Jim J. Marquiz

Jim J. Marquiz

Vadm Jim J. Marquiz U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) Fleet Chief Administrator 101st Fleet Administration Department

Priority Alert: Status Check

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Apr 042019

Priority: Alpha

Message: All fleet personnel is requested to make an active login on the Fleet’s Holonet Channel. In our effort to upgrade security protocols we need to ensure the proper logins are being used. All fleet personnel are expected to complete this task up to stardate 303671.23 (30 April 2019 2359 Hours). Failure to comply will result in termination of said credentials to the Fleet holonet channels.

Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command

ALERT – Site malware attack has been averted

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Jan 102018

Priority: Alpha

Message: It has come to the administration command that a number of malware attacks have been made against our holonet page.

After thorough examination by our finest engineers the problem has been found and dealt with.

A cleanup followed this process.

Everything is back to normal.

All personnel is advised to check their email accounts if they are associated with 101st-fleet.com and delete anything that seems malicious.

Report any problems directly to the administration command at: info@101st-fleet.com Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command

Security Message: Holonet Passwords

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Dec 192016

Relay from: Starfleet HQ, Earth

To: All stations and ships

Subject: Holonet Passswords


Due to unforeseen attacks to our holonets servers all officers of the fleet are ordered to reset their passwords for their holonet accounts. It is advised a password at least eight (8) characters long, including in it at least one (1) capital letter, one (1) small letter, two (2) symbols and two (2) numbers.

All officers are expected to have performed this operation by the end of the solar year.

with regards,Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command

101st Fleet Welcome Briefing

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May 302016

Welcome to the official 101st Fleet Site and Forum.


The 101st Fleet is a community of dedicated players of the Star Trek Online game. The fleet has a strong group of active and experienced members, assisting each other with a common purpose: to be part of one of the best fleets in game.

The fleet has undergone several changes through its history, the most recent being the reformation of the fleet regulations, in order to create a safe, fun and dedicated environment for the whole body of players within us; and the creation of this web space, in order to provide to the aforementioned players a great way to share and communicate with one another, as well as to create a steady knowledge base about the game for the members to use and learn information.

The fleet uses a semi-Roleplaying style, meaning we are not fun-going roleplayers playing Spock and Kirk into fantasy island; but we do acknowledge the leaders of the fleet in a militaristic and honorable way. The new regulations reflect this; they were made with that in mind appearing as formal as it could be done and as “real” as they could be. That doesn’t in any way mean that the regulations aren’t true for the fleet, the contrary, despite their appearance they are in effect and they are taken seriously by the Fleet Command. Study them at your own leisure, a short version of the regulations also exists on the Security tab.

The site has numerous places to visit, starting with the Bridge you can see updates on new posts and several fleet alerts notifying for projects and other things that might be of interest regarding the fleet.
On the Operations tab you can find the fleet forum where you can post your thoughts, concerns, fun material, questions and so on.
On the Recreation tab you can find image and video galleries, as well as the Archives where there are material related to Star Trek and the game.
The Engineering and Science sections are currently under construction, it is our vision that one day (soon) they will hold information about ship gear and game powers, respectively.
On the Shipyard you can find two interesting categories; one being the Fleet Ships where you can have a look of the ships of various members of the fleet; and on the Stafleet Ships tables and information of all the Federation Playable ships in the game (and soon Romulan and Neutral ships).
On the Holdings tab which is under construction you will be able to find information about the various fleet holdings what things are being sold in each and the like.
On Tactical you can see the roster of the fleet, socialize with the other members as well as have a look at their profile information.
Last but not least the aforementioned Security tab holds all the information about the regulations, alliances and of course site contacts.
We took much care in the creation of this space, with our thoughts to the best communication possible as well as the dream that this fleet can be more. We sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

For any questions contact us.

Any suggestion you might have please feel free to share them with us on the Suggestions Forum.

Live long and prosper


-101st Fleet Command-

Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command

Featured Ship of the Month: U.S.S. Lancaster

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Jul 062014

Greetings fellow officers of the 101st,

This is the Featured Ship article for the month July of 2014, and this time we feature the talented U.S.S. Lancaster. Fleet Captain Carter and her crew keep themselves busy with a very sleek ship, forged for war and bred to bring pain to the enemy. A Fleet Avenger Class the Lancaster is equipped with many toys to wreck havoc on the enemy.

Captain Carter is a native of Earth; she was born in Europe, on Wiltshire, on the island of Britain. Her father was an officer of the Starfleet as well. She joined the academy at age 25. Let’s meet Captain Carter and her ship then:

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:Greetings Captain Carter, thank you for accepting us.

FCpt. Carter:The pleasure is all mine Vice Admiral. What you wish to know about my ship?

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:What you think is the strongpoint of the Lancaster?

FCpt. Carter:The strongpoint i think is the M.A.C.O. Space set and her turn rate at 9.

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:What you value most in your crew?

FCpt. Carter:What I value is the bridge stations

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:Taking into account the ship’s role; how hard (or not) it is for it to maintain operational integrity?

FCpt. Carter:Well the fleet avenger class battle cruiser is that the Hull and shield is low but the M.A.C.O. set, miracle worker and the bridge stations keeps the Hull and shields up and turn rate 9 helps too.

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:What is the hardest mission you had to put the Lancaster through?

FCpt. Carter:The hardest 2 missions the Lancaster has done is. A Gathering Darkness – A Federation Colony has been infected with the borg nanovirus can you rescue the data that will creat a cure. Assimilation – The Undine are one of the few races powerful enough to stand up to the borg. And Because the only star ship to help was the uss Lancaster. but she stand up to the borg and undine it was close the uss Lancaster had heavy damage she lost 100 crew out of 500 crew was in drydock for 6 weeks for repairs.

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:Thank you for your time Captain.

That was all the time we had for this month. I hope you enjoy the presentation Fleet Captain Bill has organized for you on the Fleet Ships section (here). Until next month, Live Long and Prosper.

Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command

Featured Ship of the Month: U.S.S. Biliskner

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Jun 082014

//// Transmission Starts…..

…. Relay Protocol initiated …..

Fleet Press Office ////

Jolan Tru fellow officers of the 101st Fleet,

This is Fleet Commander Valak i-Rhehiv’je tr-Tomalak of the R.R.W. Ael Kaleh onboard the U.S.S. Biliskner, on the Galdonterre Sector of the Gamma Orionis Sector Block where the ship is currently on patrol duty. The reason I’m on-board this fine piece of Federation Technology is for me the interview its captain, Fleet Captain Dennis “Bill” Anderson of the Fleet Administration Department. The U.S.S. Biliskner, an astonishing ship I have to confess, has been elected after a hard battle and a subsequent tie-breaker with Fleet Captain Carter’s, U.S.S. Lancaster, as the Featured Ship of the Month for June. Captain Bill has agreed to give me an interview where we will talk about his ship and his career, at length.

First of all let me say a few things about the U.S.S. Biliskner. The Biliskner is an Avenger Class Fleet Battle Cruiser specialized in early warning and control and also on counterintelligence. It has over the years helped prevent many attacks on Federation space as many as it has repelled on its own. She is a sturdy ship with an more than adequate firepower to give three times as many Borg Cubes a bad day. Captain Bill is the first captain to be on the helm of this ship and he has a policy that matches the Motto of the U.S.S. Biliskner, “Courage is …the Mastery of fear”, as he (and his crew) have displayed on more than one occasion.

So lets begin our interview with Fleet Captain Anderson:

Cmdr. Valak: “Greetings Captain, thank you for receiving us on such a sort notice. How is the patrol duty going?”

Cpt. Anderson: “Well met Commander, the patrol is going smoothly. I wish to thank you for taking the time to honor me with an interview for the Featured ship article, to tell you the truth I’m surprised our ship got picked for this. We at the Biliskner don’t seek to get that much press on us. But it seems that the fame of the ship has expanded the last couple of months. As I said it is an honor.”

Cmdr. Valak: “So lets us begin then. What you think is the strongpoint of the Biliskner?”

Cpt. Anderson: “I think the Biliskner’s strongpoint is really the fact that it doesn’t pull punches. As a captain, it’s my job to make sure everything runs smoothly, in and out of combat. The ship itself is, despite being well-balanced, rather unforgiving. If I make a bad call, the ship makes sure we all know about it–sometimes that means mass space-walks to replace and repair hull-plating, sometimes that means long hours for the engineering crews to replace blown EPS conduits. But on the flip-side of that coin, when I and my crew are working well, the Biliskner performs wonders for us. I couldn’t ask for more than that.”

Cmdr. Valak: “You seem to put a lot of trust on your crew. What you value most in them?”

Cpt. Anderson: “I think the quality that I value most in my crew, both as a group and as individuals, is their honesty. I’m no stranger to the fact that the ship we serve on was built for war. A lot of times that can mean making tough calls, and it means being away from home for long stretches of time. I want my crew to feel like they can come to me if they see any problems on the ship, or if they’re not satisfied with the way things are being run. I know that kind of policy leaves room for potential abuse of authority, but I trust Starfleet’s judgement in the people they assigned under my command, and I trust my own judgement in the officers I requested. Suffice it to say that I haven’t had any problems yet.”

Cmdr. Valak: “You said earlier that the ship is well balanced, but taking into account the ship’s role; how hard (or not) it is for it to maintain operational integrity?”

Cpt. Anderson: “Like I said, the Biliskner is a battle-ready vessel, and it leaves all of us a little high-strung. I’ve heard stories from a few friends about crews that worked well together on the clock, but didn’t get along with each other on a personal level, if only because the front-lines can be a…challenging place to work. I’d like to say I’ve been lucky and that my crew works brilliantly together. But we’ve had a few scuffles between people who had been working longer hours than they probably should have, or hadn’t been taking adequate down-time between shifts. Nothing my CMO hasn’t been able to patch up, and most conflicts get resolved peacefully when it’s all said and done. There have been a couple shifts that needed rearranging though, to keep certain individuals away from each other for their own sakes.”

Cmdr. Valak: “Speaking of scuffles, what was the hardest mission you had to put the Biliskner through?”

Cpt. Anderson: “It’s funny you ask me that because there is one in particular that comes to mind. It wasn’t necessarily a mission, but it certainly fell under our orders at the time. About 3 months ago now, my crew and I were scouting a rather active portion of the Galdonterre sector, and we stumbled onto an active Unimatrix vessel guarded by at least a dozen Cubes and maybe twice that many Spheres. We were pumping all the power we could into the long-range scanners at the time, so we found them before they saw us… but they’re the Borg. We didn’t get the chance to turn back before two of the Cubes came after us followed by several Spheres. Honestly I don’t remember most of it. All I know is that when it was all said and done the Biliskner was missing nose of the saucer-section and the impulse engines were almost completely ruined. Life-support wasn’t down completely–the rebreathers still worked–but the heaters had stopped functioning and it was getting cold. We never found out what the Borg were doing there, but after we took out the Cubes they retreated and we didn’t see them again. My tactical officer must have sent a message to Battle Group Omega right after the fight started because a couple ships showed up within a couple hours to tow us back to the Alpha Quadrant.”

Cmdr. Valak: “That is all the time we had for this, very interesting I must say, interview. Thank you for taking the time Captain Anderson from your very tight schedule.”

Cpt. Anderson: “Thank you Commander, the pleasure was all mine. Live long and prosper.”

You can find the presentation of the Biliskner following this link here. I hope you enjoy both the interview and the presentation of the Biliskner and its captain. Until next month safe travels to all of you. Valak out!

FCmdr Valak i-Rhehiv’je tr-Tomalak
R.R.W. Ael Kaleh
Fleet Press Office
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet

//// End of Transmission ///

Disciplinary Action 1402/140206

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Feb 052014


Reference:Disciplinary Board
As of 00:00 Earth time (Timestamp: 0000Z140206), the 101st Fleet Disciplinary Board, constituted by Fleet Admirals Aaron Scott Lawford and Will, and Chief Justice VAdm Angela Archer. Has tried Fleet Captain Mark Anthony Durran, case number 1402/140205, on the charges of: Abusive Behaviour towards other fleets; AFK during matches; Bringing 101st Fleet’s good name into question on multiple counts.
The Board has decided the Expulsion of the accuser from the 101st Fleet and his shipment to Starfleet Command for further disciplinary action.

The Decision announcement: “The Officer in Question has been found guilty by senior Fleet Command of multiple charges. Including going AFK during Fleet events in a malicious manner; Abusive behaviour towards other fleets; and bringing the 101st Fleet’s good name into question. The sentence is immediate expulsion from the fleet with no chance of returning.”

Captain Durran is henceforth stripped of all ranks and honors associated with the 101st Fleet. The decision is permanent.

for the 101st Fleet Command,
Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command

Fleet Directive 1002/140131 – Fleet Spire Provisioning

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Feb 012014

Fleet Banner

Fleet Directive #1002/140131
Directive Type: Permanent Order
Subject: Fleet Spire Holding Provisioning
Issuing Officer: FAdm Aaron S. Lawford
Text Follows:
Due to the limited amount of Fleet Spire provisions; All fleet members are advised to purchase up to a single item per provisioning type (to a maximum of 2, 1 operations and 1 research).
This is to ensure all fleet members have a chance to pick up some fleet spire gear while Fleet Command does its best to push as many provisioning projects through as possible.
Example Follows:
“Say for example you have 3 characters in the fleet; pick one; and maybe purchase for him 2 x Operations Provisions; and 1 x Research provision for that character only; as on that character; you can transfer the equipment between ships (but not characters).”
Message Follows:
“This is a direct order; as much as I hate having to give this command; i am trying to ensure everyone has a equal chance to pick up at least some fleet spire gear – until we can get our provisions up more.”
This directive will be in effect until further notice.

-FAdm Aaron S. Lawford
U.S.S. Zuikaku
101st Fleet Command


Featured Ship of the Month: U.S.S. Themis

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Jan 182014

Greetings Fellow officers of the Fleet and Happy New Year,

This is the latest Featured Ship of the Month column with this month’s ship being the humble U.S.S. Themis. The ship was selected on a vote and since its mine I can’t possible write many good stuff. Its a decent ship, it does her job well. I hope you enjoy the feature as much as I did making it.

Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command

Featured Ship of the Month: U.S.S. Beowulf

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Dec 032013

Greetings fellow officers to another issue of the Featured Ship of the month.

For December we were invited on board the Flag Ship, that leads the Alpha Battle-fleet of the 101st Fleet, by Fleet Admiral Will. We are talking of course about the uncanny U.S.S. Beowulf, a ship that has seen so much action and which is famous for its tours around the galaxy.

The ship is a starling beauty both internally and externally. The crew is trained to a great capacity and the battle readiness of the ship is beyond imagination.

After a request by Admiral Will many lower decks have been specially modified to hold backup systems and specialized weapons; systems that come online to substitute others when the Tactical efficiency of the ship is to be questioned.

We saw a second engine, at least that many weapons to rearm half the ship and systems so classified that many officers on our team, haven’t even heard of.

The ship on its “default” mode flies with state of the art systems, unlike anyone has seen before. A curious match of consoles from past wars and ongoing operations.

Enjoy this issue of U.S.S. Beowulf as it was you who voted for it. Next month’s poll is running on Facebook, join us there to decide which ship will get featured for January and the months after that.

with regards,
Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command

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