which adds Federation captains from the TOS era to the game along with a series of new adventures that take place throughout space – and time!

For more information, please check out this following link, as well as the Star Trek Online forums.


3D models of Star Trek Online Ships


Cryptic Studios, is associated with Perfect World, CBS, and Eucl3D are offering Captains the chance to have their ships printed in 3D-12 inch models and sent to them to be displayed on your desk, or stand.

At this time, this feature is still not released. However, Cryptic have informed us we should be hearing words from them shortly regarding what price, options that are available.

For the latest information, please check the below link.


Tribble Testing

The Lighting overhaul, now live on the console version of the game. Is currently being tested on the tribble test server for PC. This test has only be going on for one week (two technically). However, I can already see the difference.

Tribble lights 5

Tribble lights 6

At this time, it is suspected that the lighting update will go live to holodeck sometime in late October. I will keep you informed as i hear more news.

Final Notes

Next Months State of the Fleet will be posted on October 15th. However, considering when the lighting change to PC might go live, this date may change. As always, if you have suggestions or comments for this article, please let me know.

I hope to see you out there in sector space captains. Happy Warp Speed.

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101st Fleet – State of the Fleet – August 2016

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Aug 282016

T6 TOS Connie (no seriously)

Good Day fellow travelers on the great material continuum. Welcome to this months “State of the Fleet” for August 2016. Your monthly download and river provider of information of the trades in the 101st Fleet, and Cryptic studios.


The 101st Fleet and 102nd Fleet pages have been spilt into their respective groups. Admiral Ieon is now heading up things from the 102nd fleet side on facebook. If you wish for an invite, please send him a message ingame or through facebook.

We gave got some nice videos and screenshots this month from our Captains. Please check them out below.


The 102nd Fleet Promo video

These include some nice 102nd Fleet patches.

102nd Fleet patch

Cryptic Games News

Cryptic Studios

News from Cryptic has somewhat been a nit quiet of late. With the release of a T6 Connie in a R&D Box causing a massive stir amongst the community. It seems at this time Cryptic is focused on the release of the console versions of Star Trek Online.

With the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek rapidly approaching, there is still time to see what will happen in the next few weeks. That being said, recently another event has started. Mirror Universe invasion.

Mirror Universe Invasion

Mirror Universe Invasion

With a new event having just started in the last few days, Mirror Universe invasion takes us back to Vauthil Station. Running until September 15th 2016, this event allows you to run a queue to get Mirror transporters. Gaining 14 of these will reward you with a nice sum of dilithium, marks, and a Admirality Card.

Please check out the details in the link provided.


Before and After

Before and After - Quarks Bar

A few more “Before and Afters” have been posted. These posts, which show the lighting update that will occur with the launch of the console STO game, and come to PC players a short while later.

Final Notes

Next Months “State of the Fleet” is scheduled to be posted on September 17th 2016. As usual, if you have any ideas or suggestions for this blog post, please let me know.

Take care in sector space, and I will see you “out there” :).

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101st Fleet – State of the Fleet – July 2016

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Jul 242016

Agents of yesterday

Good day everyone, and welcome to this months “State of the Fleet” for July 2016. A bit has happened in game. With the fleet and in equator alliance in the past month. So lets power our warp cores and warp into this months destinations.


With the release of Agents of Yesterday, Star Trek Online’s third expansion, also came the release of the Kelvin timeline starships and gear. Alot of members in the fleet managed to get their hands on, or buy the Kelvin Class Konnie’s or Vengeance and were happy to show off their new ships.

USS Amethyst II Captained by Richard and USS Chuyo captained by myself.

Konnies :)

U.S.S. Aetherios Omega NCC 93093-Z

Vengenace class

USS Repulse

Ieon Konnie

Also, thanks to Ieon productions, Captain Richard was able to get a new start up video for his new ship. You can check it out here


Remember everyone, 101st and 102nd Fleets have a facebook page you can sign up to, and post your own adventures and cool Star Trek stuff on. We would love to see your adventures.

101st Fleet/102 Fleet News

Fleet Admiral Ieon has announced he will be stepping down as 101st Fleet admiral at the end of July. This is due to Ieon wanting to focus on commanding the 102nd Fleet.

Admiral Ieon

101st Senior Command would like to thank Admiral Ieon for his years of hard work with the 101st fleet. Hes dedication to duty, as well as presenting and expanding 101st fleets community base with videos and stories has enriched this fleet greatly.

Vice Admiral Juno has now been promoted to provision fleet admiral of the 101st Fleet. Congratulations Admiral Juno.

Cryptic News

Cryptic Konnie

With the release of Agents of Yesterday, Star Trek Online’s third expansion, Cryptic has brought us the continuing of Star Trek Online’s story as the temporal cold war becomes a hot one.

I have to say, I am greatly impressed by the combination of TOS material, temporal story writing, and the bringing in of the Kelvin timeline story into Star Trek Online.

Witha new specialisation, new reputation, more gear than you can throw a warp core at, it is a dream expansion for captains and ship flyers. I am also eager seeing how cryptic continue the story line after this. They have already dropped hints as to whats next, so it is going to be interesting times ahead.

The Story so Far

The Story so far

Cryptic have also taken us back in time, which is appropriate considering the main storyline at the moment. They have done a blog post on how far we have come in the storyline. This is more for new players sake. However, as a longtime player myself, i appreciated the trip down memory lane. Especially to when i was a snot nosed rookie captain (oh god, those days :).

You can check out the dev blog here. http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10080023-story-so-far-part-1

Before and After

Before and After

Cryptic is also continuing there dev blogs on the work they are doing with the lighting in Star Trek Online. This is a complete re-work in preparation for the console release in a few months.

PC Players will see the lighting update a short while after that. But the work so far is looking fantastic and i cannot wait to see it ingame.

You can check out an example here. http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10085833-star-trek-online%3A-weekly-before-and-after

Equator News

Equator Alliance now has a Discord channel. Courtesy of several alliance members, there is now a dedicated system for chat and voice communication between alliance members.

Here is the link.


I am regularly on this channel, even if most times it is only text chat. However several times I am online in the voice capacity. So if anyone wants to know what i sound like in real life, this is your perfect opportunity 🙂

Final Notes

Next months State of the Fleet will be posted on August 20th 2016. As usual, if you have any feedback concerning this months “State of the Fleet” or any ideas on something that might be added to it, please contact me ingame.

In the meanwhile, have fun everyone and I will see you ingame.

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101st Fleet – State of the Fleet – June 2016

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Jun 182016

T1 Connie

Soverign class cruiser drops out of temporal jump

“Jump completed sir, all systems normal” Stated Tarah.
“Resync our time clocks with Starfleet’s systems, determine when we are Commander” ordered Aaron
“Aye Sir” After a moments pause, Tarah spoke up again “Uhh, Sir, we are in June 2016”
Admiral Aaron takes a moment to stare “We are not in May 2016 as planned?”
“No Sir”
Admiral Aaron takes a moment to think of the implications
“Well, looks like we have some explaining to do”.

Good day folks, and welcome to this months “State of the Fleet”. Yes I do know there was no State of the Fleet for May, but several things in my personal life occurred that stopped me from really finding time to do to post last month.

However, those issues have been resolved and the people who caused them stomped on and arrested by Starfleet security. So lets get into this months SOTF, and everything that has happened in the last 2 months.

101st/102nd Fleets – Remembers Captain John Beeson (aka @LarcBrightstar)

First off, a sad time happened last month when we lost one of our own. Captain John Beeson (aka @Larcbrightstar) passed away last month. Captain Beeson had been a long standing fleet member, and always someone who was fun to have around, and talk to.

101st Fleet’s Senior Command thoughts go out to Captain Beeson’s family and friends for their tough times ahead. At this time Captain Larc’s account will be given to one of his Nephew’s who loves Star Trek as much as Captain Beeson did.

To you Captain Beeson, you were one of the good people, and may your journey in the final frontier be a peaceful one.

101st/102nd Fleet Facebook

There has been alot happening on the 101st Fleet facebook page in the last two months. With the Risa summer event happening, as well as many other micro events, it has been an interesting time. Even more interesting has been the pictures and videos posted.

Admiral Will shows us that even on Risa, you still encounter strange new species.

What the!

Myself, I prove I can still embarass the 101st fleet with my dancing.

What are you doing!

Also a picture of several 101st and 102nd fleet admirals in orbit of Earth.

3 Ships

Admiral Ieon also produced several videos over the past 2 months. One which includes his own Queen Mary.


And another one show casting my own flagship – USS Zuikaku.

Special thanks go to Admiral Ieon who produces these videos. Excellent work as always.

101st/102nd Fleet Fleet Webpage

Vice Admiral Jim in the last few weeks has tweaked and changed our website. As you might already have noticed, the background has changed a bit.

change is good

Special thanks go to Vice Admiral Jim for all of his hard work. It is very much appreciated.

Cryptic News


Well, what can I say. The last 2 months have been full of news and Cryptic unexpectedly announced the next expansion for Star Trek Online – Called Agents of Yesterday. Whats even more interesting is the expansion is being launched in early July. Furthermore, Star Trek Online is heading to consoles. With STO set to hit PS4 and Xbox a few months after AoY has launched.

I will use the words Cryptic themselves added to tell you what Agents of Yesterday is all about.

Agents of Yesterday will allow players to create a new captain in Star Trek: The Original Series era and will set them on an adventure featuring classic story lines, locations, celebrities, and era-appropriate starships. In 2270, the year following the third season of the original series, the player will adventure with Walter Koenig, reprising his role of Chekov, and Chris Doohan, filling in for his father as Scotty. There is a new threat to the security of the Federation, and they are invading with hopes of overwhelming the past to destroy our future.

Agents of Yesterday

So far, the testing on tribble has been quite interesting. The TOS episodes are very nicely done, as well as the STF queues that have been released in the last week or so for testing.

Agents of Yesterday is currently being tested on the tribble test server. At this time, only subscribers and Gold members can access the tribble server.

New Specialization and Reputation – Temporal & Temporal Defense

Scan here

Coming in Agents of Yesterday, and two new items as well. Temporal Specialiation and Temporal Defense Reputation. You can read about each item separately in the following links.

Temporal Specialization – https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10017283-star-trek-online%3A-temporal-specialization

Temporal Defense Reputation – https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10019593-star-trek-online%3A-temporal-defense-reputation

Both were just added to the tribble test server. So I really don’t have much feedback at the moment regarding these two new items.

Final Notes

Next Months “State of the Fleet” will be posted on a different day. With Agents of Yesterday launching on July 6th, I will be doing the state of the Fleet on Friday 8th July 2016. Stay tuned for what I am sure is going to be a very interesting expansion, and continued expansion of the 101st and 102nd fleets as we move into our third expansion.

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Star Trek Online – Zuikaku – Evil Spirits

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Apr 242016


I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.


Several weeks ago – Earth Space Dock – Sector 001

Admiral Quinn sat at his desk in Earth Space Dock. Surprising his desk was clear this day, which he had never seen happen before. Of course there was a simply reason, he had requested any PADD or documents be filed and placed away.

Just one day of no paperwork, Thought the admiral.

A chime interrupted his thoughts, tapping his hand on his communications panel, he activated the communications system.


A female voice responded. The Admiral couldn’t remember her name, but did know she was on Earth space dock for some practical experience as part of her academy studies.

“Sir, Admiral Lawford is here to see you”.

“Send him in please” responded Quinn.

A second later, the doors to his office whooshed open. Entering at what the admiral knew as a sedate pace for this individual, but most other captains thought of as a brisk jog, was a male Starfleet Admiral in his 30’s. The 6 foot, blue eyed, dark brown hair individual wore the standard odyssey uniform, but on his left should wore an unusual circular patch.

Most uniforms were standard, with no identifying signs of starship or fleet affiliation. However, this individual subscribed to a practice that had been around before even the Federation had been founded. The patch was mostly black, expect for in the centre where it was a riot of green and yellow.

Just above centre, pictured in flight, was an Earth bird, a crane to be precise. Below the bird was a Sovereign class cruiser, facing towards the admiral as if the ship itself was ready to warp out of the patch towards his eyes. The name, USS Zuikaku, was embroiled in white wording below the ship.

The Admiral had known this individual for many years, and while their paths didn’t cross often, Quinn knew him as an excellent Starfleet officer.

“Admiral Aaron Lawford, thank you for coming” said Quinn has he extended out his hand

Admiral Aaron, wearing an ever increasing grin, clasped Quinn’s hand and shook firmly but not strongly.

“It’s no problem Sir. Was just going over with Captain Tote how the USS Ryujo is progressing”.

Nodding, Quinn pointed his head to the chair on the opposite side of his desk “Please sit down Admiral”

Quinn watched as the individual in front of him not so much sat, as more flopped down onto the chair in front on him.

“Again, apologises for this short notice Admiral, but there is a matter myself, and Starfleet Command need to discuss with you”.

Instantly, the carefree nature of the Admiral Aaron in front of him was replaced. Gone was the smile, and what replaced it was a serious intent face that was fully engaged with listening.

Raising his voice slightly, Quinn spoke “Computer, engage protocol sigma three nine”.

Around the office, lights dimmed, the sound of humming was replaced with silence. One could even describe it as if they have entered a tomb, and the door had been closed behind them. Which was quite adapt as the door had just sealed itself from anyone entering the admiral’s office.

“Protocol Sigma Three Nine engaged” responded the electronic voice of the computer.

Quinn watched as Admiral Aaron looked around “Don’t see that protocol activated every day”

“No you don’t” responded Quinn.

Taking a moment to compose his thoughts, Quinn continued.

“Are you aware of the USS Prism?” asked Quinn

Nodding, Admiral Aaron responded “I do, Nebula class vessel, disappeared during the Battle for Sol during the Iconian offensive, presumed destroyed”.

“Well, she wasn’t destroyed. Apparently during the battle, they entered one of the Iconian portals, and somehow ended up about 4 weeks travel from the Federation borders, roughly in Sector C153. She has been communication with us for a while, exploring the region for the past few months”

“I take it they found something that has Command concerned”

Nodding, Quinn tapped his console. Appearing in between themselves, was a projection of diagrams, waveforms, and sensor data sprang up.

Waiting for Admiral Aaron as his eyes browsed over the data, Quinn spoke “See anything in particular”.

For a short period, Quinn believed there was a chance that Admiral Aaron wouldn’t see the key data. However, those fears were short lived as he watched the Admirals eyes narrow, and a cold look appear over his face.

“Elachi and Solanae readings” stated Aaron.

“Correct” responded Quinn. Quinn couldn’t help but noticed Aaron’s right arm, in what appeared to sub conscious movement, cradle the left hand side of his chest.

“The Prism detected these readings at long range. What’s more important, is that even that that long range, the power signature was still big”

“Not good when it concerns those two species” stated Aaron. Looking up, Aaron asked the next question Quinn knew was coming “Can’t we ask the Prism to investigate further?”

Shaking his head, Quinn responded “We would, if we hadn’t lost all contact with the Prism as of one week ago, which leads to why I asked you here”.

Tapping his console again, the data that had separated the two individuals like a wall disappeared.

“Starfleet Command has concerns the Elachi and Solanae are creating something, something big. I’m ordering Task force eleven comprised of Zuikaku, Ryujo, Aleutian, Amsterdam and Colquhoun to investigate. It will take you roughly four weeks at maximum warp to reach the sector where the settings could be”.

“Once we reach the area sir?” Asked Aaron

“If possible, try to determine why we lost contact with the Prism. If you cannot re-establish contact, search for what’s causing these power readings, and destroyed it, if necessary, at all cost”.

Hearing a breath from the individual sitting in front of him, Quinn watched as Aaron processed the information.

“I’ll send Zuikaku with Aleutian, Amsterdam and Colquhoun ahead of myself to a staging area near the coordinates sir” stated Aaron “Ryujo still needs one week minimum before she can follow, with her superior speed she can catch up, I’ll tag Captain Tote and Ryujo on the trip”.

Nodding, Quinn could see that Admiral Aaron still had something on his mind “Something else Admiral?”

Seemingly lost in thought, Aaron turned his head slightly to the side “Why me sir? There are lots more Captains and Admirals with more experience than myself, and are closer to the region”.

Quinn took a moment to consider his next words, but decided flat out honesty was better. “Because, of the Battle of Lambis Bootis in the Iconian war, and your part in it”

Watching Admiral Aaron’s reaction of surprise, Quinn continued “Your… unique tactics in that battle is what Starfleet Command believes will be needed in this situation to deal with the Elachi and Solanae”.

Sighing, Admiral Aaron responded, but his voice was low, almost like the sound of a wounded animal. “I think Command puts too much stock in that battle sir. Considering what happened”.

“There was nothing much more you could have done Admiral, and considering the circumstances, I doubt many people would have survived”. Responded Quinn

Nodding, Admiral Aaron rose from his chair. But, it was as if he was now weighing ten kilos more than when he sat down.

“I’ll head out to Ryujo immediately to contact the rest of the task force to issue orders. Myself and Captain Tote might also be able to shave a few days off of her departure time”.

Watching Admiral Aaron walk towards the door, Quinn decided to offer one last piece of advice “Admiral, do not underestimated the Elachi or the Solanae”.

His friendly cheerful grin returning, Quinn could see some energy returning to Admiral Aaron

“Don’t worry Admiral, I won’t estimate what those two species are capable of”

“I hope so Admiral” responded Quinn “I don’t want to in a few weeks to call in another Captain to go looking for another missing starship and her crew”.

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